NSIC Free Food Discovery
Date: 2019-04-11

The staff of Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center invited foreign friends to experience one of Shenzhen’s greatest Dim Sum restaurants on 31th March.

Before the lunch, staff introduced some featured dim sum and tea culture to them. They subsequently put it into practice by doing the wash-up and slightly knocking the table three times for appreciation after being served the tea.

They were totally enchanted by various dim sum that served, such as, Shrimp Dumpling, Phoenix Claws, Beef Chow Fun ( Rice Noodles)with Bean Sprouts, Shumai Topped with Scallop, Marinated Beef Tripe, Turnip Cake. “I seldom eat Chinese dishes because I think it’s greasy, however, the lunch today changed my mind, and I will definitely try more Chinese cuisines,” a foreign student from Russia said. While having the lunch, they were also surprised at the variety and freshness of the food. A big fan of Chinese food also recommended some places for local food in the city and shared some interesting experience related to food.

They all found it an enjoyable event and eager to join the event next time for they say it is a great opportunity to explore more Chinese delicacies as well as know more about Chinese food culture.

Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center holds the food discovery event once a month to diffuse Chinese food culture.