Shenzhen Happy Valley

Source: 2022-01-25

Occupying an area of 350,000 square meters, Shenzhen Happy Valley is one of the growing number of theme parks in China that is focused on sightseeing, entertainment and visitor participation.

As a product of modern high technology and based on the principal concept of leisure, the whole park contains nine major subject areas, including “Spanish Square,” “Magic Castle,” “Mt. Adventure,” “Gold Mine Town,” “Shangri-la Wood," “Sunshine Beach,” “Typhoon Bay,” “Happy Time” and “Maya Water Park.” There are more than 100 activities in Happy Valley alone, covering the fields of sea, land and air and guaranteeing enjoyment and fulfillment to people of all ages.

The Space Shot can launch visitors up to 60 meters in the air before bringing them suddenly back down to earth. The Old Gold Mine Adventure takes visitors back in time to the wild gold rush. The activities here vary from day to night. When night falls, a large-scale magic dancing show at the Happy Theatre provides visitors many surprises and delights. Strolling under the bright lights of happy street and tasting snacks from all around the world is yet another delightful experience.

Transport: Line 1 or 2, Window of the World, Exit A

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