The 2018 Speak Shenzhen English Speech Competition came to a successful end
Date: 2018-07-09

The 2018 Speak Shenzhen English Speech Competition organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, wrapped up at the Shenzhen Media Group building in Futian District on Saturday afternoon.

Out of the 750 contestants from all walks of life, only 11 made it to Saturday’s final, which consisted of two parts: a three-minute prepared speech and a 90-second impromptu speech answering questions.The prepared speeches revolved around the theme “New Era, New Shenzhen,” while the questions in the second round covered a wide range of topics such as unmanned convenience stores and shared bikes. The rankings were based on the contestants’ performances in both rounds.

Shi Yanhua, former Chinese ambassador to Luxemburg, was one of the six judges of the contest. She said all of the contestants had done a very good job as they had both talked about Shenzhen’s achievements in the past 40 years and projected an outlook for the city’s future.

The competition is one of the key activities that aim at promoting an English speaking environment in the city.