Shenzhen Fringe Festival brings art fiesta to town


From last Thursday to Nov. 27, the 13th Shenzhen Fringe Festival is turning every corner of the city into stages for art activities and performances.

Journey down rivers in Wang Huangsheng’s exhibition


Rivers are the source of life; long or short, a river is usually associated with one’s hometown. This is also the feeling Chinese artist Wang Huangsheng is sharing in his new exhibition at the He Xiangning Art Museum in Nanshan District.

Lisson, ArtBay jointly present ‘Variation’


The “Variation” exhibition, co-presented by Lisson Gallery and ArtBay, showcases works by Tony Cragg, Ryan Gander, Shirazeh Houshiary, Anish Kapoor, Liu Xiaodong, Jason Martin, Nathalie Djunberg & Hans Berg, Rodney Graham, Christopher Le Brun and Tatsuo Miyajima.

Designer Hong Ko shows his ‘Blink Blink’ world


Hong Kong designer Hong Ko is exhibiting his artwork at the “Blink Blink” exhibition in Nantou Ancient Town.

Exhibition showcases elegant Jiangnan lifestyle


A small exhibition at Nanshan Museum, titled “Life Style in the Regions South of the Yangtze River,” presents the elegant lifestyle in Jiangnan, the regions south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, that spanned thousands of years.

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