Work Report
Government Work Report 2016(the Seventh Nanshan District People’s Congress)
Date: 2016-10-24

Government Work Report

Delivered at the First Session of the Seventh Nanshan District People’s Congress of Shenzhen City on October 17th, 2016

District Mayor Wang Qiang

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of the Nanshan District People’s Government, I will now report the work of the Government for your deliberation and approval. I warmly invite comments on this report from members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other attendees.

I. Review of Work in the Last Five Years

In the last five years, based on the 26 session of the World University Games, under the proper leadership of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the Municipal Government and the CPC Nanshan District Committee, and the supervision and support of the Nanshan District People's Congress and Nanshan District Committee of the CPPCC, we earnestly implemented "the Five Development Concept", and the work of 'ensuring steady growth while moving forward with reform and structural adjustment to benefit the people and reduce risks' won a commendation from the State Council. Significant achievements have been made in the building of an international coastal urban district which is livable and suitable for work. We have fulfilled the main targets and tasks determined at the First Session of the Sixth Nanshan District People’s Congress.

(1) Adhere to innovation development and among the top three cities in China in terms of comprehensive strength

In the past five years, we adhered to an economy driven by quality and innovation, and actively adapted ourselves to and guide the new normal in China's economic development. We pushed ahead quality, stable and sustainable all-round development.

GDP doubled. We adhered to fast, stable and good development. The local GDP ranked NO.1 among districts (counties) in the whole province, and No. 3 in the whole country from No. 2 in the city, representing an average annual growth of 10.7%. It reached 371.5 billion yuan in 2015, or 1.9 times of the GDP of five years ago. District tax revenue amounted to 71.8 billion yuan, or 2.2 times of that of five years ago. Finance revenue amounted to 14.5 billion yuan, representing an increase of 9.87 billion yuan over that of five years ago. Fixed asset investment amounted to 63.4 billion yuan, or 2.2 times of that of five years ago. The total retail sales of social consumer goods, and import and export went up to 67.1 billion yuan and 39.5 billion yuan, showing a growth of 75% and 60% from that of five years ago respectively. The per capita GDP reached 49,000 US dollar, close to the level of the world's developed countries. Up to now, the total number of listed companies has increased by 34 to 119, ranking No. 2 among districts (counties) in the whole country.

Technology innovation got national attention. We adhered to innovation as the major driver of development. In 2015, the R&D investment of the whole of society accounted for 5.8% of the GDP. The contribution rate of scientific and technological progress reached 75%. The number of invention patents per 10,000 persons was 280, ranking the first among districts (counties) of the whole country. Up to now, the number of PCT international patent applications has accounted for 28% of the total number of the whole country. The number of national high-tech enterprises, and innovation enterprises increased to 1641 and 785 respectively. The number of people of the 'Thousand Talents Plan', and the 'Peacock Plan' amounted to 168 and 1,132, respectively, and the number of overseas high level innovation and entrepreneurship teams amounted to 62, accounting for more than 70% of the total number of the city. Southern University of Science and Technology was established and put into operation. Xili Campus of Shenzhen University will complete construction and be handed over. Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Branch is recruiting students for undergraduate programs. Peking University (Shenzhen), Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Campus, and National Technology Transfer South Center have been established in Nanshan. As a result, Nanshan's basic innovation ability has been greatly enhanced. The Provincial Technology Innovation Conference conducted a survey of our district, which obtained a special award of Scientific and Technological Prize of Guangdong Province. The district's incubation and innovation ability ranked No.1 in the world, becoming one of the first batch of "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" bases. The main venue of the 2016 National 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation' Week-long Activity was located in Nanshan.

Transfer and upgrade to facilitate development. We have constantly optimized industrial structure. The proportion of the third industry increased to 56% from 41% of five years ago. Advanced manufacturing accounted for 78.5% of the gross industrial output value of enterprises above designated size. The future oriented industries such as robot, smart devices and wearable devices developed rapidly. Added value of strategic emerging industries accounted for more than 60% of that of the GDP. We boast 123 advanced micro-segments. 24 of them are at the international leading level. The industries at the middle and high end of the value chain are increasing. We have 41 Chinese famous brands and 102 Guangdong famous brands, ranking No.1 in the whole city and becoming the demonstration area of famous brand of national mobile phone research and development, and manufacture industry. We upgraded 15 "one street, one park" projects. The total profit of 29 joint-stock companies multiplied.

