Investment Environment
Investment Environment
Date: 2015-02-06

►Overview of High-tech Park

Founded in September 1996, Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park (SHIP) has been listed among China`s five state-level high-tech parks. It covers a total area of 11.5 square kilometers in Nanshan District.

Supported by the municipal government, the industrial park provides integrated services to enterprises, researchers and investors. It has been selected by national authorities as the country`s Export Base of High-tech Products, APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) High-tech Industrial Park, Advanced State-level High-tech Industry Area and National Software Industry Base. It has also obtained the ISO9002 quality certificate, the ISO14000 environment management certificate and the SA8000 social accountability certificate.

The park has attracted many global high-tech giants including IBM, Philips, Compaq, Olympus, Epson, Lucent, Harris and Thomson, as well as the leading domestic players including Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, TCL, Skyworth, Greatwall and Powerise.

In 2005, its industrial output volume totaled 136.758 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.7 percent and about 12.7 times larger than the volume in 1996. Meanwhile, its output volume of high-tech products increased 30.91 percent year on year to 132.432 billion yuan, and its value-added of industry volume was up 26.2 percent to 26.013 billion yuan. Its export volume also jumped 22.8 percent to US$8.746 billion.

The management of the park currently focuses on promoting the development of key industries including computer, telecommunication, networking, integrated circuit (IC), optical High-tech Parkelectronics, biological engineering and new materials. It strives to improve the economy of scale for the key industries and to establish complete industry chains in the park.

►Features of High-tech Park

Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park (SHIP) has grown into a high-tech center of research, development, investment and production.

Virtual University Park

Shenzhen Virtual University Park is a major player of scientific and technological researches in the industrial park. Founded in September 1999, the university park currently boasts the branches of 43 elite universities and the online services of another 18 colleges. Among them, there are leading mainland universities like Peking University, Tsinghua University and Harbin Polytechnic University, Hong Kong`s top houses including Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University, as well as France`s Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

By the end of 2005, 51,063 people had received training programs in the university park, and more than 8,000 of them had obtained their master`s or doctorates there. A total of 72 research and development centers have been established, and 10 of them have been selected as the state-level centers.

The member universities have also founded more than 100 enterprises in the park, with a total registered capital of over 2 billion yuan.

Software Park

Shenzhen Software Park consists of the main park in SHIP, an innovation park in the Shekou area (also in Nanshan District) and Guifeng park in Longgang District. It has been selected by national authorities as one of the state-level software development centers.

There are currently more than 400 software developers in the software park, including global software giants like IBM, , Microsoft, Oracle, HP and ZENSAR.

In 2004 alone, the software park`s total turnover reached 22.4 billion yuan, approximately 10 percent of the total turnover of the country`s software industry for the year.

Executives Club

The industrial park has established a club for the executives of high-tech firms, investment companies, research houses and other agencies in SHIP. It is a non-profit organization designed to enhance the communication and cooperation among the member companies.

Public Secretary Service

The SHIP Public Secretary Company is another service offered by the industrial park. It provides member companies with one-stop services including office leasing, company registration, tax and customs affairs. It helps member companies, especially startups, to relieve from routine procedures and focus on their innovative work.

Investment cost

Fees paid to the industrial Park

The industrial park only collects property management fees from its member companies. The management fee is based on the size of a company`s floor area, and the monthly price is 2.5 yuan per square meter.

Land price and factory rents

As a preferential policy, the land price for industrial use there is only 25 percent of the market price. It is calculated on the basis of the area of structure, i.e. Land Price (in the park) = area x plot ratio x market price x 25% .

The market price for each piece of land is available at the website of Shenzhen Municipal Administration of Land, Resources and Real Estate ( The average price in the industrial park is about 120 to 160 yuan per square meter.

The monthly factory rents there are about 20 to 40 yuan per square meter. The story height of a standard factory is 3.8 meters (4.5 meters for the first floor).

Prices of water, electricity and gas

Industrial/commercial use



Water (/m3)

1.9 yuan

1.5 yuan

2.4 yuan

Electricity (/Kwh)

0.7 yuan

0.68 yuan

0.87 yuan

Liquefied petroleum gas (/m3)

13.48 yuan

10.37 yuan


Internet access prices

The monthly prices of broadband Internet access in the industrial park are:

1) 10M connection / dynamic IP address: 504 yuan per account

2) 100M connection / static IP address: 3200 yuan per account