Work Report
Report on the Work of the Government 2017
Date: 2017-02-15

Report on the Work of the Government

Delivered at the Second Session of the Seventh People’s Congress of

Nanshan District

February 14, 2017, Shenzhen

District Mayor Wang Qiang

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of the People’s Government of Nanshan District, I now present to you the report on the work of the government for your deliberation, and I welcome comments on my report from the members of the Nanshan District Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference as well as other attendees.

Review of the Work in 2016

In the past year, Nanshan successfully held the main venue activities of the National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week, which greatly promoted mass innovation and entrepreneurship; Nanshan gathered momentum and exerted our advantage as a world-class innovation-oriented central urban district and achieved vigorous development of “technological innovation + headquarters economy.” Under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and government as well as the district party committee, with the supervision and support of the District People’s Congress and the District People’s Political Consultative Conference, we forcefully promoted the structural reform on the supply side, vigorously built Shenzhen quality and Shenzhen standard, and powerfully carried out the work of “Urban Management and Governance Year.” Thanks to these efforts, we made a brilliant start of the “13th Five-Year Plan” and achieved new results in our economic and social development that can be summarized with “high quality economic development, strong scientific and technological innovation, great urban governance efforts, fast-paced reform and opening-up, and large investment in people’s livelihood projects.”

High quality economic development. We maintained a constant focus on quality, achieved medium- and high-speed growth with our quality advantage, and further highlighted our advantage of quality-oriented development. Economic indicators rose despite the bleak economic picture. We proactively responded to external economic downturn, productivity relocation and other pressures, introduced a series of policies, and did all we can to maintain steady growth. Our GDP growth increased quarter by quarter to an annual growth of 9.3 percent. We completed a GDP of 384.2 billion yuan, ranking first in the province (county) and third in the country. We invested a total of 88.8 billion yuan in fixed assets, up by 40 percent, ranking first in the city in terms of investment scale. Our total retail sales of social consumer goods amounted to 73.7 billion yuan, an increase of 8 percent. Quality benefits took a leap forward. The “double wheel drive” development strategy continued to show its effect. On the basis of fully implementing various tax reductions and exemptions, our district’s tax revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan and reached 101.7 billion yuan, an increase of 41.6 percent, ranking first in the city in terms of growth rate. We achieved a public fiscal budget revenue of 18.64 billion yuan, an increase of 28.7 percent. Our district’s Chinese well-known trademarks accounted for more than one fourth of the city’s total, and Tencent was selected as one of the world’s top 100 most valuable brands. Both our energy consumption and water consumption per 100 yuan GDP were further reduced by more than 4 percent, with both economic and ecological benefits increasing significantly. Industrial structure continued improving. The ratio between the secondary industry and the tertiary industry was 46:54. The proportion of the tertiary industry accounted for more than half of GDP for the first time, with the modern service industry accounting for 78 percent of the tertiary industry and the advanced manufacturing accounting for 79 percent of the above-scale industrial added value. The new economy became the main growth driver. Strategic emerging industries achieved a growth rate of 13.9 percent, contributing more than 80 percent to GDP growth. In particular, cultural and creative industries achieved added value of 85.6 billion Yuan, accounting for more than 40 percent of the city’s total. The China State Capital Venture Fund, Qianhai FOFs, and a number of other financial institutions officially settled in our district, and Sun Yat-sen University Institute for Financial Research was established. The financial sector achieved added value of 27.5 billion yuan, up by 15.4 percent. Headquarters economy showed a strong momentum. To date, 124 companies have got listed in our district, ranking second among all districts (counties) in the country. Tencent Costal Building, Shenzhen Ali Center, Baidu International, and a number of other headquarters building were completed and opened, and China Resources Spring Bamboo, the tallest building in west Shenzhen, was topped out. China Merchants Bank, Anbang Property & Casualty Insurance, Sunshine Insurance, and other companies secured land in our district for setting up their headquarters. China Electronics Corporation, Evergrande Group, and a number of other Fortune 500 companies established their presence in our district, which quickly became our new development engines.

Strong scientific and technological innovation. We always adhered to innovation-driven development and considered innovation as the key to fundamentally unlock the lock of growth, thus providing a new and strong momentum for development. We led the country in innovation and entrepreneurship. When Premier Li Keqiang came in person to the main venue of the National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week, he encouraged Nanshan to make greater achievements and march in the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. Nanshan’s mass innovation and entrepreneurship results were stunningly exhibited to a national audience, and the world’s strongest brains gathered in Shenzhen Bay. Our district was approved as one of the first batch of national mass innovation and entrepreneurship bases. We newly established 40 state-level mass innovation spaces, successfully held Maker Faire Shenzhen 2016, the Big Salad Tech Festival, and other famous international maker events, and Nanshan District of Shenzhen and Haidian District of Beijing became national innovation and entrepreneurship “Gemini.” The number of state-level high-tech enterprises increased by 582 to 2,223, accounting for more than one tenth of the province’s total. Our district’s total investment in research and development accounted for 5.88 percent of GDP, and our regional entrepreneurship incubation ability again ranked first in the country. Innovative products continued to come out in large numbers. Nanshan District alone contributed a total of more than 10,000 PCT international patent applications, accounting for a quarter of the national total. Our district won 12 national science and technology awards of the year, accounting for 75 percent of the city’s total. Among them, ZTE and Yulong won Grand Prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Awards; Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School won Second Prize of National Natural Science Awards, marking a zero breakthrough for Shenzhen. ZTE won the China Industry Award and the Chinese Patent Gold Medal. DJI won the China Patent Appearance Design Gold Award. With the launch of China’s first pulsar test satellite, Nanshan entered the forefront of international aerospace technology. Original innovation accelerated layout in our district. Peking University Shenzhen Campus, Tsinghua International Campus, NUDT Shenzhen Campus, Georgia Tech Tianjin University Shenzhen Institute, and other prestigious colleges and universities were established in our district one after another. They are scattered by the Xili Lake like bright pearls and a new science and education city is taking shape. We set up three new research and development institutions, covering remote sensing satellite applications, micro-nano-photoelectric devices, and other cutting-edge fields. Apple, Qualcomm, and other world’s top science-and-technology companies set up research and development centers in our district, and both of the city’s two Nobel Prize scientist laboratories settled down in our district, placing Nanshan in a favorable position in the new round of innovation-driven development. High-end talents came in a continuous stream. We vigorously implemented the “Leading 2020 Talent Development Plan” to comprehensively optimize the regional talent ecological environment and assemble persons of outstanding abilities in the world. All the city’s 6 newly introduced full-time academicians settled in Nanshan; we recruited another 40 “Thousand Talents Program” talents and 447 “Peacock Plan” talents; and we set up 8 provincial and municipal innovation teams, further consolidating our talent advantage.