New growth engines constantly emerged. We pushed ahead to include the positioning of the central urban area into the "13th Five Year Plan" of the city, implement it in the urban overall planning of Shenzhen City, and let it become the major development strategy of the whole city. We carried out comprehensive development of Nanshan, and the research on strategy of "four centers". We put much importance on the development of six districts including Qianhai, Shekou, Shenzhen Bay, Houhai, Liuxiandong, and the northern part of the Hi-tech district. More than 20 headquarters buildings were erected such as Tencent Building of Binhai, China Merchants Plaza, Space International, Rainbow, 3nod, and Belle. Smart Park Phase I, Kexing Technology Park, and Shenzhen Municipal Software Industrial Base were put into use. Chaguang Research and Development and Headquarters Park, Smart Park Phase II commenced construction, adding an area of 2,590,000 m2 to the innovation industry, accounting for half of the whole city. We facilitated the merge of university campus, technology parks and residential communities. Nanshan Cloud Valley became the template of the international knowledge innovation village.

(2) Stick to coordinated development, and made overall progress.

In the last five years, we pushed ahead the coordinated development of southern and northern areas, and put same importance on material civilization and spiritual civilization, and pushed ahead social construction and economic construction at the same time. The overall and balanced development was enhanced.

The development of northern area boomed. We facilitated the pace to solve the dispute over the historical abandoned land and prepared reservation and development plan for three villages at the source of water. The Likang Road was built and commenced operation, greatly improving the traffic environment of three villages at the source of water. We carried out three years plan of coordinated development of the northern area, and commenced the construction of 32 projects. We pushed ahead the expansion of the college town, completed land preparation in Baishiling with an area of 122 hectares. We launched urban upgrading of Xili Central District. Significant progress was made in the planning of High Speed Rail Station. The large scale construction and development of Northern area was unveiled.

Cultural construction achieved fruitful results. We enhanced spiritual civilization construction, with voluntary service, loving care action, and charity becoming common practices. Nanshan Culture and Sports Center finished construction and commenced operation. The market operation of Shenzhen Bay Sports Center generated good economic benefit. We also successfully held the half-marathon, community arts festival, Nanshan Pop Music Festival, International Mountain Film Festival and other activities. We carried out 26,000 mass recreational and sports activities, and held traditional festivals such as Kaiding festival and sister festival. We obtained good marks in competitive sports, by successively winning the first place of total score of two sessions of municipal sports games. The song "Flying Dreams" and animation series "Boonie Bears" won the Best Works Award by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC. Percussion music "City Rhythms" won "Galaxy Award" by the Ministry of Culture. The revenue and added value of the cultural industry increased by three times, accounting for more than one third of that of the whole city. Five national level industrial design centers of the whole city gathered in Nanshan, accounting for half of that of the whole province. Huaqiang Culture and the OCT Group were listed among the top 30 in the China culture industry.

Social governance was a highlight. We explored and promoted "One core and multiple elements" community governance model. We established the social construction service hall, and Shenzhen Bay "One platform and two centers", which won praises from the residents. We seriously carried out urban management and governance, and made some achievement in the special campaigns on dump trucks, surface collapse and dangerous slopes. We successfully eliminated major safety hazards such as Dong Jiao Tou Oil and Gas Reservoir, Dong Jiao Tou Illegal Sand Port, and Taizi Mountain Farmers' Market. We upgraded and transformed 147 outdated elevators, and completed pipeline gas renovations in 261 old residential districts. By effectively promoting the model of "team based lawyer", we effectively solved difficulties in law enforcement of city management. We handled petition cases in accordance with the law. The People's Voice WeChat Petition Platform was promoted by the State Bureau for Letters and Calls. We completed the legal popularization task of the 'Sixth Five Year Plan', and thereby won the title of National Governance under the Law Community Construction Demonstration Unit. We are the first district in the whole country to launch the safety index. "Eight categories of dangerous goods", "Two kinds of robbery" and "Two kinds of theft" decreased by 60%, 82% and 69% respectively. Peace and harmony became part of our high quality soft environment.

