Work Report
Report on the Work of the Government 2018
Date: 2018-03-05

Report on the Work of the Government

Delivered at the Fourth Session of the Seventh People's Congress of Nanshan District, Shenzhen Municipality

January 25, 2018

District Mayor Zeng Pai

Fellow Deputies:

On behalf of the People's Government of Nanshan District, I now present to you the report on the work of the government for your deliberation, and I welcome comments on my report from the members of the District Political Consultative Conference and other attendants.

Review of Work in 2017

In 2017, Nanshan District achieved a series of successes in economic development, reaped fruitful results in scientific and technological innovations, and brought our comprehensive strength to a new level; we completed an array of high-quality urban construction works, delivered a host of projects related to the people's welling, and maintained a harmonious and stable social order. In the past year, we conscientiously studied and implemented President Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress; and we fully carried out the decisions and plans made by the Municipal Party Committee and Government. Under the strong leadership of the District Party Committee and the supervision and support of the District People's Congress and the District Political Consultative Conference, we adhered to "stressing political awareness, facilitating economic development, ensuring social stability, improving the people's wellbeing, and raising environmental quality" as the main thread. By creating an atmosphere of "competing, learning, catching up and overtaking", sticking to our goals, and focusing on implementation, we made new progress and achievements in economic and social development.

I. New achievements in economic development

We have upheld the underlying principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability grasping, put quality first and given priority to performance, optimized the secondary industry and strengthened the tertiary industry, taken well-targeted steps and made sustained efforts, increased our economic aggregate and improved our economic quality by leaps and bounds. We have achieved two breakthroughs and two doubles in terms of major indicators. Our GDP has exceeded 450 billion yuan and is expected to increase by about 9.2 percent. Our investment in fixed assets has exceeded 100 billion yuan and reached 109.6 billion yuan, an increase of 23.4 percent, accounting for more than one fifth of the city's total. Our tax revenue has grown rapidly by 30.3 percent to 132.5 billion yuan, nearly doubling in two years. The number of industrial enterprises, construction enterprises, wholesale, retail, hospitality, and catering enterprises, and other service-oriented enterprises above the designated size increased by 1,562 to more than 5,000, nearly doubling in two years. The real economy was stable and improved. The industrial value-added of enterprises above the designated size in the district exceeded 180 billion yuan, an expected increase of about 7.2 percent, of which the advanced manufacturing industry accounted for 77 percent. The district, with our industrial quality and competitiveness continuously rising, was ranked 1st among top 100 industrial districts in the country. In the Third Shenzhen Industrial Awards, Shennan Circuits and three other companies won the Enterprise Award; the president of Zhengtong Electronics and two other entrepreneurs won the Industrialist Award. The total profit of key service enterprises exceeded 110 billion yuan, an expected increase of 36 percent. Raffles City, Vientiane City, and other urban complexes successively went into operation as new business landmarks. The district's total retail sales of consumer goods exceeded 80 billion yuan, an expected increase of 9.5 percent. The district's imports and exports are expected to grow by 18 percent, reversing the negative growth trend since 2015. The secondary industry and the tertiary industry advanced hand in hand with an expected ratio of 45:55. New driving forces for development grew rapidly. The emerging industries became the main engine of growth, accounting for 64 percent of the GDP. DJI and 10 other enterprises grew into "Unicorn" enterprises, accounting for one twelfth of the national total. The district's listed companies increased by 22, accounting for more than one fifth of the provincial total; to date the district has cumulatively cultivated 144 listed companies, ranking second among all the districts (counties) in the country. Renhe Life Insurance, China Merchants Ping'an AMC, and 15 other licensed financial institutions were newly established in the district; Artron and four other enterprises became the key enterprises of national cultural exports. The supply chain and other modern logistics industries developed rapidly; Globalegrow E-commerce stood out among cross-border e-commerce operators. Headquarters economy built up momentum. Tencent was included on the list of the world's top 500 companies; Evergrande Group set up its headquarters in Shenzhen Bay; ZTE and eight other enterprises found their way onto the list of China's top 500 enterprises, accounting for 30 percent of the city's total; 59 enterprises entered the list of top 500 Guangdong-based companies, ranking first among all the districts (counties) in the province. The number of Shenzhen-identified headquarters enterprises increased to 43, accounting for more than 30 percent of the city's total. The construction in six sub-districts is in full swing. We newly constructed or continued to construct 69 major projects such as Lenovo International Headquarters and Liuxiandong No.1 Housing Block, and we publicly sold the using right for 17 industrial parcels of land in Houhai, Liuxiandong, and Shenzhen Bay, quickly raising the "energy level" of headquarters economy.

II. New achievements in scientific and technological innovation

We always consider innovation as the primary driving force for development. Seizing the opportunity of the city implementing the "Ten Action Plans" for innovation, we strove to build our district into the core area of an international technological and industrial innovation center. The clustering of high-end innovation resources sped up. Since the settlement of Apple and Qualcomm in the district in 2016, we have assembled many of the world's top innovation giants: ARM (China) set up its headquarters; Airbus founded its first innovation center in Asia Pacific; the Geim Graphene Research Center, the Global Fintech Lab, and the Hoffmann Research Center of Advanced Materials settled in Nanshan. The Cyberspace Science and Technology Guangdong Province Laboratory was established in Nanshan as one of the province's first four basic research laboratories and a "reserve" national laboratory. Two of the city's five manufacturing innovation centers are located in Nanshan, namely the CIMC Marine Intelligent Equipment Innovation Center and the Sino-German Micro- & Nano-Manufacturing Innovation Center. North High-Tech Area and Liuxiandong Area became the city's future industry cluster area. Independent innovation results emerged in large numbers. Twelve Nanshan-based enterprises and institutions such as ZTE, Mindray, Shenzhen University (SZU), Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), and Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, CAS won 10 of 2017 National Science and Technology Awards, accounting for two thirds of the city's total. Chipscreen Biosciences and Nationz Technologies won two China patent gold medals, accounting for one tenth of the national total; Tencent won the design gold medal, accounting for one fifth of the national total; the number of state-level high-tech enterprises increased by 739 to near 3,000, accounting for more than a quarter of the city's total; the CIMC-developed deep-sea drilling platform "Blue Whale 1", known as the "a treasure of the state", completed trial exploration of combustible ice. We led the country in military-civilian integration as well as business startups and innovations by the general public. As the only local representative in the country, we were invited to share our experience at the national military-civilian integration forum and the district became "an innovation demonstration base for military-civilian integration in the national defense science and technology industry". We set up 55 more mass innovation spaces and 16 new incubators; the VC Incubator's model of "driving innovation with investment" was written into a document of the State Council, representing a practical contribution of Nanshan to the national top-level planning. The Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, CAS and Tencent were placed on the list of the second batch of mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration bases. We set up four of the city's seven overseas innovation centers in the United States, Canada, and Israel to connect with the world's innovation forefront. We held the tenth consecutive session of the "Star of Entrepreneurship" contest, which has become a banner of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The district has become a gathering place of talents. We extensively implemented the "Vanguard Plan" to build the district into a "strong magnetic field" for various types of talents. Prof. Tang Tao of the SUSTech became the first Shenzhen-based Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The number of "1,000 Talents Program" talents in the district increased by 62 to 230, accounting for more than 40 percent of the provincial total; the number of provincial and municipal innovation teams in the district increased by 7 to 84, accounting for 72 percent of the city's total. Shenzhen Talent Park, the first talent theme park in the country, was completed and opened to the public, highlighting a city's high respect for talents. Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) was approved to offer undergraduate programs, marking the establishment of another high-level research-oriented university in Nanshan. The district took the lead to introduce the most stringent intellectual property protection. We improved the law-based business environment and built the city's first all-rounded "intellectual property protection center", which covers a construction area of 6,600 square meters. It has introduced Shenzhen Court of Arbitration and five other intellectual property protection agencies, Brinks Gilson & Lione (an intellectual property law firm in the United States) and 13 other operating agencies, and three industry associations, constituting the "five links" of protection, operation, conversion, coordination, and support.