Great urban governance efforts. Adhering to a highly responsible attitude for the city’s long-term development, we took advantage of the fourth round development and revision of the city’s urban master planning to promote the overall integration of Nanshan into Shenzhen metropolis core circle and further upgrade the district’s positioning. The north area shifted to high gear and developed with every passing day. We vigorously implemented the three-year action plan for the coordinated development of north area. We invested a financial fund of 3.9 billion yuan, leveraged a social capital of 10.6 billion yuan, and cumulatively launched 52 construction projects. We approved the key urban renewal unit project for the Xili central area and signed a contract with the Overseas Chinese Town Holding Company concerning the overall protection and operation of three water source villages, getting the north area into the fast lane of development. Transportation saw unprecedented improvement. The Xili Railway Station was upgraded to a high-speed railway station and was identified as a hub railway station in the national railway layout program, marking Nanshan’s integration into China’s “eight horizontal and eight vertical” high-speed railway network. Metro Lines 12 and 13 were preliminarily brought into Phase IV plan, Metro Line 5’s south extension line and Metro Line 9’s west extension line began to be constructed, and Metro Lines 7, 9, and 11 went into operation, twice densifying the rail transit network. We built 24 new roads, broke through 5 dead end roads, and increased the road mileage by 37 kilometers. We launched Shahe West Road speedup transformation project earlier than scheduled. And we achieved initial results in the projects aimed at easing traffic congestion in High-Tech District and Shenzhen Bay Port. We set up 381 public bicycle service points and provided 12,600 public bicycles so that green transportation has become a new fashion. Space expansion ushered in a high tide. We vigorously took ten special actions to “expand space and ensure development” and created a new model of land readjustment. We smoothly, harmoniously, and quickly completed the land readjustment for an area of 1.2 square kilometers in Baishiling, marking the prelude for the expansion of the University City. We forcefully carried out land readjustment for key plots including Xili Lake Resort, Dongjiaotou oil and gas depot, Shibilong, and Weixia, readjusting and releasing 132 hectares of land last year. We implemented 15 urban renewal projects such as the Hualian B Block renewal project. We eliminated 734,000 square meters of unruly buildings so that “no illegal buildings were increased and existing illegal buildings were reduced.” Effective safety measures were taken in the district. We took forceful actions and overcame great difficulties to successfully tackle the tough issues concerning the safety risks at Taizi Mountain Farmers’ Market, Nanyou Hotel, and other places. We achieved phased results in “banning and limiting motorcycles and electric bicycles,” addressing safety problems at construction sites, and renovating Lyshows Garment Cultural Block, and our experience of investigating and treating “environment-friendly oil” (methanol fuel) was generalized throughout the city. We treated 47 dangerous side slopes, replaced 136 old elevators, and completed comprehensive fire protection transformation of 80 old residential quarters. We achieved zero casualties in coping with “Nida”, “Hippocampus,” and other strong typhoon attacks. We signed memorandums with Baoan and Longhua to achieve full coverage for the management of “mosaic parcels.” The social order was stable and orderly. “Eight categories of cases,” “two kinds of robberies” and “two kinds of thefts” decreased by 20 percent, 16.7 percent, and 11.7 percent, respectively. And our district ranked first in the city in public security performance assessment. We worked hard to build a green and livable ecological environment. We handled and concluded 17 cases assigned by the Central Environmental Protection Inspection Group up to high standards and high quality and earnestly solved a number of prominent environmental problems. Having won the support of 36 units along the Shenzhen Bay Coastal Recreational Greenbelt, we started construction on the 6.6-km west section and basically completed the construction of Section D. We built and transformed seven new parks, bringing the total to 122. Phase II of Shenzhen Bay Sewage Interception Project went into use. Houhai Central River was no longer a stinking black river, attracting a large number of rare migratory birds to winter in Shenzhen Bay. Our district registered an average PM2.5 concentration of 29 mg/m3, representing superior air quality. Posts of Shenzhen Blue and Nanshan Blue were often seen in people’s WeChat moments.

Fast-paced reform and opening-up. We vowed no stop in reform and opening up and continued to create new advantages of reform and opening up. The structural reform on the supply side made a strong beginning. We “replaced business tax with value-added tax,” adjusted “five insurances and housing fund,” and implemented other relevant policies and measures. We allocated special industrial development funds of 1.19 billion yuan and reduced the burden on enterprises by over 20 billion yuan. We distributed 2,215 apartments to excellent talents and allocated 0.33 billion yuan in housing subsidies for highly skilled citizens to ease their housing difficulties. We incorporated a talent housing company and further improved the talent housing support mechanism. We carried out the comprehensive supply-side structural reform in infrastructure construction. Through China Merchants’ agent-construction of the west section of Shenzhen Bay Coastal Recreational Greenbelt, China Resources’ agent-construction of the Nanshan Hospital transformation and expansion project, and Vanke’s agent-construction of Nanshan Intelligence Industrial Park (Phase II), the infrastructure construction picked up speed and increased efficiency. The “delegation, supervision, and service” reform was carried forward. We took the initiative to undertake 86 duties delegated to our district by the municipal government. We optimized institutions, deployed right persons, and established sound mechanisms to properly exercise the power of review over all items that have been delegated to them by higher-level governments. We started to build Nanshan into an “Internet + government services” demonstration district. With the new administrative service hall officially opened, review items and approval time were substantially reduced. We strengthened the top-down enterprise service design and established the district business service center, the key public construction project management office, and the financial office, so that large, medium, small, and micro enterprises could find the competent government departments. In-depth exploration of the pattern of opening up. We took the initiative to integrate into the “Belt and Road” national strategy and gave full support to the development and opening up the Qianhai-Shekou Free Trade Zone. Taizi Bay Cruise Home Port opened eight international lines and was approved as the first national cruise tourism development experimental zone in southern China, enabling Shenzhen people to easily embark on a world tour from their own city. We introduced a number of supply chain enterprises. China Resources EWJ Shop, China Merchants Free Trade Mall, and more than 10 other cross-border e-commerce experience shops were opened. We achieved total imports and exports of 36.6 billion US dollars, of which general trade accounted for 60 percent, higher than the city average by 15 percent. The west port area achieved a container throughput of 12.7 million TEUs, accounting for half of the city’s total. Accurate and efficient cooperation with oriented areas. We conscientiously implemented the central, provincial, and municipal decisions and arrangements. Our poverty alleviation for Lianping County, Heyuan City was set up as an example in province; “Nanshan Expressway” was opened to traffic; Nanshan Demonstration Park Phase I Project in Ji’an, Jiangxi was put into use; Tibet Chayu OCT Project completed the preliminary site selection; Shuangyashan Ice Sports Center in Heilongjiang Province became the first Shenzhen-Shuangyashan cooperation project to go into use; the poverty relief project in Weining County, Guizhou Province was successfully completed; our poverty relief work in Lianping County, Heyuan City was recognized as an example for the province; and the “Nanshan Expressway” was opened to traffic.

