Date: 2018-11-30

Coastal City 

Coastal City is a reasonably new retail shopping and leisure destination located in downtown Nanshan District. The complex consists of the Coastal City shopping arcade and two office buildings, namely the West (30 floors) and East (24 floors) towers. The style of shopping is mostly retail shopping of good quality products including reputable brands of men's and ladies' fashion. It’s also home to children’s ware stores, gift shops, beauty care boutiques and lifestyle as well as IT retailers. The mall has a distinctly western feel and its spaciousness makes it a comfortable place to leisurely hang out and grab a coffee without an agenda.

Add: No. 33, Wenxin Road 5, Nanshan District

Metro: Line 2 to Houhai Station, Exit D1

Yitian Holiday Plaza 

Yitian Holiday Plaza is a shopping mall in Nanshan District located above Window of the World metro station. It is located within the Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) area of Shenzhen and is walking distance from a number of theme parks such as Window of the World and Splendid China. The mall features a Westin Hotel, an ice rink and the first Apple retail store in Shenzhen.

Add: No. 9028, Shennan Road, Nanshan District

Metro: Line 2 to Window of the World Station, Exit C2

Shenzhen Europe City 

If you are looking to furnish your home in Shenzhen, this is an area well worth a visit. More than that, if you are in Shenzhen for a while it’s also a place that can whisk you away to recreational reprieve for a few hours, as there’s also a sports store, with outdoor half courts for basketball, a couple of restaurants, a hardware store and a western supermarket. Within Shenzhen’s Europe City (or Europe Town, depending on your translation) there are four western stores including IKEA, Decathlon, BQ and Metro. IKEA Shenzhen is quite big. It has two floors of shopping and browsing areas and another floor for parking. There are a lot of options for all types of consumers, both for Chinese and foreigners of all budget ranges. At Decathlon, the French sporting goods retailer, you can find a massive array of everything related to sports and fitness.

Add: No. 8188, Beihuan Avenue, Nanshan District 深圳南山区北环大道8188号


The MixC or Mix City is a mega-mall covering six floors and spreading across three blocks. It features Shenzhen’s largest movie cinema (Golden Harvest), an Olympic-sized skating rink, cafes, food courts, fine dining and more.

Add: Intersection of Shenzhen Avenue and Shahe Road West

Metro: Line 1 to Gaoxinyuan Station, Exit A

Kingkey Banner Center 

Add: Junction of Baishi Road and Shenwan 2nd Road, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-86108799 0755-86108788

Baoneng●All City 

Add: (Baoneng·All City) Tai Gu City Garden Shopping Center, Zhongxin Road, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-36880888

Shekou Garden City 

Add: 1090 Nanhai Avenue, Shekou, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-26672121

Fun2 Shopping Center 

Add: 3030 Nanxin Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-86646783

Haiya Department Store 

Add: Haiya Department Store, Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-26412111 0755-26646672

Maoye Department Store 

Add: West side of Wenxin 2nd Road, Culture Center, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-26059999

Shirble Department Store 

Add: 1 West side of Binhai Avenue, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-26495686

Add: Business building (Phase 3), 33 Taoyuan Village, Longzhu Avenue, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-86312788

Rainbow Shopping Mall 

Add: (Changxin Rainbow) 86 Taoyuan Road, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-86052000

Add: (Xili Rainbow) 1380 Liuxian Road, Xili, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-86150810

Add: (Shahe Rainbow) Level -1 -- Level 2 west area, Kingkey Banner Center, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-86286300

Add: (Houhai Rainbow) 30-2, Wenxin 5th Road, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-86287500

Add: (Qianhai Rainbow) -1—3/F, Zhenye Star Ocean Commercial Plaza, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-86548810


Add: (Nanyou Store) Nanyou Culture Plaza Dongbin Road, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-26413744

Add: (Xili Store) Shahe Road, Xili Town, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-26987678

Add: (Nanshui Store) 1-3/F, Block B, Rong Cun Industrial Zone, South Shekou Park Road, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-26893578

Add: (Qianhai Store) 2/F, Xinde Residential Area, Qianhai Road, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-86673658

Add: (Binfen Store) Binfennianhua Podium Building, 38 Yiyuan Road, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-26470160

Add: (Milan Store) 2/F, Milan Apartment Podium Building, Zhaoshang Road, Shekou, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-26892049

Add: (Xuefu Store) Shenhang Apartment Building, Xuefu Road, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-26090211

Add: (Houhai Store) Phase 4 Weilan Hai’an, Houhai Avenue, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-26064113

Add: (Shengshi Shanglin Store) Bldg 1, Phase 1 City Garden, 339 Dongbin Road, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-86311207

Add: (Modern City Store) Modern City Podium Building, Chuangye Road, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-86229696

Add: (Binfu Store) -1/F, Binfu Shiji Plaza, South Keji Road, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-86162506


Add: -1/F, Poly Culture Plaza, Junction of Houhai Wenxin 5th Road and Haide 1st Avenue, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-33022309 0755-33022308

Add: 906 Tongjian Building, Changxin Road, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-26063532 0755-26063475

T-Street bazaar

T-Street, as a creative bazaar in OCT- LOFT, has always been focused on promoting creative industries. It provides designers as well as their teams with a wonderful platform for exchange and promotion. Numerous students and citizens have the access to creative activities there. They can not only have fun, but also benefit from improved life quality through creative ideas. OCT-LOFT, as a common arena for creative bazaars, has become the most popular spot with its richest urban atmosphere.

Add: North Area, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District

Metro: Luobao Line, Qiaocheng East Station, Exit A