III. New achievements in reform and opening up

We drew on further opening up to boost reform, made breakthroughs in key areas to drive development as a whole, and solved problems to promote the work. We made remarkable achievements by deepening reform in every field, winning 9, 7, and 2 honors on the national, provincial, and municipal level, respectively. We achieved fruitful results in supply-side structural reform. We solved the problems in the construction of government-invested projects through the agent system. We improved quality and efficiency in the construction of 22 schools, hospitals, and roads, providing Nanshan program for the supply-side structural reform of infrastructure facilities. We lowered the costs for real economy enterprises and allocated special funds of nearly 1 billion yuan for industrial development. We optimized the housing supply model for talents by combining public rental housing with housing subsidies and substituting the former with the latter. We secured 5,170 sets of talent housing and affordable housing and granted subsidies of 350 million yuan, benefiting about 20,000 talents. The reform of "delegating powers and improving regulation and services" produced numerous highlights. The district established the Association of Listed Companies and the Association for Promoting the Development of SMEs, and held the first G20 entrepreneurs summit to provide targeted services for the enterprises' development. Taking the opportunity of building the "Internet Plus government services" demonstration district, we upgraded the district's government services so that the "five 100 percents" became the "Nanshan standard" of government services. The "close and clean government-enterprise" integrated service platform was recognized as one of the 2017 top 50 practice cases of "Internet Plus government services" and won a series of other honors. The district's industry guidance fund was involved in the establishment of 29 sub-funds. We established a mother fund of listed companies, raising 5 billion yuan in the first phase and leveraging social capital of 90 billion yuan. We took the lead in the city to set up notary offices in enterprises to provide legal services "at the doorsteps". We improved the operation of the "Sunshine 365 Platform" to promote the healthy development of collective economy. We actively built the new institutions of the open economy. We proactively integrated into the Belt and Road Initiative and the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The district utilized more than 5 billion U.S. dollars of foreign investment, accounting for two thirds of the city's total. The Prince Bay Cruise Homeport handled over 5 million passengers and launched the project of "seeing Shenzhen on the sea". The western port achieved a container throughput of more than 13 million TEU. We held the First Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Scientific and Technological Finance Summit Forum and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Association for Corporate Growth, Inc. We put into use the Museum of Reform and Opening, the first of its kind in China, and hosted the Tenth China Lawyers Forum, the International Symposium on Information Physics, and other high-end academic events, constantly improving the city's reputation and international influence. In order to better serve the development of Hong Kong, we enhanced the communication and exchanges with Hong Kong townsmen and formed Hong Kong Townsmen Associations in all the eight sub-districts. We held the Finals of the First Cross-Strait Student Baseball League, setting up a bridge of exchanges for young students on both sides of the strait; the report was selected as one of top 10 news stories on cross-strait relations of the year, and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council identified Nanshan as the permanent host of the sport event.

IV. New achievements in urban governance

We worked to overcome obstacles in urban management and governance by focusing on priorities, addressing inadequacies, and shoring up points of weakness; we achieved remarkable results in the "Year of City Quality Improvement" theme activities. We rose to challenges in spatial expansion. We took ten special actions of "expanding space and ensuring development" to provide valuable space for urban development. We demolished more than 1.2 million square meters of illegal buildings and recovered 65.8 hectares of land for construction. We completed Phase II of Baishiling Land Preparation Project and released 76 hectares of land. We carried out urban renewal in an orderly manner and utilized the urban space effectively and efficiently. We got off to a good start in the protection and utilization of Nantou Ancient City; we held the "2017 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture" to promote the return of urban cultural center to the historical origin. We went all out to strengthen water conservancy and improve water quality. We fulfilled the rectification tasks assigned by the Central Environmental Inspectorate Group and completed the annual task of demolishing the illegal buildings in class one water source protection zones ahead of schedule. We restored four black-colored and odorous water bodies in built-up areas to normal, appointed "river chiefs" for all the 27 rivers in the district, and continued to improve the water quality in Shenzhen Bay. We developed the sponge city planning and completed pipeline transformation in 520 residential quarters, ranking first in the city. We maintained an average PM2.5 concentration of 27.6 mg / m3, keeping air quality at an excellent level. We improved urban appearance and environmental quality. The west section of Shenzhen Bay Coastal Recreation Zone was broadcast on CCTV News and Beautiful China as an example of urban construction. We built two flower-dotted bouleards, eight flower-brimming neighborhoods, and brought the number of parks to 130. We enhanced urban management through the national civilized city construction and improved the district's overall level of civilization. We beautified the district's nightscapes, upgraded the 15-km skyline in the west section of Shenzhen Bay, and basically completed the lighting of the bridges along Beihuan Boulevard and Binhai Boulevard. We launched the "toilet revolution" and built a number of star-rated public toilets. A stereoscopic transportation pattern began to take shape. Xili Station became the main hub station in the city's high-speed rail planning; Metro Lines 12 and 13 broke ground; the construction of the west extension line of Metro Line 9 and the south extension line of Metro Line 5 progressed smoothly. We continued to advance the speed-raising transformation of Shahe West Road and Guimiao Road, built or continued to build the south extension line of Nanhai Boulevard and 14 other roads, and completed four pedestrian overpasses. We carried out 82 projects to improve transportation and made new achievements in the comprehensive traffic management in High-Tech Area and other areas. We forcefully investigated and eliminated safety risks. We kept a close watch for safety risks and did our utmost to prevent them. In order to ensure safe production, we took 14 rectification actions and addressed 10 prominent safety risks in urban operation. The comprehensive improvement of Mawan Area achieved remarkable results, and the relocation of Dongjiaotou oil and gas depot was basically completed. We regulated 2,536 "apartments illegally divided into smaller rooms", renovated 179 old elevators, and transformed gas pipelines for 210 businesses. We set up district and sub-district emergency command centers, effectively improving the district's emergency response capacity and successfully standing the test of super-typhoons like Tiange and Paka. The overall social situation was harmonious and stable. We strengthened the accountability system, faced problems squarely, and rose to the challenge. We resolved 30 "chronic, major, and tricky" petition cases including the one concerning the City Valley. We strengthened risk control at the sources and investigated and handled conflicts and disputes in labor-capital relationship, environmental protection, property management, ethnic and religious issues, public-related finance, and other areas. We established the Nanshan (Policing) Data Center, greatly improving the policing effectiveness. Our public security organs were ranked first in the city on all assessment items and received two orders of commendation signed by the Minister of Public Security, pushing the Safe Nanshan construction to a higher level.