Large investment in people’s livelihood projects. We continued to increase investment in people’s livelihood and turn development dividend into actual people’s livelihood benefits. Our nine categories of expenditures on people’s livelihood amounted to 18.86 billion yuan. We accomplished 20 major practical things related to people’s livelihood. We allocated 100 million yuan to accomplish more than 1,200 minor practical things related to people’s livelihood and a large number of small things, urgent things, and difficult things in the residents’ daily life according to their requirements. High-quality and well-balanced education. We built and expanded 10 primary and secondary schools, the school in Shenyun Village was put into use, Dalton Xinhua School began to enroll students, and the new campus of International School of Nanshan was completed, increasing 3,900 desks for the compulsory education stage. We built 25 new inclusive kindergartens, providing 2,700 seats. We explored innovative education models, and collaborated with Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Cornerstone Education Innovation Foundation in building a number of new famous schools. The schools in north area and south area joined hands so that high-quality education resources began to flow to north. In College Entrance Examinations, our district achieved a key university admission rate of 37.5 percent, ranking first in the city. Dalton Xinhua School began to recruit students. The new campus of Nanshan International School was completed and put into use. Medical and healthcare construction in full swing. Nanshan People’s Hospital became the first to pass the Class 3A hospital “new national standard” review in the city and started its transformation and expansion project. Upon completion, it is expected to provide more than 2,500 beds. And it is a people’s livelihood project with the largest investment in 26 years in the district. We arrived at the intent for cooperation with the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine to jointly build Nanshan Chinese Medicine Hospital up to a high standard.We vigorously implemented the “three-famous project” and newly established two famous doctor clinical centers and 15 high-level medical teams. Colorful cultural undertakings. We started to construct Xili, Shekou, and Yuehai cultural and sports centers and completed the construction of Taoyuan Cultural Center. We hosted China’s First National Cup E-Sports Competition, Shenzhen Nanshan Half Marathon, Nanshan Popular Music Festival, and other events are increasingly influential and have become the cultural and sports carnivals of residents. Our district stood out in competitive sports and won the first place in the Ninth Shenzhen Games in terms of group total points. Gugong Institute joined hands with Artron in establishing a campus in Shenzhen. The Palace Museum Southern Special Exhibition Hall was set up in Nanshan. Nantou-Chiwan Silk Road historical and cultural heritage was included in “Ten Maritime Silk Road Geographical Coordinates of Guangdong Province.” Accelerated transformation of collective economy. We allocated common prosperity capital of more than 47 million yuan; the “Collective Economy Sunshine 365 Platform” went online; Yuyi Village’s ocean-going fishing boat set sail; the first large urban complex in north area -- Zhongguan Times Square – was officially topped out. Steadily rising social welfare level. We organized 90 public welfare job fairs for free, providing jobs for more than 6,200 unemployed registered residents of our district and dynamically eliminating “zero employment families.” We held a summer camp for the children of migrant workers in Shenzhen, organized more than 200 sessions of “School of Youth,” and our district was recognized as a “National Demonstration District for Implementing the Programs for the Development of Work Concerning Chinese Women and Children.” Phase II of the Social Welfare Center went into operation. Two day care centers and five canteens for the elderly were newly built. People’s well-being continued to improve thanks to these efforts.

In the past year, we strove to build an accountable, law-based, coordinated, smart, and clean government. We thoroughly implemented the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, resolutely committed ourselves to the requirements of comprehensively governing the party in a stricter manner, solidly carried out “Two Studies, One Action,” and strictly abode by the CPC Central Committee’s eight-point decision on improving Party and government conduct, worked tirelessly to oppose formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance, and effectively regulated the office space and bus management. We conscientiously implemented the resolutions and decisions of the District People's Congress, and regularly reported our work to the Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress and the District Political Consultative Conference. We implemented 189 proposals by the deputies of the Municipal and District People’s Congresses and 147 proposals by the members of the District Political Consultative Conference. We strengthened performance-based management and continued to improve government performance. We enhanced business accounting and auditing supervision and cut 400 million yuan upon examination. We maintained a tough stance on corruption and earnestly administered the government in a strict and honest manner. In addition, we made new achievements in the work concerning ethnic and religious affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, Taiwan affairs, people’s armed forces, federations of industry and commerce, statistics, disabled persons' federations, and so on.

Fellow Deputies, Nanshan advanced triumphantly and brilliantly in the past year. Holders of public office were filled with enthusiasm and worked hard and practically; entrepreneurs and millions of employees seized the opportunity and worked together to break new ground; two million residents harvested happiness and felt proud. Today’s Nanshan is praised as China’s Silicon Valley and a famous urban district in Shenzhen Bay! We have made these achievements thanks to the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, thanks to the efforts of all the people in the district, and thanks to the strong support of the deputies of the District People’s Congress, the members of the District People’s Political Consultative Conference, and personage of various circles. Here, on behalf of Nanshan District People’s Government, I would like to extend my lofty respect and heartfelt thanks to the people of the district, deputies of the District People's Congress, members of the District People’s Political Consultative Conference, democratic parties, federations of industry and commerce, public figures without party affiliation, people’s organizations and individuals of new social classes, all units, PLA troops, armed police, and people from all circles of society who care about and support the development of Nanshan District.

At the same time, we are keenly aware that Nanshan is still confronted with some problems in pursuing rapid development. First, the regional competition is increasingly fierce and the fight for production factors among different places has significantly intensified. Our competitors are drawing closer and closer. Nanshan is faced with tighter constraints of land resources, higher labor costs, greater productivity transfer pressure. We have not yet completed the shift between old and new driving forces for development. Therefore, it will take greater efforts to maintain our leading edge in development. Second, there are some areas of the people’s livelihood short-board, medical, sports, pension and other resources is relatively lack of basic education quality degree needs to be increased, some sections, traffic congestion is still relatively serious. Third, the high-speed flows of people, goods, capitals, and information are posing great challenges for road traffic, municipal facilities, environmental governance, and public security. We need to ensure higher refinement, greater specialization, and more intelligence in urban management and governance. Fourth, a small number of holders of public office lack the motivation for reform and innovation and the passion to conduct their work. They hold on to conservative ideas, and their abilities to solve problems and promote development remain to be strengthened. They still fall short of the requirements to build our district into a world-class innovation-oriented coastal central urban district. Fifth, some government bodies have not well transformed their functions and work styles and lack strong service awareness; our measures are not precise and efficient enough; our ways of working cannot keep pace with the Internet age; we still have a long way to go before we can build a service-oriented government. We will take effective measures to solve these problems.

To Build Nanshan into a World-class Innovation-oriented Coastal Urban District

Looking to the future, the municipal party committee and the municipal government seize the new opportunities of the reform era, the innovation era, and the quality era with a strong sense of responsibility and a strategic vision. Inscribing Shenzhen quality on the banner of the SAR’s development, they surely will lead Shenzhen to create more miracles and greater glories. In order to improve the quality of urban development, the district party committee has set up the ambitious target to build Nanshan into a world-class innovation-oriented coastal central urban district. This will be Nanshan practice of Shenzhen quality. The Third Plenary Session of the Seventh District Party Committee defined this year as “the Year of Overcoming Difficulties and Implementing Projects” and pointed out that we should pool resources to fight ten tough battles, bravely stand in the tide of reform, lead innovation, and define new quality benchmarks. In the process of building Nanshan into a world-class innovation-oriented coastal central urban are, the district government will follow the requirements and deployment of the municipal party committee, the municipal government, and the district party committee to firmly establish a strong sense of quality, guide the direction and lead the development with Shenzhen quality. We will forge ahead step by step and make progress year by year, so that quality becomes Nanshan’s most remarkable and most distinctive feature and advantage. Specifically, we will proceed with five dimensions.

