Demo flight of air taxis a success

Source: Shenzhen DailyUpdated: 2024-02-28

Two air vehicles using Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) technology performed a formation flight on Feb. 27, flying from Shekou Cruise Homeport in Nanshan District to Jiuzhou Port in Zhuhai.

This air taxi service will reduce the one-way ground journey between the two cities from about three hours to a mere 20 minutes, marking a new milestone in the future of low-altitude travel.


The Prosperity I air vehicle developed by AutoFlight.

The air vehicles, both the Prosperity I model developed by Shanghai-based AutoFlight Technologies Co. Ltd., took off from a platform in Shekou at 5 p.m. After ascending vertically to about 100 meters under the power of their eight fixed VTOL propellers, each vehicle transitioned into forward flight on route to Zhuhai. Accompanied by a helicopter, the demonstration flight concluded after 20 minutes with a successful landing at Jiuzhou Port.

Data from AutoFlight show that Prosperity I has a flight range of 250 kilometers and a cruise speed of 200 kilometers per hour. With a maximum takeoff weight of 1,500 kilograms, it is capable of carrying four passengers and luggage.


The two air vehicles take off to Zhuhai's Jiuzhou Port.

AutoFlight made headlines in March last year when it set a world record for the longest eVTOL aircraft flight powered solely by battery. In a remote-piloted test flight in Germany, the aircraft showcased its ability to maintain a cruising speed of 200 km/h and cover a range of 250 kilometers.

With advancements in electric vehicles, new-energy batteries, and vehicle materials, the research and development of eVTOL technology has accumulated significant experience for practical applications.

During the demonstration flight ceremony on Feb. 27, Longgang District signed a strategic cooperation agreement with AutoFlight Technologies (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. to collaborate on expanding the low-altitude economy and demonstrating viability in various scenarios.

As a pioneering city in China, Shenzhen has unveiled measures to support the development of the low-altitude economy including fostering technological innovation, expanding application scenarios, enlarging the logistics market scale, and enhancing infrastructure. In 2022, the city was designated as a pilot area for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aviation by the Civil Aviation Administration. The city was also listed as a demonstration area for the national general aviation industry as well as a pilot area for the classified administration reform of national general aviation.

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