MSCE Free Chinese Classes kicked off
Date: 2019-03-25

The first Chinese class for trial kicked off this Sunday afternoon on March 24 at Shekou Management and Service Center for Expats (MSCE), preparing for the upcoming regular Chinese classes. 18 expatriate residents attended the class.  

Shekou Sub-district has a large gathering of more than 9000 expats. In order to promote communications between expatriate and local residents, MSCE launched the Language Exchange series activities last year. The monthly English Corner in MSCE office and the daily online English Corner on WeChat are typical activities of the Language Exchange series, aiming at improving local residents oral English and making themselves understood. 

The Chinese class, which is going to be offered periodically by MSCE, is another activity of the Language Exchange series, however, aiming at teaching expats very basic and practical Chinese and thus promoting talks with locals and rendering their life easier in Shenzhen. 

Trial classes have done and are going to do great job in preparing regular classes afterwards. Expatriate participants can not only learn Chinese in the class but also take part in the appraisal of the class and giving suggestions. 

The teacher of the first trial class is professional in teaching foreigners Chinese, who was major in teaching Chinese as a second language in her both bachelor and master degree. When teaching Chinese pinyin, she used a metaphor to help students know pinyin better that in one pinyin family, the initial consonant is the father, the vowel is the mother and the tone is the kid. And when she said some pinyin families dont have a father but the kids are always along with mothers, everyone was impressed by this metaphor and burst into laughter. Oral Chinese about how to introduce yourself, how to ask others name and nationality, how to express ones wills and so on were also taught in the class. 

Participants also had free talks to practice their Chinese and make new friends after class. Some expats expressed that though they could speak some basic Chinese, they still learnt much that they hadnt known and improved a lot in pinyin that they had badly pronounced before. Meanwhile participants delivered that they looked forward to attending the following classes and expats who couldnt come today expressed their expectation to the next trial class and regular classes afterwards.  

The schedule of regular Chinese classes will be decided after trial classes. MSCE will also launch more Language Exchange activities afterwards.