To establish a world-class standard system. Standards determine quality and only high standards can bring high quality. We must accelerate the construction of a world-class standard system and foster a ubiquitous standard awareness to build our district into a world-class innovation-oriented coastal central urban district. We must firmly establish a leading awareness and a benchmarking awareness and vigorously carry forward the spirit of excellence, so that premium quality awareness and craftsmanship spirit become a habit, a philosophy, and a pursuit of Nanshan people. We must further apply Shenzhen standard to all areas and the whole process of Nanshan’s social and economic development, and lift our economic, social, cultural, ecological, government service, and other standards, so that all walks of life in our district shift from standard followers to innovators and leaders and jointly build the heights of standards. By leading the development of standards, we can win the initiative in competition. In the future, Nanshan standards should be positioned as domestic-leading and world-class and Nanshan should strive to become synonymous with high quality, high caliber, and high value.

To take targeted steps in reform. In the structural reform on the supply side, the key is to enhance the quality of supply and the fundamental way is to deepen reform. Nanshan is an urban district that was born in reform and has grown in reform. Through Shekou’s development, Nanshan established itself as a pioneer in reform and achieved its competitive edge in the past 30 years. Nanshan has developed and grown strong because of reform. We should carry forward the spirit of daring to be the first, maintain a high, vibrant spirit, firmly grasp the main line of supply-side structural reform, identify key areas and weak links, and focus on reducing costs and bolstering weak spots. We should vigorously transform government functions, delegate government power to optimize the supply environment, stimulate internal impetus to economic and social development, and act as the vanguard in the supply-side structural reform.

To adopt a global vision in opening up. Our attitude determines our altitude and achievements. Nanshan is located at the golden estuary in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Big Bay Area and is a bright pearl on the crown of the Pearl River Delta city cluster. So far, the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Big Bay Area has been officially incorporated into the national “13th Five-Year Plan,” providing a major strategic opportunity for Nanshan’s to win the initiative in the global coordinate system. We must bear in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping’s call to “unswervingly adhere to the path of opening up”, seize the golden window period in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Big Bay Area, and seek concerted rather than fragmented development. We should think about Nanshan, plan for Nanshan, and develop Nanshan in the whole picture. We should embrace the world with a more open attitude, seek development with a broader horizon, and take more proactive steps to allocate global resources. We should rise to the midrange and high end of global industrial chain, innovation chain, and value chain and become the vanguard of Shenzhen to participate in international competition.

To develop on “double wheels.” Shenzhen leads innovation in China and Nanshan leads innovation in Shenzhen. Scientific and technologic innovation is a synonym of Shenzhen quality, a “gold-lettered signboard” of Nanshan, and the core competitiveness in Nanshan’s development. Currently, the state has endowed Shenzhen with the historical task of building itself into a scientific and technological industry innovation center. Nanshan, as a cluster area of science and technology, education, talents, and high-tech industries, represents a collection of the most advanced production factors. We should assume our duty and mission as the main force, strive for greater breakthroughs in source innovation, original innovation, and open innovation, and secure greater advantages in industrial innovation. At the same time, we should comply with the law of development of central urban districts, strengthen industrial planning and supervision, and vigorously develop the modern service industry represented by the headquarters economy. We should make the industrial headquarters economy solid and strong, attract and retain headquarters of high-tech enterprises, assemble high-end resources from all over the world, and enhance Nanshan’s radiating capacity, influence, and competitiveness, so that the headquarters economy will become another “gold-lettered signboard” of Nanshan in addition to scientific and technological innovation.

To improve people’s livelihood. The fruits of development come from the people and must benefit the people. The protection and improvement of people’s livelihood has one starting point after another and knows no finishing line. Nanshan walks in the forefront of the country in terms of both economic development and people’s well-being. We will firmly establish the concept of people-centered development, and always be concerned about the people, love the people, and benefit the people. We will treat people’s voices as the first signal, consider people’s needs as the first choice, and strive to solve people’s most concerned, most direct, and most realistic problems. We will use our “diligence index” to improve people’s happiness index. We will continue to increase investment in people’s livelihood, strengthen coordination and planning of people’s livelihood undertakings, quickly strengthen points of weakness in meeting people’s basic needs for education, health care, recreation and sports, transportation, and so on. We will make forward-looking plans for major livelihood projects and use resources where they are needed most. We will do more to improve the lives of our people and address their concerns, so that our efforts to improve people’s livelihood are more heart-warming and people have a stronger sense of benefit in society.

Main Tasks for 2017

This year marks the fifth anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of Shenzhen and Nanshan. It is a crucial year for deepening the supply-side structural reform, “the Year of Enhancing City Quality” defined by the municipal party committee and the municipal government, and the first year for building Nanshan into “a world-class innovation-oriented coastal central urban district.” The overall requirements for the district government’s work this year are as follows: We should rally closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, follow the central, provincial, and municipal governments’ requirements and deployment, adhere to the general principle of seeking progress while keeping performance stable, grasp the main line of the supply-side structural reform, focus on “Shenzhen Quality and Shenzhen Standard” as the guideline, implement “the Year of Enhancing City Quality” as the starting point, speed up the construction of the core area of Shenzhen international scientific and technological and industrial innovation center, and strive to usher in a new phase of building our district into a world-class innovation-oriented coastal central urban district.

With all factors taken into consideration, we have set this year’s economic and social development targets as follows: We aim to achieve a local GDP growth rate of about 8.5 percent and increase fixed-asset investment by more than 20 percent to about 110 billion yuan. We are to increase taxes within the jurisdiction area by more than 10 percent and increase the budgetary revenue of public finance by more than 5.8 percent. For per 10,000 yuan of GDP, we are to reduce energy consumption as required by the municipal government and reduce water consumption by about 2 percent. We will give priority to the following eight tasks:

I. To accelerate the development and construction of six key sub-districts and upgrade the quality of economic development

To build a new regional growth pole. We will plan, construct, and operate six key sub-districts according to world-class standards, build world-class urban complexes. These sub-districts will become a powerful carrier of regional competition and cooperation and a model of future cities. We will speed up land transfer and project construction, and the six key sub-districts will complete fixed-asset investment of more than 60 billion yuan. We will promote the construction of CITIC Financial Center, Hongshuwan Metro Station, and other projects, and accelerate the building of Shenzhen Bay International Headquarters Cluster. We will promote the construction of Vanke Cloud City, DJI Phase I, SEZ Construction and Development Group No. 1 Neighborhood, and other projects, and accelerate the building of Liuxiandong Headquarters Base for Strategic Emerging Industries. We will join hands with Shenzhen Investment Holding Corporation to intensify the transformation of High-Tech Industrial Park North Area and create a new generation international high-tech industrial park. We will practice the general operator model in Houhai Sub-district and build a high quality business environment to turn Houhai Sub-district into the first dynamic central sub-district.