V. New achievements in people's well-being

We earnestly implemented the people-centered philosophy of development and made great efforts to solve the biggest concerns of the people. We allocated 19.67 billion yuan for nine categories of people's wellbeing-related expenditures; intensified efforts to promote science and technology for the benefit of the public; solved 20 major issues and 1,779 minor issues related to the people's wellbeing; and won the People's Wellbeing Problem Solving Award in the Nandu Neighborhood Word of Mouth Awards. The district's education brands expanded the influence. We promoted the high-quality and balanced development of education. The SUSTech education group and the Second Foreign Language School of Nanshan (SFLSN) education group were newly established; the five education groups provided desks for 55 percent of students in the city. We hosted the National Symposium on Group School Running, and "Nanshan Experience" won approval of the Ministry of Education. We built seven new high-standard schools in Shenzhen Bay and Liuxiandong Area and renovated and expanded Sunshine Primary School and three other schools, increasing 13,400 desks in the district. The district, raning first in the province in terms of all compulsory education quality monitoring indicators, entered the list of "China's First Batch of Districts Commended for Innovation in Primary and Secondary Schools Supervised by Educational Inspectors" and won a series of other honors. We took strides forward in medical and health services. The renovation and expansion of Nanshan Hospital went into full swing; the International Treatment Center's main building capped and became the province's first district-level national standardized training base for resident doctors. We worked to "improve medical and health services through extensive research and intensive training", advanced the reform in public hospitals, appointed medical reform experts and professors as senior advisors, and established the Nanshan Medical Group. We took the lead in the city to implement the district-level "three famous project" (famous doctors, hospitals and clinics) and introduced 13 "three famous project" teams at the municipal and district levels. We collaborated with the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in building Nanshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Xili Hospital carried out in-depth cooperation with the SUSTech; and Nanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital also carried out in-depth cooperation with Guangdong Medical University. Sun Yat-sen Cardiovascular Hospital and Shenzhen University General Hospital went into trial operation; two municipal-level hospitals were newly built in the district's northern area. Cultural and sports undertakings developed rapids. The Sea World Culture and Arts Center was opened to the public, enriching the cultural connotation of the city. We successfully held the Half Marathon, the Community Culture and Arts Festival, the China Top E-Sports Games, and the Finals of China Dance Sports Competition. Nanshan Pop Music Festival became a cultural brand of Shenzhen. Nanshan athletes won three gold medals, four silver medals, and four bronze medals in the 13th National Games. We introduced stronger basic safeguards for public wellbeing. We enhanced the supervision of food and drug safety and set up a team of 101 assistant inspectors to cover every community. We carried out the national defense mobilization work to high standards, and college students accounted for 84 percent of newly-enlisted soldiers, ranking first in the city. The district registered 140,000 volunteers and created 154 volunteer service brands. We dynamically eliminated "zero employment families". The social insurance covered a total of 7.84 million people. We raised the salaries of sanitation workers and provided help to vulnerable groups such as elderly people of no family, elders with disabilities, and the handicapped. The district social welfare center was recognized as an advanced collective in the Second National Commendation for Work Concerning Elderly People.

Additionally, we considered the collaboration on poverty alleviation between the eastern and western regions and giving assistance through pairing programs as a major political task. We carried out pragmatic cooperation in industrial parks building, tourism development, labor service collaboration, personnel exchanges, and other fields for targeted poverty alleviation. In Baise of Guangxi, we paired with Tianyang and Debao counties on a full scale and started the construction of the pony-size horse tourism cooperation project; the Nanshan Lianping Industrial Park and Phase II of Ji'an Nanshan Demonstration Industrial Park also broke ground; and the Nyingchi OCT Car Camp in Tibet completed pre-construction preparations. Nanshan made positive contributions for ensuring that our paired poverty-stricken areas could win the battle against poverty and would not be left behind on the way to prosperity.

In the past year, we strengthened our consciousness of the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment, strengthened our confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and closely followed the Central Committee in terms of our thinking, political orientation, and actions. We resolutely implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, and the District Party Committee, conscientiously implemented the resolutions and decisions of the municipal people's congress, reported to the District Party Committee, the District People's Congress, and the District Political Consultative Conference on a regular basis; handled 207 suggestions by the deputies of the Municipal and District People's Congress and 198 proposals by the members of the Municipal and District Political Consultative Conferences. We put in place a strict supervision and accountability system. We focused on our objectives, listed our quarterly tasks on charts, and kept track of the fulfillment situation on a quarterly basis. Through these efforts, we did all our jobs effectively and our government performance led the city. Our experience in delegating powers to the district-level and carrying out the supply-side structural reform was published in installments on the provincial government's "Special Supervision Reports" for the whole province to study. We formulated "Working Rules of the District Government" and "Rules of the District Government Executive Meetings", further standardizing the government operation. We conscientiously assumed primary responsibility for improving Party conduct and promoting integrity, strictly implemented the CPC Central Committee's eight-point decision on improving Party and government conduct and the rules for their implementation, strengthened supervision and auditing work, strictly controlled the spending on official overseas visits, official vehicles, and official hospitality, and further transformed the government's functions and work style.

Fellow Deputies, we reap as we sow! The achievements were made under the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, and the District Party Committee. They were made with the hard work and great determination of the people. They could not have been made without the strong support of the deputies of the District People's Congress, the members of the District Political Consultative Conference, and people from all walks of life. Here, on behalf of the People's Government of Nanshan District, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the people in the district, the deputies of the District People's Congress, the members of the District Political Consultative Conference, non-CPC parties, federations of industry and commerce, public figures without party affiliation, people's organizations, and the New Social Stratum Association, enterprises and institutions in the district, members of the People's Liberation Army and armed police in the district, and people from all walks of life who care and support the development of Nanshan.

Currently, Nanshan is entering a stage of high-quality development. While recognizing our achievements, we are also keenly aware that the development of Nanshan is still unbalanced and inadequate. First, the land space is limited and business environment remains to be improved. The district's development intensity is great, the costs of factors of production are on the rise, some of the manufacturing capacity is moving elsewhere, and our business services are not well-targeted enough. Second, our original innovation capacity still falls behind international advanced cities, and our intellectual property protection still needs to be improved. Our spending on basic research is inadequate, the core technologies in our possession are insufficient, and the number of intellectual property infringement cases is at a high level. Third, the resource-related and environmental constraints are growing, and the supporting infrastructure facilities are relatively lagging behind. Traffic congestions, water pollution, and other issues remain prominent, and the urban quality needs to be further improved. Fourth, the inadequate supply of high-quality public goods related to people's wellbeing still cannot meet the people's growing expectations. In medical care, education, culture and sports, elderly care, housing, and other areas, there still exist some areas of weakness. Fifth, the enthusiasm to conduct our work is receding and the incentive mechanisms are limited. A small number of government employees are not ready to bear the weight of responsibility and lack the motivation to reform and innovate, and they either do not or are slow to fulfill their duties. We are to take effective measures to address and resolve these problems.

