Yuehai International Block

Source: Yuehai Sub-districtUpdated: 2023-06-01


Yuehai Sub-District, Harbor of Innovation

Yuehai Sub-district, located on the Nantou Peninsula and Shenzhen Bay, west of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong modern service industry cooperation zone in Qianhai and Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone, east of Hong Kong across the sea and connected by the Shenzhen Bay Bridge, is located in the core area of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the GZ-SZ-HK-MO Sci-tech Innovation Corridor. The jurisdiction area is about 14 square kilometers, including 16 communities, with a registered population of about 377,000, and managing a population of about 600,000.

Yuehai Sub-district established in 1991, after more than 30 years of development, it has become a nationally renowned high-tech industry cluster and a representative area for Shenzhen to build an international consumer center city. The 2022 High-quality Development Index of the Greater Bay Area shows that Yuehai Sub-district ranks first in comprehensive strength among 630 Sub-districts and towns in the Greater Bay Area. In the valuation work for Shenzhen’s first batch of international blocks organized by Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office, Yuehai Block was awarded as International Demonstration Block and International Feature Demonstration Block (Industrial Innovation Feature).

International Innovative Block

Land of Hi-Tech. Shenzhen High-Tech Zone is one of the ten pilot zones in national planning to build a world-class high-tech zone. The central and southern regions are located in Yuehai Sub-district. Yuehai’s “dream land” has nurtured a large number of innovative-driven enterprises, cultivating 101 listed companies.

Spirit of Innovation. Enterprises like APPOTRONICS, WeBank, etc. are constantly advancing to the high end of the industrial chain through technological and business model innovation. Globally well-known innovative enterprises such as Qualcomm Innovation Center (Shenzhen) and Airbus China Innovation Centre (Shenzhen) have settled in Yuehai Block.

Ecology of Entrepreneurship. In Yuehai Sub-district, there are 34,000 legal entities, 3,138 large-scale enterprises, 1,931 national high-tech enterprises, 320 specialized and new enterprises, and 6 “unicorn” enterprises. In 2016, as the main venue, the “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” was successfully held in Yuehai.

GBA Industrial Highland

World Leading Industry. Yuehai Sub-district has multiple advantageous industrial clusters, like ZTE, Tencent Group, Mindray, etc. Enterprises like SF Holding, Hytera, and Transsion hold the leading position in the world.

First-class business environment. The two-level governments of Shenzhen and Nanshan District have made great efforts to create a world-class business environment in Yuehai Sub-district. “One-stop handling”, “instant settlement”, “one thing at a time” and other government services, “one-stop” intellectual property services, and other services have been implemented here first.

Outstanding Talent Gathering. Numerous industrial parks and commercial buildings attract talents from all over the world. Shenzhen University, “the fastest-growing university on the mainland”, and the Shenzhen Virtual University Park, which has more than 60 well-known colleges and universities, together form a base for constantly cultivating high-level talents for the industries.

Colorful Homeland for All

Vitality Orange. Cultural and sports activities such as grass music concerts and Poly Civic Cultural Lectures have been organized by Yuehai Sub-district. Besides, it is also the home of China’s National Model Worker, National Moral Models, and National Most Beautiful Families. With the highest score, it has become the first batch of “Shenzhen Learning Sub-District” evaluation and acceptance.

Warm Yellow. To be a people-friendly Sub-district, Yuehai has built 8 “Neighborhood Homes”, 18 elderly meal assistance service points, “Fenghui Street” in the Dachong community, 19 “Heartwarming Service Stations” and 21 “Heartwarming Service Points”, and has 319 “Heartwarming Merchants”.

Ecology Green. Shenzhen Talent Park, Dasha River Ecological Corridor, and Shenzhen Bay Coastal Leisure Belt are all distributed in Yuehai Sub-district. Clear water and greenery bank of the Houhai River, like a city jade belt laying here.

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