To hold high the banner of headquarters economy. We will step up efforts to attract investment from all over the world. We welcome more Fortune 500 companies, large-scale central enterprises, and leading private enterprises to set up headquarters in Nanshan and expand the size and territory of headquarters economy. We will introduce sound policies and measures to develop headquarters economy, and support Tencent, ZTE, CIMC, and other local enterprises becoming bigger and stronger and being ranked among Fortune 500 companies. We will improve the industrial project selection mechanism to make sure that high-quality and high-end projects are chosen. We will introduce China Electron, Evergrande, and 16 other headquarter enterprises. We will help these enterprises secure the land in the same year, start construction in the same year, and achieve benefits in the same year. We will provide support for Legend International, China Merchants Bank, China Telling Communications, Hytera, and other headquarters projects to start construction and build Shenzhen Bay, Houhai, Shekou, and Qianhai into the Nantou Peninsula Rim Headquarters Economic Belt.

To enhance the development of financial industry. We will promote the development and construction of key projects such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shenzhen Branch, Sunshine Insurance, and Dacheng Fund projects, and introduce Shenzhen branches of China Zheshang Bank, Bank of Beijing, and Bank of Jiangsu, Renhe Property Insurance, and other financial institutions to our district so as to quickly improve the modern financial industry chain. The financial industries are set to increase about 16 percent, reaching 32 billion yuan. We will make full use of government space resources and turn China Resources City T2 and Huitong Building into featured financial buildings. We will take full advantage of the district industrial investment guidance fund to vigorously attract angel investment, VC, PE, and other institutions and build our district into a venture capital gathering area. We will regulate the Internet crowd funding, online lending platforms, and other financial formats to promote the healthy development of emerging financial formats. We will establish the city’s first scientific and technological financial leasing company and government financing guarantee institution, so as to consolidate our position as a strong district of scientific and technological finance and build the Shenzhen Bay Financial Center.

To promote the leapfrog development of modern service industry. We will formulate the development plan for the key sectors of modern service industry, promote the all-format development of key service sectors, and consolidate and enhance the core position of software and information services. We will speed up the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry, and promote the development of cross-border e-commerce, supply chain management, parallel imports of cars, and business formats. We will support the construction of patent standards, testing, inspection, and certification platforms, and other public service platforms. We will focus on developing technology services, creative design, modern logistics, and other productive services. We will encourage the development of accounting, auditing, legal, and other specialized professional services, and strive to introduce a number of professional firms well-known at home and abroad. We will foster and develop tourism, health, information, and other emerging consumptions, and accelerate the layout of happiness-oriented industries. We will work to get Raffles Plaza, China Resources Mix City, and other urban complexes put into use as soon as possible and speed up the building of Shenzhen Bay international business district.

II. To act as the main force in building Shenzhen into a scientific and technological industry innovation center, and establish a new benchmark for improving scientific and technological innovation quality

To enhance our capacity for original innovation. We will mobilize the whole district’s resources to facilitate the “double expansion” of University City and High-Tech District, and we will plan and build a high starting point and high-standard science and education city around the Xili Lake. We will accelerate the construction of Shenzhen campuses of a number of well-known colleges and universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, National University of Defense Technology, and Georgia Tech Tianjin University, in a bid to consolidate the position of Shenzhen as a higher education center in south China. We will support the expansion of Shenzhen Supercomputing Center, coordinate with Shenzhen City to set up national laboratories, and introduce four major basic research institutions on mathematics, quantum communication, digital life, and marine science to strengthen the fundamental support of innovation. We will encourage the development of Nobel Prize scientist laboratories, national, provincial, and municipal innovation carriers, and new research and development institutions, bring together enterprises, academia, and research institutes, and implement two to three major science and technology projects in graphene, micro-nano, and other fields, marching together towards new realms of innovation.

To gather global innovation energy. We will step up efforts in our opening up and innovation layout, promote the construction of the National (South) Technology Transfer Center, and build the Tsinghua International Technology Transfer Center, the SUSTech Nanshan Collaborative Innovation Center, and a number of other scientific and technological achievement commercialization platforms to introduce advanced technologies and commercialize scientific and technological deliverables in the global range. We will support Research Institute of Tsinghua University and Shenzhen Bay Technology Development Co., Ltd. setting up overseas innovation centers, so that Nanshan’s innovation “antennas” are connected with the forefront of world innovation. We will fully implement the “Leading 2020 Talent Development Plan.” We will build the International High-end Human Resources Services Industrial Park, work to introduce high-level innovation teams and leading talents at home and abroad, and incorporate more than 2,000 talents into the “Leading 2020 Talent Development Plan.” We will experiment with “interaction among university campuses, science and technology parks, and public communities” and launch two or three sample projects such as Taoyuan Intelligence Valley, so as to promote the in-depth integration of university campuses, science and technology parks, and public communities and stimulate the inspiration and vitality of urban innovation and development.

To lead mass innovation and entrepreneurship. We will accelerate the construction of the National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base, and help Shenzhen Bay Venture Plaza, and Nanshan Intelligence Industrial Park International Maker Center become the national benchmarks. We will set up a collaborative mechanism with China Merchants Group, China Telecom, Tsinghua University, and other mass innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration units to jointly build three or more technology platforms and share services. We will support the development of Tencent, IngDan, Shenzhen Valley Ventures, and other mass innovation spaces, and build four or more excellent space carriers. We will explore and set up overseas investment funds and mainly build three or more “Shenzhen Nanshan” mass innovation and entrepreneurship funds. We will expand the influence of “Entrepreneurship Star” Contest and other mass innovation and entrepreneurship service brands, and attract more talents, capitals, and projects to take root in Nanshan. We will improve the nursery-incubation-acceleration-industrialization chain, support the innovation and entrepreneurship of overseas returnee teams and resigned talents of large companies, expand the scope of services of the Nanshan International Students Innovation Station, and optimize the comprehensive innovation ecosystem, so that Nanshan will become a fertile ground for entrepreneurship as well as a paradise for makers.

To strengthen innovation-oriented industries. We will proactively plan and deploy forward-looking industrial technologies, and vigorously develop digital economy, sharing economy, and platform economy. We will consolidate the development advantages of strategic emerging industries and future industries, and take the initiative to industrialize cloud computing, big data, 5G communications, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies. We will work to develop the new generation information technology, the Internet and other technologies into 100-billion-yuan industrial clusters, and develop unmanned aerial vehicles, life and health, aviation and aerospace into 10-billion-yuan industrial clusters. We will implement the high-tech enterprise multiplying plan and set up about 600 new state-level high-tech enterprises. We will intensify efforts to research into the marine economy, formulate the strategic development planning, support leading enterprises integrating resources, and march towards the “new blue ocean” of marine economy. We will explore in the establishment of military-civilian integrated industrial investment funds, encourage enterprises and research institutions within the jurisdiction area to join in the integration of military and civilian sectors, and take the initiative to embrace the era of military-civilian integrated development.

