Black-faced spoonbills frolic at SZ Bay
Date: 2019-01-03

Black-faced spoonbills at Shenzhen Bay.

Around 45 black-faced spoonbills were seen at the No. 2 pond of the National Mangrove Nature Reserve in Futian District on Monday. Also present were ducks and other migratory birds, such as northern pintails, Eurasian teals, northern shovelers, pied avocets and common greenshanks, the Shenzhen Evening News reported.

The black-faced spoonbill has the most restricted distribution of all spoonbills and is the only one regarded as endangered, so the birds attract the attention of local residents each year when they fly south to Shenzhen Bay for winter. With concerted efforts from the government and public, the number of black-faced spoonbills has been maintained at around 4,000, 10 percent of which stay in Shenzhen Bay during the winter.

Shenzhen has been one of the most important winter habitats for black-faced spoonbills.

Staff from the nature reserve said that it is rare to see more than 10 black-faced spoonbills together. Thus, these 40 black-faced spoonbills attracted the attention of professional bird researchers. They found that 10 of the birds had bands on their feet, suggesting that they had been studied by scientists.

On Monday afternoon, about 10 black-faced spoonbills in the No. 2 pond flew toward the No. 3 pond where they reunited with another 15 black-faced spoonbills in the Shenzhen Bay, which is west of the mouth of Shenzhen River. Besides the five black-faced spoonbills foraging for food there, thousands of black-headed gulls frolicked at the site, forming a peaceful and fantastic scene.