Shenzhen says no to hunting wild birds
Date: 2019-01-15

A staffer with the city’s bird protection office briefs children on the city’s wild birds in Shenzhen Bay Park on Saturday.

An educational event, Wild Birds Prohibited from Hunting Across the Province, was held in Shenzhen Bay Park to enhance public awareness on wild bird protection Saturday, according to the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily.

The event was held in response to a provincial regulation prohibiting the hunting of wild birds and strengthening the protection of wild animals and rare species, the Daily said.

Various activities, such as a photography exhibition of birds and specimens, were held on site, attracting the attention of residents, especially children.

The city will set up bird monitoring stations in Shenzhen Bay and Dapeng New Area for better protection of wild birds, the Southern Metropolis Daily said Sunday.

Hunting has become a major threat to wild bird breeding, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily said, quoting staff with the city’s bird observation association at Saturday’s event.

According to data released by Shenzhen Bird-watching Society, a total of 268 types of wild birds were seen in the city in 2018, including the long-tailed Jaeger, which is a rare species once reportedly seen in the sea area of Hong Kong. The bird was seen in Xiangmi Lake in Futian District for the first time.

As an important winter habitat for migratory birds, Shenzhen plays an important role in protecting them. “Some fruit farmers build fences to prevent the fruit from being eaten by birds. Actually, fences like this should be removed according to the rules,” said Guo Qiang, head of the city’s wild animal and plant protection bureau.

The provincial regulation went into effect Jan. 1, 2019, and will remain effective for five years. It prohibits the hunting and sale of wild birds. Those caught hunting over 20 wild birds will be subject to criminal prosecution.