III. To vigorously implement the supply-side structural reform and obtain new advantages in improving the quality of the supply system

To consolidate the foundation of the supply side. We will focus on the “main battlefield” of real economy and strive to reduce business costs for enterprises. We will allocate special industrial funds of 1.55 billion yuan and invest more resources in the real economy. We will encourage enterprises to increase industrial investment and technological innovation investment to enhance the industrial development potential. We will guide the industrial parks that are home to state-owned enterprises and joint-stock companies to enhance the function of accommodating advanced manufacturing, and provide space support for the development of high-end manufacturing, precision manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing. We will speed up the construction of Liuxiandong No. 6 Neighborhood, Chaguang Headquarters Park, Nanshan Intelligence Industrial Park (Phase II), and other major projects. We will provide more than two million square meters of supporting industrial space in the next three years to guarantee the space for high quality industrial projects. We will start one or  two shantytown transformation projects, construct 5,000 indemnificatory apartments, and provide highly skilled talents with 3,000 apartments and 400 million yuan in housing subsidies, so that talents can live and work in peace and happiness in Nanshan.

To increase high-quality supply. We will encourage enterprises to continue to take the lead in industrial transformation and upgrading and rise to the high end of industrial chain and value chain, so that the supply side will surpass the consumption side. We will fully implement the strategy of “making the district strong by quality” and help 100 SMEs in medical equipment, information software, and other industries implement excellent performance management. We will support Hytera and four other leading enterprises winning Governor Quality Awards and Mayor Quality Awards and establish new quality benchmarks. We will improve the brand incubation and cultivation mechanism, increase awards for China Famous Brands and Guangdong Province Famous Brands, add one or two China Famous Brands, and lead Shenzhen City in building the robot brand demonstration zone. We will deepen the construction of Nanshan’s good faith business alliance system and urge enterprises to operate honestly and lawfully. We will strengthen the protection and application of intellectual property rights, resolutely crack down on various kinds of infringements, promote the construction of South China Intellectual Property Rights Operation Center, and establish intellectual property registration, transaction, incubation and other service platforms in Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park, so as to create new supply and stimulate new demand with new technologies.

To release the new supply potential. We will make the most of the benefits of reform as the municipal government delegates powers to district governments. We will shorten the examination and approval chain, reduce institutional transaction costs, and stimulate the vitality of market entities. In order to build our district into a national “Internet + government services” demonstration district, we will delegate powers to the market, creating an enabling environment for enterprises, and provide more convenience for the people. We will set up administrative service terminals covering the whole district, so that public services are available anywhere in the city and even in residential quarters. In accordance with the principle of “the government guarantees basic needs and the market meets high-end needs,” we will enhance the reform of social programs, promote the reforms of public hospitals’ corporate governance structure and pluralistic cooperation in running schools, and encourage the participation of social capitals to enrich the supply of education, health care, culture, retirement, and other public services. We will continue to promote the supply-side structural reform of infrastructure, strengthen cooperation with large enterprises and large units, and attract high-quality professional resources to participate in urban infrastructure construction, so that the city will become more modern and people will enjoy a better life.

IV. To actively integrate into the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Big Bay Area and take new steps in improving the quality of opening up

To help Qianhai-Shekou become the gateway of the Big Bay Area. We will support construct Qianhai-Shekou into “three cities and one port,” accelerate transportation improvement, environmental governance, ecological restoration, and other work, and provide the best quality services for the free trade zone’s infrastructure and land development. We will promote the transformation and upgrading of the Qianhai Bay Bonded Port Area and increase international trade facilitation. We will support the development of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Fund Town, Youth Dream Factory, and International Young Maker Camp and deepen exchanges and cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions in Hong Kong to facilitate the construction of “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle.” We will expand the radiation effect of Taizi Bay Cruise Home Port and construct a high-end cruise industry ecosphere. We will support China Merchants in constructing a global port operations management center in the west port area, improve the international container liner route network, and build a world-class container hub port. We will make innovations in social management and services, and explore the new governance model that is in line with international standards and is compatible with the free trade zone. We will promote the joint development of Houhai, Shenzhen Bay, and other sub-districts with Qianhai-Shekou, and build the strategic high ground of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Big Bay Area.

To create an open and diverse international environment. We will support enterprises going out in big strides, deepen economic, trade, and investment cooperation with “Belt and Road” countries, carry out overseas mergers and acquisitions, and construct foreign cooperation parks. We will prepare to build a foreign cultural trade base and a film and television park and help organize the “Belt and Road” International Music Season and other large-scale events to add international cultural elements to our district. We will take advantage of new media to tell good stories of Nanshan, spread good voices of Nanshan, and build a good image of Nanshan to improve our district’s international visibility. We will support the development of international schools in our jurisdiction area, and formulate the evaluation criteria for the internationalization of education. We will cooperate with the School of Medicine of the University of Southern California and Pasteur Institute of France to march our medical services with international standards. In Shekou, Zhaoshang, and other sub-districts, we will speed up the construction of international exchanges service centers and service stations to provide international friends with caring services, so that foreign residents can be better integrated into Nanshan.

To explore the economic development hinterland for the Big Bay Area. We will deepen production capacity cooperation with the Pan-Pearl River Delta region and work to promote “headquarters + base”, “development + manufacturing,” and other spillover development models. We will promote the orderly transfer of production capacity through cooperation in projects and joint construction of industrial parks. We will work to get departments at higher levels to establish and improve the enterprise output value and tax sharing mechanism, and achieve a mutually beneficial and win-win situation in the development of “enclave economy.” We will earnestly carry out cooperation in poverty relief, offer poverty-stricken areas assistance through pairing programs, and allocate various poverty relief funds of 100 million yuan to ensure targeted and effective poverty alleviation. We will further join hands with Lianping of Heyuan, Baise of Guangxi, Ji’an of Jiangxi, Chayu of Tibet, Kashi of Xinjiang, and other poor areas in taking targeted measures to help people lift themselves out of poverty.