Main Work for 2018

The year 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. It is the first year for carrying out the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, a crucial year for securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and a connecting year for implementing the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan. The 9th Plenary Session of the 6th Municipal Party Committee issued the mobilization order to "build a moderately prosperous society of high quality in all respects, take the lead to build a modern socialist pilot area, and forge ahead towards the goal of building Shenzhen into an innovation-oriented global metropolis with outstanding influence and competitiveness". Nanshan will strengthen the sense of mission, come up with new acts, and achieve new breakthroughs.

The overall requirements for the District Government's work this year are as follows: Hold high the great banner of Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, extensively study and put into practice the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the guiding principles from President Xi Jinping's important speech on January 5, follow the decisions and plans of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, and the District Party Committee, upheld the underlying principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability, adhere to the main thread of supply-side structural reform, act in response to the evolution of the principal contradiction in society, seek high-quality development, deepen the "Year of City Quality Improvement" activities, devote great energy to implementing the double-wheel drive strategy of "technological innovation + headquarters economy", stick to the development vision of "a global capital of innovation, a modern livable urban district, and an international bay of charm", work to make Nanshan prosperous, democratic, civilized, harmonious, and beautiful, strive to build a world-class innovation-oriented coastal urban district, and march at the forefront and act as a pacesetter in building Shenzhen into a modern socialist pilot area.

--Strive to build a global capital of innovation and walk at the forefront in the high-quality development. We must step up efforts to pursue innovation-driven development, strengthen the role of innovation as the strategic support of the modern economic system, and work hard for better quality, higher efficiency, and more robust drivers of economic growth. We must firmly grasp the opportunities brought by the new round of world scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes, promote the in-depth integration of advanced technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence with the real economy, and accelerate the growth of new models, new industries, and new forms of business. We must integrate global innovation resources in the "formation" of Nanshan's innovation and entrepreneurship. We will build an innovation axis that runs through High-Tech Area, Liuxiandong Area, and Xili Lake-Rim Area, expand the space for high-quality development with greater creativity, and speed up the construction of the core area of the "global capital of innovation".

--Strive to build a modern livable urban district and walk at the forefront in meeting the people's needs for a better life. We must closely keep up with the people's aspirations for a better life, take benefiting the people as the greatest achievement, think what the people think, be eager to meet their needs, and do a pragmatic job of improving the people's wellbeing. We must focus on solving problems and take well-targeted steps so that the public will have a stronger sense of fulfillment and happiness. We must actively build a modern governance system, a well-balanced public service system, and a future-oriented infrastructural system. We will work to build a green and low-carbon modern district characterized by the industry integrating with the city, the sea mingling with the city, and profound culture. We will strive to improve our district's quality and accelerate the construction of beautiful Nanshan.

--Strive to build an international bay of charm and walk at the forefront of reform and opening up. Standing on the new starting point of the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, we must keep on striving to push forward the reform and opening up with endless energy. We must take the initiative to serve the national strategies, seize the opportunities brought by the Belt and Road initiative, the free trade zone, and other national strategies, open the "gate" of Nanshan wider, act as the vanguard in Shenzhen's competition on the global scale, and build a higher-level new open economy system. We must uphold a global vision, align to the highest international standard, and plan for the future of Nanshan in the big picture of global competition. We must build on our points of strength, shore up our points of weakness, and work to become a shining pearl in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area city cluster.

We have set the main targets for Nanshan's economic and social development for this year as follows: Increase the GDP by more than 8.5 percent, the investment in fixed assets by 15 percent, the tax revenue by 10 percent, and the public fiscal budget revenue by 5.9 percent. Fulfill the target for energy consumption per 10,000-yuan GDP identified by the Municipal Government. Reduce the water consumption by 3 percent. We will focus on eight actions:

I. Align to international standards, aim to be first-class, and implement the business environment reform

Reduce business operating costs. We will put into practice the national, provincial, and municipal tax reduction or exemption policies and measures and strive to reduce the tax burden for enterprises to the tune of 40 billion yuan. We will actively expand the industrial space, start to construct the new building of Research Institute of Tsinghua University and the Bay Area Innovation Building, accelerate the construction of the Intelligent Park (Phases II and III), the Liuxiandong Intelligent City, the Chaguang Intelligent Valley, and other projects, build a series of "intelligent brand" parks, and supply 500,000 square meters of housing for innovation-oriented industries. We will establish a "unified management platform for industrial spaces" to comprehensively coordinate the governmental and non-governmental industrial spaces, promote the precise matching of business needs with housing, and achieve the efficient allocation of resources. We will advance the talent housing projects in the High-Tech Park and other plots, secure 5,600 sets of talent housing and affordable housing and allocate rent allowances of 400 million yuan. We will start trial operation of batch rent in six villages inside cities and develop the long-term house renting market. We will formulate the pilot program for rebuilding the rundown urban areas, and initiate high-tech apartments and other projects. We will deepen the well-aligned cooperation with Nangang District of Harbin, strengthen cooperation with surrounding urban areas in the principle of complementary advantages, and explore the development of "enclave economy".

Build the "Shenzhen benchmark" of government services. We will deepen the reform of "delegating powers and improving regulation and services", take advantage of big data and other technologies, and integrate online and offline data related to government affairs to achieve data sharing and benefit the people with information. In the Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park, we will build a "supermarket" of government services, which will include a Party-people service center, a policing service hall, and an administrative service sub-hall. We will build a "15-minute public service circle" and make 92 government services available to everyone in the city regardless of sub-districts and neighborhoods. We will improve the mechanism of appointing district leaders to serve specific enterprises, give play to the Association of Listed Enterprises, the Association of Financial Industry, and the Association for Promoting the Development of SMEs, and provide enterprises with targeted services like "drip irrigation". We will build an "intelligent legal service" platform to provide more enterprises with legal services. We will establish a classified service system so that large, medium, small, and micro businesses can enjoy the policy dividends.

Deepen the supply-side structural reforms of infrastructure. We will improve the quality of infrastructure supply according to the requirements for the first-class international business environment. We will promote the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model, the "entrusted construction + entrusted operation" model, and other PPP models, encouraging non-governmental capital to participate in infrastructure construction and operation. We will advance the construction of the Liuxiandong central cooling system as well as four multi-storey parking facilities at the District Party School, the Knowledge Service Building, and other places. We will deepen and improve the reform of the agent system. We will vigorously promote the agent system in infrastructure construction and other fields related to people's wellbeing, such as schools, hospitals, roads, cultural and sports facilities. We will build 10 pedestrian overpasses, 2 two-storey connecting corridors, 2 underpasses, and other public facilities to improve the quality and effectiveness of government investment.

