Foreign volunteers explored the first and the only steel structure museum in China
Date: 2019-08-02

On 31st July, Zhaoshang Sub-District organized more than 30 volunteers from 15 countries to visit the Steel Structure Museum. After the tour to the museum this afternoon, participants not only had a better understanding of the steel structure of buildings and bridgesbut also the history of Shenzhen and even China. 

Even if it rained cats and dogs, everyone still arrived at the museum on time, and then we left for the first and the only steel themed museum in China. 

Steel Structure Museum is the first and the only museum themed steel structure in China, whose appearance has referred to the entrance of Louvre pyramid in France. The museum has many significant exhibits in long-term period: The steel member left after World Trade Center collapsed during the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, donated by its proprietor the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, resonated strongly with Gannet, a foreign volunteer. The iron chain of Luding Bridge in Sichuan province, the steel cable of the Golden Gate Bridge and so on. Besides, the museum also use some funny interacting games to help participants to better understand the steel.  

During the visit, a French mother interpreted patiently to her two kids, and while they arrived at the introduction part of the development of steel in Europe, they lingered for a long time and whispered a lot. 

This event aimed to let visitors better understand the development of the steel structure worldwide and the rise of China's steel structure and know more about the steel structure. The participants thought highly of the tour to the museum. They marveled at the speed of development of various industries in the technological times and expressed their willingness to participate in the cultural activities like this in the future.