V. To vigorously tackle tough issues in urban management and governance and make new breakthroughs in improving the quality of urban development

To speed up the construction of a three-dimensional transportation system. We will fully implement the “Nanshan District Transportation Planning” and coordinate the high-speed rail, subway, and road transportation construction. We will facilitate the pre-planning of Xili High-Speed Railway Hub Station and drive the introduction of Jiangxi-Shenzhen Railway. We will accelerate the progress of Metro Line 5 South Extension and Metro Line 9 West Extension projects, start to construct Metro Lines 12 and 13, and facilitate the planning and research of Metro Line 15 and other metro lines. We will improve the traffic circulation in High-tech Industrial Park, Houhai Headquarters, Shenzhen Bay Port, and other key areas, and complete the preliminary work for the two-story pedestrian corridor connecting High-tech Industrial Park South Area with Houhai Sub-district. We will facilitate the speedup transformation of Shahe West Road, Guimiao Road, and other roads, begin to build Pingshan Second Road and 13 other roads, and five pedestrian overpasses in the Dutch Flower Town and other places. We will standardize and develop shared bicycles and plan to construct the slow traffic system so as to solve the “last-kilometer” problem in public transportation.

To expand the space for urban development. We will continue to implement the three-year action plan for the coordinated development of north area, and consider space expansion as the fundamental work in promoting the development of north area. We will improve the new land readjustment mechanism that relies on various streets and requires coordination of various departments, and fully implement land readjustment in Weixia, Shibilong, Xili Lake Resort, and other key land parcels to revitalize at least 100 hectares of land. We will strengthen cooperation with the Overseas Chinese Town Holding Company, implement the protective development of three water source villages, and support the transformation of Splendid China & China Folk Culture Village and other old scenic spots. In the model of “government leadership, market operation, coordination between different areas,” we will speed up the urban renovation of Xili central area, Shekou old town, five villages in Shahe Sub-district, Nanyou, and other key areas to supply 150,000 square meters of land. We will always maintain a tough stance on unruly buildings. We will demolish existing unruly buildings to control the increase of unruly buildings, and combine “dredging and blocking” to ensure “zero increment” of unruly buildings. We will demolish at least 930,000 square meters of unruly buildings, which will be twice the total area of unruly buildings demolished in 2016, so as to lay a solid foundation for breaking the bottleneck of space.

To improve water environment and water quality. We will fully complete the regulation of the Shenzhen Bay sewage outfall, improve the “river chief system,” and speed up the governance of black, stinking waters so that the Guimiao Canal, the Chanwan Canal, and the Shuangjie River will cease to be black and stinking. We will implement comprehensive governance of the three feeding tributaries of Xili Reservoir to guarantee a safe water supply for the city. We will upgrade Nanshan and Shekou sewage treatment plants, and speed up the construction of Nanshan-Qianhai Deep Drainage Tunnel and Nanshan Water Plant Expansion Project to improve the urban water supply and drainage capacity. We will complete the transformation of rainwater and sewage diversion in 100 residential quarters, and fully implement the drainage standard in 120 residential quarters. We will actively promote the sponge city construction, and gradually improve the flood control and drainage capacity so that the city will be more “flexible” in storms.

To make Nanshan more beautiful. We will strengthen the green development concept and accelerate the building of the National Ecological Civilization Demonstration Area. The west section of Shenzhen Bay Coastal Recreational Greenbelt will be completed and opened to the public before October 1, 2017 to present a beautiful coastal landscape. We will complete the construction of the Talent Park, facilitate the Big Nanshan Park Upgrading Project and the Dashahe Ecological Corridor Project, start to construct the Jigong Mountain Park and the Shekou Mountain Park, and build nine flower streets and five community parks. We will improve the fine management of urban environment, fully implement the waste reduction and classification standard in 90 residential quarters, reduce construction waste from the source and strengthen its comprehensive utilization, and increase green buildings by 7 million square meters. We will work to accelerate the main works of the Mawan Urban Energy Ecology Park Phase II and build first-class environmental infrastructure facilities.

VI. To firmly establish bottom-line thinking and risk awareness and make new achievements in improving the quality of safe development

To strengthen the supervision of workplace safety. We will strictly implement enterprises’ primary responsibility for workplace safety, government departments’ supervision responsibility, and sub-districts’ bottom-line responsibility. We will strengthen the supervision and management of hazardous chemical enterprises and other industrial and mining business enterprises. We will purchase services and hire professional safety organizations for third-party assessment to ensure that professional jobs are done by specialized persons. We will basically complete the Nanshan Safety Education Experience Center, enhance the training of safety management personnel in construction, transportation, and other industries, as well as grassroots practitioners, and provide various safety training programs of more than 150,000 person-times. We will strengthen the construction of fire stations and specialized fire-fighting teams, work hard to carry out safety supervision of “rooms in room” and “three types of narrow space places” to resolutely prevent serious and major accidents. We will remove the oil and gas tanks in Dongjiaotou and improve the overall condition of Mawan area, Nanmao Market, Lyshows Garment Cultural Block, and other key areas. We will improve the overall fire protection condition in 40 old residential quarters, replace 100 old elevators, and transform the gas pipelines in 20 food streets to provide greater safety for urban development.

To consolidate public safety infrastructure. We will improve the overall condition of law and order, ensure local safety, and strive to make Nanshan a safer place. We will improve the linkage mechanism for fighting against terrorism and handling emergencies to prevent violent and terrorist incidents and personal extreme events. We will build a high-level emergency command center and an integrated command platform in our district, strengthen the construction of special emergency command posts, and explore the construction of a professional emergency volunteer service network. We will accelerate the construction of a multi-dimensional and information-based system for crime prevention and control. We will increase 1,500 high-definition surveillance cameras and install 3,000 face recognition systems. We will strength our capacity to protect cyber and information security and crack down on network telecom fraud. We will improve food and drug testing capacity and increase testing frequency to protect food and drug safety.

To ensure social harmony and stability. We will carry out innovation of social governance and strengthen the team of community grid members to improve the grid service management. We will take the initiative to extend the Nanshan Petition Network to communities to broaden the public opinion channel. We will make sure that government departments solve petition cases, and sub-districts maintain local stability and coordinate in the solution of petition cases. We will work solidly to solve unsettled petition cases, curbing the increase of petition cases and reducing the number of existing petition cases. We will establish people’s mediation teams and mediation centers and build a harmonious society through people’s mediation. We will shift from passive mediation to active mediation and carry out preventive work in advance. We will develop a new social governance model and improve the mechanism for investigation, early warning, and handling of employer-employee disputes, doctor-patient disputes, environmental disputes, property disputes, and so on. We will work hard to eliminate unstable factors before they get worse, handle them in the initial stage, and resolve them at the grassroots level. We will work hard to settle minor disputes with communities and major disputes within sub-districts so that conflicts are not transferred to departments at higher levels.

VII. To increase investment in people’s livelihood and deliver new results in improving the quality of people’s wellbeing

To keep improving education quality. We will increase two or three high-quality education groups, and implement the educational innovation and development action plan in the north area to promote the cluster development of new and high-quality schools. In the principle of developing moderately in advance, we will build, transform, and expand 27 primary and secondary schools (including No. 3 Qianhai Primary School) up to high standards, and increase 7,000 desks for public compulsory education. We will complete the construction of Shenzhen Bay School and put it into use so that it will become a benchmark of future schools. We will help build Bolun Vocational School into a national vocational school and an education base of highly skilled talents. We will encourage the development of inclusive kindergartens and high-end private education and actively introduce various high-quality social resources to run schools. We will ensure that every school we set up is capable of providing excellent education. We will reinforce teaching staff construction and work to attract and retain outstanding teachers.