Build a pioneering district of intellectual property protection. We will rationalize the system and mechanism and integrate our working efforts, do a good job of building the Nanshan Intellectual Property Protection Center, and create the necessary conditions for the China (Shenzhen) Intellectual Property Protection Center and other platforms to settle in Nanshan. We will promote the reform of integrated management of intellectual property rights, make preparations for establishing an IPR venture capital fund, establish a litigation compensation mechanism, an electronic notarization data storage platform, and an international patent search system, and improve the service system for prompt acceptance, authorization, confirmation, and safeguarding of intellectual property rights. We will cultivate and introduce 2-3 nationally-known intellectual property assessment institutions and carry out pilot projects for capitalization and securitization of intellectual property rights. We will strengthen the guidance for brand coaching and encourage enterprises to apply for famous trademarks, well-known trademarks, governor quality awards, and mayor quality award.

II. Adhere to high standards, assemble the headquarters, and lay a solid foundation for the real economy

Build a Bay Area headquarters economy belt. We will develop forward-looking plans and adopt high standards for building the Shenzhen Bay central business district (CBD), and accelerate the development and construction of Houhai and other key areas to form the Bay Area headquarters economy belt. We will put into practice the plans for cultivating top 500 companies of the world, China, and Guangdong as well as 100 billion yuan, 50 billion yuan, and 10 billion yuan companies, so that they become the world's leading companies. We will take advantage of Shenzhen's policies for the headquarters economy, develop Nanshan's supporting measures, and increase 5-8 municipal headquarters companies. We will improve the database of the companies listed and to be listed, improve the supporting measures for the cultivation and development of listed companies, and increase 15 listed companies at home and abroad. We will improve the efficiency of project selection and land transfer, transfer the land for 3-5 headquarters, and select 5-8 key industrial projects. We will do a good job of the fourth national economic census and lay a solid foundation for the high-quality economic development in the next five years.

Boost the development of modern service industry. We will expand and strengthen the software and information service industry to strive for annual revenue of 300 billion yuan. We will accelerate the development of professional services such as legal, accounting, consulting, and design services, increasing the number of law firms to more than 100 and the number of lawyers to more than 1,000. We will introduce the giants in the logistics industry to vigorously develop the supply chain management and other modern logistics. We will cultivate "Internet Plus" and other new business forms of modern service industry, support the development of the B2B industrial Internet innovation platform, and explore ways to build the 100 billion yuan industrial park for cross-border e-commerce. We will step up the development of modern commerce and trade, encourage the development of new industries such as e-commerce platforms, smart stores, and parallel imports of automobiles. We will facilitate the opening of the Vientiane City and build a vibrant, fashionable business district in Shenzhen Bay. We will promote the in-depth integration of culture with science and technology and vigorously develop the digital creative industry. We will cultivate a number of large-scale cultural enterprises and support for the construction of the Vanke Cloud Design Commune and 1-2 other industrial parks. We aim to increase the value-added of cultural and creative industries by 15 percent.

Build a scientific and technological finance center in the Bay Area. We will accelerate the construction of the Nanshan scientific and technological finance city and the Houhai financial circle and introduce new measures to promote the development of financial innovation. We will enhance the financial industry's role as a pillar of the economy by introducing more than 15 new financial institutions and increasing the financial industry's value-added to 8 percent of GDP. We will attract angel investment, venture capital, and equity investment to build two 100 billion yuan fund buildings. We will channel great energy into developing emerging forms of finance such as financial technology, consumer finance, and wealth management, explore ways to establish legal person institutions for scientific and technological financial leasing and insurance, strengthen the ability of finance to support for scientific and technological innovation and serve the real economy, and allow more financial resources to be channeled into medium, small, and micro enterprises. We will investigate and deal with public-related financial risks and crack down on financial activities in violation of laws and regulations. We will host the Second Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Scientific and Technological Finance Forum to explore ways for jointly building scientific and technological finance and quantitative finance laboratories with well-known research institutes, thereby promoting the in-depth integration of science and technology with finance.

Promote the development of advanced manufacturing clusters. We will carry out a major survey of the industry chain and develop the "Program 2035 for Development of Key Industries in Nanshan District". We will support for the development of ZTE and other companies and enhance the international competitiveness of the new generation of 100 billion yuan information technology industry clusters. We will support for China Construction Steel Structure Corporation Limited to build a state-level R&D center and cultivate a 100 billion yuan construction industry chain. We will support for the development of Mindray, Hytera, UBTECH, and other companies and build several 10 billion yuan industry clusters covering biomedicine, aviation and aerospace, robotics, and wearable devices. We will make sure that the industrial land area does not fall below the red line, strengthen supervision over the industrial planning for "industrial-to-industrial" projects, and explore "multi-storey industrial buildings" to guarantee the space for developing advanced manufacturing. We will take targeted measures to retain the key links of advanced manufacturing and support for enterprises with output value of 0.1-1 billion yuan to grow bigger and stronger. We will encourage enterprises to increase investment in industrial technological transformation by more than 30 percent.

III. Become stronger through innovation, scale new heights, and establish an innovation system across the industrial chain

Lay a solid foundation for basic research. We will provide strong support for the construction of the Cyberspace Science and Technology Guangdong Province Laboratory, Phase II of the National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen, and other major scientific and technological projects. We will work to establish 2-3 high-level innovation platforms covering new materials, life sciences, additive manufacturing, and other fields. We will go all out to promote the planning and construction of the Xili Lake-Rim Science and Education City and accelerate the construction of Peking University Shenzhen Campus (for undergraduate students), Tsinghua International Campus, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Campus, Georgia Tech Tianjin University Shenzhen Institute, and other higher education institutions. We will support for the construction of Nobel laureate laboratories and attract renowned scientists and technological companies at home and abroad to set up R&D institutes in Nanshan. We will increase 30 national, provincial, and municipal innovation carriers of various types. We will allocate 100 million yuan and combine competitive support with constant support. We will encourage universities, enterprises, and research institutes to increase R&D investment, strengthen research of basic theories, and conduct research of key technologies.

Connect with global innovation resources. In Liuxiandong Area and High-Tech Area, we will build an international technology transfer center and a business accelerator to facilitate the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements. We will build a global roadshow base in Shenzhen Bay to attract overseas capital and talents to make investments and start businesses. We will support for DJI to hold the "World University Robot Competition" and build it into a world-class brand event of artificial intelligence. We will support for leading enterprises to hold the Global Partner Conference and global industry conferences and stage technological innovation "carnivals" in Nanshan. We will support for enterprises and institutions to set up 2-3 overseas innovation platforms. We will formulate more proactive, more open, and more effective talent policies, extensively implement the "Vanguard Plan", organize more than 12 Academician lectures, and attract 300 high-level talents at home and abroad, thereby providing strong talent support for innovation.