(III) Adhere to green development and build ecological and suitable residence

In the past five years, we consolidated the fruits of holding matches and University Student Games, and adhered to the development road of expanded production, material wealth and good ecological environment. The beautiful Nanshan showed a refresh look.

The unique characteristic of a city of parks. We constantly carried out afforestation five-year activity, and the year of park construction activity, by planting 1,800,000 trees and shrubs and building 205 kilometers of green lanes. We newly built 35 parks including Songpingshan Park. The total number of parks reached 121 and every 10,000 permanent residents owe a park. We pushed ahead the planning and construction of the Dasha River Ecological Corridor, and launched the renovation of Grand Nanshan Park at a high level. Through coordination, we overcame many difficulties and obtained supports from 36 units along the line. The western section of the Coastal Recreation Belt of Shenzhen Bay at a length of 6.6 kilometers commenced construction. It is expected to be opened to the public by the National Day in 2017.

The urban appearance changed rapidly. We carried out activities such as city appearance and environment "lining project", and "double drivers" of human settlement and urban management, and the construction of livable rented houses, and greatly improved the environment of urban villages, back streets, and old residential areas. We built some special cultural streets such as Holland Flower Town, Xili 366 Street, and Shekou Fishing Street. We carried out investigating violation campaign, and demolished illegal buildings with a floor area of 1,630,000 square meters. We implemented 23 urban renewal projects including Yuyi Village. The biggest urban village renovation project in the province―Dachong Community has finished renovation, and villagers returned to their new homes.

Significant progress was made in water treatment. We renovated more than 80 waterlogging areas such as Changlingpi Culvert and Xinwei Village, and basically eliminated the phenomenon of “watching sea in the city”. We did our best to protect the huge water tank for the people of the whole city. The Xili Reservoir Water Source Protection Area has been fenced and the quality of the source drinking water is 100% up to standard. We carried out Dasha River comprehensive treatment, completed outlet sewage interception along the whole river and greatly improved the water quality. We launched Nanshan and Shekou sewage treatment plants upgrade project. We finished reconstruction of 223 drainage pipe network of residential areas, and build 305 residential areas which can meet the drainage criteria. The Houhai Central River became the first river in the city to turn into a landscape river from a stinking black river. The contamination in the Shenzhen Bay Basin was effectively curbed. The OCT Wetland Park was built and opened to the public. People and nature coexisted in harmony.

Green welfare has been increasing. We adhered to the philosophy of using lesser energy and resources to achieve bigger development. Our energy consumption and water consumption per unit (10,000 yuan) of GDP decreased by 20% and 45% respectively. We phased out 900 low end enterprises. The engine units of the Mawan Power Plant completed denitration renovation. The emission reduction of ammoniacal nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and other major pollutants exceeded the target of "the twelfth five-year" plan. PM2.5 remained at superior grade level. The fine rate of air quality is increasing over years. The total floor area of green buildings reached 2 million square meters. We established 193 garbage reduction and classification demonstration units, while steadily pushing ahead the construction of the Mawan Unban Energy Ecological Park. We won the title of national ecological area and land resource economical and intensive use model county (city).

(4) Adhere to openness and development and international style became increasingly apparent

In the last five years, leveraging on the advantages of "Special district plus bay area plus free trade zone", and international and domestic resources and markets, we strived to turn Nanshan into an important portal of the maritime silk route in the 21st century.

Nanshan enterprises became leading players in the world. We encouraged enterprises to go out, exporting more technologies, management, services and brands. Large enterprises such as China Merchants, China Resources, ZTE, and CIMC expanded abroad. Industrial leading players such as Skyworth, Konka, Mindray, Hytera, Han's Laser, Tinno Mobile, and TP-Link gained more market shares in the international market. Young enterprises such as DJI, Appotronics, and Ubtech developed quickly and became promising start-ups. Artron, Huaqiang Culture, 7Road, GDC became national cultural export key enterprises, and made contribution for Chinese culture going global. New type research institutes such as Kuang-Chi Research Institute, and Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen established innovation platforms at abroad. Among top ten mature type and new type global companies, Nanshan has 8 and 7 companies respectively.