To improve medical services through multiple measures. We will introduce the health system talent identification and rewarding methods to intensify the talent guarantee. We will transform and expand Nanshan Hospital up to high standards, speed up the construction of Nanshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Taizi Bay International Hospital, and complete the construction of Shenzhen University Affiliated Hospital and Sun Yat-sen Cardiovascular Hospital to improve the layout of our health care infrastructure. We will fully implement the “three-famous project” to constantly improve our medical service capacity and level. We will vigorously promote contracted family doctor services and increase 120,000 contracted residents. We will improve the system of tiered medical services, accelerate the construction of smart health care, upgrade community health service centers in terms of both “software and hardware,” and build 10 regional community health centers that will cover more than 2,000 square meters. With these efforts, we will enhance the communities’ medical service capacity and make medical services easily accessible to residents. We will increase 14 public health services and build Nanshan into a national demonstration area for comprehensively preventing and controlling chronic diseases, thus improving the level of health care in Nanshan.

To meet people’s cultural and sports needs. We will work to make the Shenzhen Opera House settle in our district, complete the main works of the Nanshan Culture Centre, and open the Nanshan Museum to the public. We will start to construct four cultural and sports centers in Xili, Shekou, Yuehai, and, OCT North. We will support the opening of Sea World Culture and Arts Center as well as OCT Group in constructing the Shenzhen OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, so that cultural and sports establishments are everywhere in Nanshan. We will foster and introduce rowing races, cycling races, and a number of other brand events that are in line with our district’s characteristics, and host the National Cup E-Sports Competition, the National Sports Dance Finals, the Shenzhen International Design Week, Shenzhen Nanshan Half Marathon, and other high-end cultural and sports events to meet the growing cultural and sports needs of the residents. We will take advantage of the Seventh “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biennale” to better protect and utilize the Nantou Ancient City, refresh past memories, and demonstrate its charm.

To develop social undertakings in a larger scope and with higher quality. We will follow people’s will and listen to people’s voices. We will allocate 19.3 billion yuan to cover nine categories of people’s livelihood expenditures. And we will do 20 major practical things related to people’s livelihood and more than 1,000 minor practical things related to people’s livelihood. We will organize 60-plus public welfare job fairs for free, providing jobs for more than 6,000 unemployed registered residents of our district and dynamically eliminating “zero employment families.” We will prepare to build the Welfare Center Phase III to increase the supply of nursing home beds. We will encourage social capitals to participate in old-age services and vigorously foster the old-age industry. We will promote the development of social service institutions, and introduce more favorable social policies to help the disabled and support the disadvantaged, so that the development can actually improve people’s wellbeing.

VIII. To resolutely implement the requirements of comprehensively governing the party in a stricter manner and build a new brand in improving the quality of government services

To deliver excellent government services in a host and diligent manner. We will firmly establish “four awarenesses.” In particular, we will follow the CPC as the core of the Chinese leadership and act consistently with CPC Central Committee policy. We will implement the requirements of comprehensively governing the party in a stricter manner in all aspects of government work. The district party committee will take the lead to strictly implement the guidelines on inner-party political life and the CPC regulations for internal supervision, so as to improve party conduct and government integrity in accordance with higher standards within the district government. We will further improve the supervision and management mechanism in industrial capital allocation, government property management, project bidding and tendering, and other aspects to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. We will carry out targeted campaigns against corruption in schools, hospitals, and collective economic organizations. We will resolutely investigate and punish “four bad conducts” (formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance) and corruption that infringe upon the interests of the masses, always exercise power honestly and for the people, and really use the powers delegated to the district to promote development, benefit the people, and improve government services.

To deliver excellent government services in accordance with laws. We will work to bring all government work in line with the rule of law, actively accept oversight by the district people’s congress and its standing committee as well as the democratic oversight of the district people's political consultative conference, always report to the district people's congress, notify the district people’s political consultative conference, and consult with democratic parties on major issues, and achieve high-quality implementation of the proposals of deputies and members. We will strengthen communication with deputies and members to eliminate blind spots on our horizon and bolster weak spots in our work. We will support the development of new think tanks, enable “foreign intelligence” and (native) intellectuals to play a supporting role, improve the government decision-making consultation and demonstration system, and raise the level of scientific and democratic decision-making according to law. We should want to act and should not be afraid to act. We will improve incentive mechanisms and the mechanisms to allow for mistakes, supporting and motivating those who are committed to carrying out reforms, and encouraging holders of public office to serve for development whole-heartedly and with due diligence. We will reward strong performers and punish weak performers, reward the diligent and punish the lazy. We will establish an integrated supervision and evaluation mechanism, and strengthen the rigid constraints of supervision, inspection, and performance appraisal to ensure that government decrees and directives are carried out, decisions are implemented, thus improving government execution and credibility.

To deliver excellent government services by working solidly for the people. We will bear in mind the tenet of serving the people, go deep among the masses and go to the grassroots, listen to public opinion, follow people’s will, and resolve people’s concerns, treat the people’s affairs as our own affairs, and sincerely serve the people. We will introduce the SME service action plan, broaden the “green passage,” and make services more available. We will support and guide industry associations, industrial park management and operation agencies, and other social forces in participating in business services so as to build a complete service chain. We will give full play to sub-districts’ advantages in localized management and comprehensive services. We will expand the service radius so that we can perceive enterprises’ difficulties and respond to their needs in a timely manner. We will assign district leaders to specific enterprises to dynamically grasp enterprises’ needs and coordinate the resolution of specific issues, so that enterprises can enjoy a favorable business environment. With these efforts, we hope that Nanshan will become a cradle and home port of enterprises where they can grow strong before setting sail.

Fellow Deputies, the hot land of Nanshan is full of vitality, full of wonder, and full of hope! To build our district into a world-class innovation-oriented central urban district is a common cause and a common dream of two million Nanshan people, as well as the core task of the whole district. The grand blueprint is beckoning us, the lofty mission is inspiring us, and the historic task is resting on our shoulders. We will cherish the opportunity and the stage that the times have given us; we will cherish the trust and expectations of Nanshan people; we will keep in mind our mission, bravely forge ahead, work hard and solidly, pursue our dream with passion, be united as one, and make further progress. We firmly believe that with the strong support of all deputies and members, with the concerted efforts of enterprises and Nanshan people, with the high consciousness of holders of public office, Nanshan will certainly enjoy a future that is promising, bright, colorful, and splendid!

Fellow Deputies, success only favors those who boldly forge ahead. Let us rally closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, follow the correct leadership of the municipal party committee, the municipal government, and the district committee, rely fully on Nanshan people, work diligently and race against time, remain mobilized for brand new endeavors, spare no effort to build our district into a world-class innovation-oriented central urban district, and greet the 19th National Party Congress and the 12th Provincial Party Congress with outstanding achievements!