Optimize the ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship. We will devote great energy to implementing the plan for cultivating innovation-oriented enterprises, increase 3 "Unicorn" enterprises, 5 "Gazelle" enterprises, and 500 state-level high-tech enterprises. We will strengthen the strength of headquarters, speed up the overall rebuilding of North High-Tech Area, and start the transformation and upgrading of Middle High-Tech Area. We will promote the construction of a national demonstration base for business startups and innovation and encourage more people to start businesses and make innovations. We will establish more than 10 industry-led sub-funds, channeling more social capital to seed-stage and start-up companies. We will build an "Innovation Plaza" in the Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park to echo with the Shenzhen Bay "Venture Plaza". And the two plazas will form a "Gemini" of innovation and entrepreneurship. We will enhance the branding of the Nanshan "Star of Entrepreneurship" contest and embrace various innovation entities with open arms. We will learn from Israel to build 5 world-class incubators and push the regional incubation capacity to a new level.

Seize the commanding height of military-civilian integration. We will promote the in-depth development of military-civilian integration, join hands with the State Administration of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense in speeding up the construction of an innovation demonstration base for military-civilian integration, building a military-civilian integration service system covering military certification, assessment, and incubation, and fostering and introducing 2-3 leading enterprises of military-civilian integration. We will support for the district's key enterprises to cooperate with National University of Defense Technology and other higher education institutions, make plans for 1-2 military-civilian integration industrial parks, and promote the implementation of 2-3 cutting-edge technological projects. We will support for the development of military-civilian integration projects such as Lengine Group, the Siecom Research Institute, and the Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institute, and speed up the military-civilian transfer and the civilian sector's participation in the military sector.

IV. Seize the opportunity, stand at the tide head, and expand our advantages as the spearhead of opening-up

Integrate into the national strategy of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. We will actively implement the planning for the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor and create new highlights in the Bay Area cooperation. We will support for the development of the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Dream Factory and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base and attract young people in Hong Kong and Macao to start businesses and make innovations in Nanshan. We will support for Shenzhen Bay Port's transformation and upgrading, functional optimization, and integrated customs clearance reform so as to expand its external radiation capacity. We will bring into play the role of Hong Kong and Macao townsmen's associations and organizations as bridges, and increase exchanges and cooperation with all walks of life in Hong Kong and Macao. We will continue to hold the Finals of the Cross-Strait Student Baseball League into a brand event for cross-strait exchanges.

Serve the building of Shenzhen into a global marine central city. Considering the ocean as an important growth point for future development, we will introduce marine economy research institutions to carry out strategic research. We will support for China Merchants Heavy Industries (CMHI), China International Marine Containers Group (CIMC), and other companies to occupy the industry chain's dominant ends such as high-end marine equipment, marine engineering and monitoring, and marine electronic information. We will support for the transformation and upgrading of the western port area, so as to build a green and smart port and enhance its functions as an international hub port. We will build five high-level international communities, establish the Imperial Park International Exchange Center, and set up six foreigner management and service stations. We will improve the "going out" service system for enterprises and fully integrate into the Belt and Road initiative.

Support for the building of the free trade area into a gateway and hub of opening up. We will establish a Nanshan-Qianhai joint conference system to strengthen coordination with Qianhai. We will support for Qianhai's investment attraction and create conditions for major projects and platforms to settle in Nanshan. We will assist in accelerating the construction of Xincheng Overpass, Mawan Cross-Harbor Boulevard, and the Qianhai-Nanshan deep drainage tunnel, the demolition of Pinghu-Nanshan Railway, and other projects, thus resolving the bottlenecks affecting the development of the free trade area. We will optimize the comprehensive law enforcement mechanism and continue to promote the comprehensive improvement of Mawan Area. We will improve the district-enterprise joint development platform, support for China Merchants Group's introduction of large-scale projects, pool new resources, and strengthen the momentum for the development of Shekou Area.

Build an international high-end tourist resort. We will support for the establishment of a China cruise tourism development pilot zone in Shekou, launch new international cruise routes, and build a cruise industry chain integrating "cruise, port, city, sightseeing, shopping, and entertainment". We will vigorously develop urban tourism and coastal leisure tourism, and open more offshore routes for tourists to "see Shenzhen on the sea". We will support for the upgrading and transformation of the OCT Theme Park and promote the high-quality development of tourism and holiday-making. We will put into practice the region-based tourism development strategy, support for enterprises to build professional exhibition halls, pavilions, and museums, and foster new forms of tourism such as industrial tourism and science and technology tourism.

V. Build quality, enrich connotations, and improve urban planning and construction

Set higher goals for the district's future development. As Shenzhen is reediting and revising its general planning, we must seize the opportunity to enhance the functional positioning of Nanshan as a central urban district. We will complete the three-year action plan for the coordinated development of northern area, strive to resolve the bottlenecks such as the aviation height limitation, legacy issues concerning land use, and development of three villages of water resources, and optimize the district's spatial layout. We will study the upgrading of the functional positioning of Shekou Fishing Port and introduce urban life to the coastline to build a vibrant port. We will strengthen the urban design in key areas to build a people-oriented urban public space. We will carry out high-level planning and management of skylines and building facades to build "a new urban parlor".

Accelerate the release of the land's vitality. We will set up a special command to investigate and deal with illegal structures. We will coordinate the district's law enforcement forces to win the battle against illegal buildings. We will ensure zero increase of illegal buildings and demolish more than 1 million square meters of illegal structures. We will establish and improve the work mechanism, go all out to readjust Shakeng plot and the first-grade water resource protection zone at Xili reservoir, and complete the readjustment of more than 100 hectares of land. We will coordinate the rebuilding of Xili Central Area, Shekou Old Town, Nanyou, and other neighborhoods and increase 50 hectares of land as planned for urban renewal.

Build a number of featured parks. We will start to build the 13.7 km Dasha River ecological corridor and complete the 2 km demonstration section from Shennan Boulevard to Shenzhen Bay. We will complete the 650-meter Imperial Park section of the Shenzhen Bay coastal recreation belt and start the planning and construction of Shekou Mountain Park up to high standards. We will further build Nanshan Party Building Park, increase six municipal and community parks such as Yunsen Park and Fulong Peach Garden, and transform and upgrade Sihai Park. We will build an 8 km greenway at Nantou and initiate the feasibility study of the greenway around Xili Lake. In order to turn Shenzhen into a world-famous flower city, we will build two flower-dotted bouleards, eight flower-brimming neighborhoods, 16 pocket parks so that the people will walk in a sea of flowers.

Beautify the city appearance with great care. We will use the occasion of the national sanitary city re-inspection as an opportunity to comprehensively improve the district's appearance. We will strengthen the overall landscape lighting design for the commercial and cultural central area and other areas to create beautiful night views. We will improve the environment at Shenzhen Bay Port, Houhai Central Area, Shekou, and University City Area and transform 30 landscaping nodes. We will upgrade and transform Xueyuan Boulevard so that it will become a model landscaping bouleard of the city. We will strengthen the daily management and maintenance of municipal facilities, renovate the district's building facades, and remove 15,000 outdoor advertisements in violation of relevant regulations. We will build, transform, and upgrade 50 public toilets and 16 waste transfer stations and build 288 residential quarters that meet the standard for sorted treatment of waste. We will standardize the management of shared bicycles, express delivery vehicles, and meal delivery vehicles and strengthen the supervision and management of the fences on construction sites. We will promote the environmental sanitation reform and greatly improve the clean-keeping capability to build Nanshan into the cleanest urban district.

Improve the district's transportation network. We will facilitate the planning and design of Xili high-speed rail hub and provide assistance in the construction of Ganzhou-Shenzhen High-Speed Rail and Shenzhen-Maoming Railway. We will complete the land acquisition and demolition work for the tracks and promote the construction of Metro Line 12, Metro Line 13, and other projects. We will provide assistance in the speed-raising and municipalizing transformation of Guimiao Road, Wanghai Road, Shahe West Road, Yueliangwan Boulevard, and other roads, and advance the study of road subsidence in Houhai Area. We will strength the coordination of road construction, renovate and upgrade 31 major roads and 36 bridges, and build or continue to build Baishi Second Road and 20 other roads. We will deal with 10 congestion-prone nodes and improve the traffic in High-Tech Area and other areas. We will increase 25 kilometers of bike lanes to improve the people's transportation experience.

VI. Focus on key areas, shore up areas of weakness, and address tough issues in urban governance and management

Roll out Intelligent Nanshan construction. We will formulate the top-level design plan and the three-year action plan. This year, we will spend 800 million yuan on 57 relevant projects such as intelligent policing, intelligent urban management, intelligent environmental protection, and intelligent security surveillance. We will promote the construction of high-speed broadband network, link up more than 90 percent of households with optical fiber, improve the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and other information network infrastructure facilities, and build a visual digital platform within the urban space. We will vigorously improve people's living standard in an intelligent way in the three pilot sub-districts of Nantou, Zhaoshang, and Taoyuan, delivering more than six demonstration intelligent projects to better the urban life through technologies.

Carry out comprehensive governance of villages inside the city. We will put into practice the three-year action plan for comprehensive governance of villages inside the city. This year, we will take comprehensive measures to improve the environment of 10 villages in the village. We will transform the power transmission and distribution facilities in neighborhoods, eliminate electricity safety risks of 40 villages in the city, renovate and regulate old lines, and advance the work to bury power supply lines, telecommunications lines, and television cables under the ground. We will increase input for fire safety management and advance the work to install smoke detectors and sprinkler systems in villages inside the city. We will introduce pipeline gas and drainage network to "villages and houses" and regulate the management of bottled gas. We will advance the third phase of the security video surveillance project and install or upgrade the access video systems in villages inside the city and rental housing. We will strengthen property management in villages inside the city to effectively resolve the issues of "dirtiness, disorderliness, and insanitariness" and build new civilized villages that are safe, clean, and tidy.

Take strong steps to protect ecological environment. We must have a strong commitment to the concept that "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" and fully complete the rectification tasks assigned by the Central Environmental Inspectorate Group without fail. We will accelerate the building of a national ecological civilization demonstration district and adopt a coordinated approach to promoting the sponge city construction. We will take comprehensive measures to harness the Baimang River, the Makan River, and the Dakan River in non-urbanized areas and the Lishui River in urbanized areas. We will identify the responsibilities of river chiefs at the district, sub-district, and community levels and promote the governance of rivers through the river chief system. We will implement the "one river one landscape" project and improve the landscapes along the Longjing River and the Houhai Center River. We will lay 15 kilometers of new sewage pipelines, separate rainwater from wastewater in 250 drainage areas, work to collect and treat more than 90 percent of domestic sewage, and deal with three water-logging points on Tongan Road and at two other places. We will strengthen the control of industrial waste gas and vehicle emissions to constantly improve the air quality, so that clear water and blue sky will become Nanshan's signature sights.

Strengthen the district's safety and security. We will resolutely implement the responsibility system for work safety and improve the accountability system to "ensure that both the CPC committee and government are held accountable and that officials take responsibility for workplace safety in performing their duties, make concerted efforts, and intensify efforts to see that those who fail to uphold safety standards are held accountable". We will improve supervision of various departments' functions, identifying of sub-districts' responsibilities, security investigation by community grids, and other long-term mechanisms and require enterprises to assume primary responsibility for safety. We will continue to carry out ten special rectification actions concerning fire prevention, dilapidated buildings, dangerous chemicals, and other risks, intensify the elimination of hidden risks in the Lyshows Costume Culture Street and other areas, and take resolute measures to prevent serious and major accidents. We will strengthen the management of deep foundation pits, high-rise buildings, special equipment, and other risk sources, eliminate the risks at 10 dangerous side slopes, transform 40 kilometers of gas pipelines, take comprehensive fire safety measures for 55 old residential quarters, and identify the potential risks with 30,000 enterprises. We will build 65 small fire stations and transform more than 150 old elevators. We will build and put into use a safety education experience hall in the district and turn it into a national demonstration base for communication and education of work safety.

Seek innovation in community-level governance. We will improve the multi-dimensional crime prevention and control system and crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities according to law. We will arm the police with technology and information and build a pioneering police force to safeguard the development of Nanshan. We will handle litigations and petitions separately, improve the assessment methods, require sub-districts and specific departments to assume primary responsibility for security, reduce legacy cases, and control occurrence of new cases. We will promote the reform of the operation mechanism of property owners committees and effectively prevent and resolve property-related disputes. We will reform the "gridded" management model, divide the grids scientifically, and keep the population information collecting rate above 97 percent and the unregistered rate below 3 percent within the grids. We will implement the work access system and inventory management, reconstruct the professional system of full-time community workers, standardize personnel management, and downsize staff and improve efficiency in the communities. We will strengthen leadership and organization to ensure stable and orderly re-elections in community stock companies.

VII. Meet the people's expectations and needs and make the gains of development benefit all our people

Pursue excellence in education. We will increase spending on education and strive to build a "national model district for quality and balanced development of compulsory education". We will build, renovate or expand Hai'an Primary School and seven other schools, increase 13,000 high-quality public desks, and work to resolve the issues such as big class size, lunch and lunch break, and excess extracurricular burden. We will promote the connotative development of schools in the northern area through scientific research and featured school-running. We will establish 1-2 basic education groups, improve the management level of education groups, and work hard to build a quality senior high school cluster. We will promote cooperation in jointly running schools with well-known schools, foundations, and research institutes in and out of the city to build a number of famous schools of our own. We will deepen integration between industry and education and cooperation between enterprises and schools to build our brand of vocational education. We will launch a new round of three-year action plan for preschool education, increase a number of new-type public kindergartens, strengthen quality control, and build a stronger team of kindergarten teachers. We must foster virtue through education. We will set up 120 renowned teacher's studios and let renowned teachers and renowned principals shine in the starry sky of Nanshan's education.

Build the brands of medical care. We will advance the construction of the integrated building of Shekou Hospital and five other major infrastructure projects and complete the project of Nanshan Hospital International Treatment Center. We will improve the establishment and operation of medical groups, and set up community health management centers, clinical testing centers, and other centers to achieve the sharing of medical resources. We will strengthen cooperation with the SUSTech, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Central South University, Guangdong Medical University, and the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve the medical treatment level. We will increase two tertiary hospitals, namely Xili Hospital and Shenzhen University General Hospital, and introduce seven high-level medical teams. We will improve the system of tiered medical services, initiate a unified traditional Chinese medicine delivery service for community health management centers, encourage experts to set up studios at the community health management centers, and make high-quality medical resources available at the community level. We will use the re-inspection of the national demonstration district for comprehensive prevention and control of chronic diseases to improve the level of prevention and control of chronic diseases. We will optimize the management of family planning services and build Nanshan into a national demonstration district of high-quality maternity and child health services.

Benefit the people with better and more cultural and sports facilities and events. We will plan for and construct a high-standard cultural facilities zone in Shenzhen Bay, actively create conditions for the museum of future science and technology and other large-scale cultural facilities to settle in the district, and build cultural landmarks in the forest of headquarters buildings. We will advance the planning of the northern book city, the preparatory work for the reconstruction of the Shekou Sports Center, and the foundation pit supporting for Xili, Shekou, Yuehai, and OCT North cultural and sports centers, We will promote the mutually beneficial sharing of the space for cultural and sports activities and better meet the needs of public fitness activities. We will establish a sports industry development fund, introduce a number of cultural celebrities, form a teenager ice sports team, do a good job of hosting the Belt and Road International Music Festival, Three-Player Basketball Asian Cup, Nanshan Pop Music Festival, Half Marathon, and other events. We will organize 500 cultural and sports events to benefit the people and increase more than 30 fitness paths. We will strengthen the protection and utilization of historical and cultural relics and build a featured cultural town of Nantou Ancient City. We will establish a council of libraries and cultural centers and build the Nanshan Museum into a high-end museum. We will encourage the production of high-quality literary and artistic works and plan for and hold a series of activities to commemorate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.

Guarantee and better meet the people's basic needs. We will allocate 150 million yuan to resolve more than 1,500 minor issues related to the people's wellbeing and establish an applet management platform to handle minor issues related to the people's wellbeing. We will address the issue of food safety at its root, construct a "food testing network", set up quick testing centers for agricultural products in all the eight sub-districts so that the testing will cover all the farmers markets and large- and medium-sized supermarkets. We will organize more than 60 free recruitment activities, provide jobs for 5,000 unemployed people, and dynamically eliminate "zero employment families". We will provide more convenient social security services to benefit the people, care for migrant workers, and issue recuperation grants and education subsidies to more than 1,000 disabled children. We will advance the construction of the third phase of the Welfare Center, increase more than 100 beds for the elderly, formulate a three-year action plan for developing programs for the elderly, improve the elderly care service system, and raise the level of home-based elderly care services.

Win the battle of targeted poverty alleviation. We must ensure that poverty alleviation will reach those who truly need it and deliver genuine outcomes. We will earnestly do our work well in poverty alleviation and arrange various poverty relief funds of 125 million yuan this year. We will start construction of the OCT car camp project in Tibet and promote local economic development through tourism. We will deepen the collaboration on poverty alleviation between the eastern and western regions and enhance industrial cooperation and labor cooperation with Tianyang and Debao of Guangxi province. We will complete Phase II project of Ji'an Nanshan Demonstration Park and support for the relocation of Xinjiang Kashgar Innovation Center. We will advance the construction of Nanshan Lianping Industrial Park and implement the assistance plan for 27 poverty-stricken villages in Lianping County, ensuring that the poverty alleviation outcomes for all these villages will be assessed as excellent.

VIII. Work solidly, work well, and build a service-oriented government

Strengthen administrative capacity, work diligently and efficiently, and focus on implementation. We will observe the basic norm of efficiency in exercising governance and do a good job of serving the public and enterprises in a timely manner; we must fully live up to our commitment to the public. We will establish a quantitative assessment mechanism for work, which will comprehensively and accurately reflect the effectiveness of government departments and assess them accordingly. We will take a salient approach for conducting our work and optimize the supervision and performance assessment mechanism, so that the government team will feel pressured as well as motivated. We will bring into play the role of the district government's order of tasks, order of commendation, and letter of criticism, reward excellent performers and punish poor performers, reward the diligent and punish the lazy, be relentless in giving criticism, and never skimp on commendation. We will require officials to report on their performance of duty on a regular basis. We will invite the deputies to the district CPC congress and people's congress as well as the members of the district committee of the CPPCC to conduct on-site inspections, reviews, and give scores. We will effectively and conscientiously resolve the concerns of the public.

Strengthen creativity, work well and pragmatically, and be eager to take on challenges. We will cultivate and strengthen "eight skills" and truly improve the ability to serve the economic and social development. We will recruit doctor's degree holders from all over the world, hire a number of high-end talents, optimize the team structure, and comprehensively improve the ability to perform our duties. We will give full play to the role of government legal consultants and social think tanks as "external brains", and provide planning, legal, financial, and other professional support. We will dynamically manage the institutional organization and improve the utilization efficiency of staffing resources. We will explore building a primary level management mechanism characterized by reasonable division of work, clearly defined powers and responsibilities, and efficient operation to enhance the professional strength of sub-districts. We will explore de-administration and de-institutionalization in new-type institutions to further stimulate vitality. We will find the institutional organization in reform and find strength in innovation.

Strengthen immunity, work honestly for the people, and exercise power in an open and transparent way. We will launch a campaign on the theme of "staying true to our founding mission" and strengthen Party building in the District Government. We will conscientiously assume primary responsibility for comprehensively governing the Party in a stricter manner, extensively implement the CPC Central Committee's eight-point decision on improving Party and government conduct and the rules for their implementation, and consolidate the results of opposing formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism, and extravagance. We will strengthen monitoring and auditing and improve the prevention and control of corruption risks in areas such as government property, government-led funds, and industry-supporting funds. We will accept the legal supervision and work supervision of the District People's Congress and its standing committee according to law, conscientiously accept the democratic supervision of the District Political Consultative Conference, report to the district committee and the District People's Congress and notify the District Political Consultative Conference on major issues, and do a good job of handling suggestions by the deputies of the Municipal and District People's Congress and proposals by the members of the municipal and District Political Consultative Conferences. We will earnestly solicit the views of non-CPC parties, federations of industry and commerce, public figures without party affiliation, people's organizations, and the New Social Stratum Association, and take the initiative to accept public oversight and public opinion-based oversight, so as to exercise power in an open and transparent way.

Fellow Deputies, happiness is achieved through hard work! Forty years ago, Nanshan people dared to blaze a new trail, dared to be forerunners, and raised the historical curtain of China's reform and opening up. In the past 40 years, Nanshan has been riding the tide of national development and has created one wonder after another! Today, we are fortunate to be living in the best times and to be working in the best place for making innovations and starting businesses. We must neither rush upon fantasy nor be guided by the sound of falsehood, and we should work steadily and in a down-to-earth manner to build and secure a better future!

Fellow Deputies, we must get a new look and make new accomplishments in a new era! Let's rally closely around the Party Central Committee with President Xi Jinping as the core, and hold high the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era. Under the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, we must rely fully on the people of the district and stay true to our founding mission; we must take the lead in the new era and be trailblazers on the new journey; we must strive to build Nanshan into a world-class innovation-oriented coastal central urban district and work together to secure a better future!