Free trade zone was robust. We support China Merchants to "rebuild new Shekou" with investment amounting to 60 billion yuan, with the aim to forge a world class peninsula bay. The Sea World Urban Complex was fully completed. The China's No.1 and world class Taizi Bay Cruise Home Base will embrace the maiden voyage. The headquarters of Apple South China was established in Shekou Internet Valley. China Merchants Free Trade Shopping Mall Cross Border City started E-commerce. 159 shipping lines of international liners of Western Shenzhen Port can reach to countries along "the Belt and Road". The container-handling capacity of Western Shenzhen Port accounted for 50% of the total capacity of the whole city, which was over 13 million standard cases. We pushed ahead the development and opening up of Qianhai. A batch of major basic infrastructure projects was undergone smoothly. Qianhai Hong Kong Commodity Center Phase I and Phase II opened successively.

International atmosphere was stronger. The 'Stars of Entrepreneurship' Contest went abroad and attracted more than 2,000 projects from 14 countries and regions. The UNESO Higher Education Innovation Center was established in Southern University of Science and Technology. Shenzhen Daltonxinhua School was established and opened. We hired expatriates to be vice presidents of public primary and middle schools, and hired 240 foreign teachers, and have established cooperation with 56 schools abroad. We established a medical center with University of Southern California UCLA Medical Center, and Raffles International Hospital plans to be built in Shekou. We optimized Chinese and English Bilingual Signs System in the urban area, and speeded up the construction of the international template block. About half of expatriates in the whole city live in Nanshan. We introduced more than 4,300 foreign investment projects. The Graphene Summit, the International Conference on Communications in China and other international meetings were successfully held in our district.

(5) Adhere to sharing and development and happiness of people's livelihood increased.

In the past five years, we insisted on turning dividends from the development to social welfare. We aggregately input 47.3 billion yuan into nine categories of social welfare field, accounting for 72.3% of the public finance budget of the district. We completed 213 major welfare projects and 1,200 micro welfare projects.

Transportation construction speeded up. We carried out research on transportation planning, implemented transportation construction grand campaign. The construction of the south extension of Line No. 5 and the west extension of Line No. 9 was commenced, and Lines No. 12, 13 and 15 were included in the subway phase IV plans. We built 73 new roads, 26 flyovers, and 46 public welfare parking lots. We launched the quick reconstruction of Shahe West Road and Guimiao Road. We speeded up blocking relieving projects and facilitated the efficiency of road traffic. We completed 10 unfinished roads. Especially, the completion of Wanghai Road solved transportation problems troubling residents that live in the Shekou Peninsula. We prepared 15,000 public bicycles, and build 420 stations for them. Low carbon transportation became a fashion.

High quality and balanced basic education. We built and expanded 26 primary and middle schools, increasing 14,000 new student seats. We implemented "cool classroom" project. 100,000 students have a comfortable studying environment. We allocated subsidies worth 350 million yuan to private schools and kindergartens, benefiting 60,000 teachers and students. We established schools in cooperation with Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology of Southern University of Science and Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences, offering more high quality student seats. Bolun vocational school was relocated and Shenzhen Nanshan Vocational Education Group was established. Entrance examination results for colleges and high schools were in the front rank of the whole city. Nanshan was recognized as the Basic Balanced Area of National Compulsory Education, and praised as National Experimental Zone for comprehensive reform of education.

Medical bottleneck was broken. We renovated and expanded 4 district hospitals and launched the planning and construction of Nanshan Chinese Medicine Hospital, relocated District Maternal and Child Care Service Centre. Nanshan People's Hospital became the first hospital that passed Third Grade Class A "New National Standard" Review. We established 81 community health centers, and 100 healthcare and medical institutions of different sorts at each level. Municipal University Hospital and Sun Yat-sen Cardiovascular Hospital” were established in Nanshan. We carried out "Triple Famous" project, and established the first famous doctor treatment center in the city. We established District Medical Big Data Center, and "See Doctor Easy" Mobile Service Platform. Residents now have better experience when seeing a doctor. Our public health undertaking advanced steadily. We successfully established National Chronic Disease Comprehensive Control Demonstration Area.

Social security was expanded and improved. We spent 700 million yuan and helped 44,000 people to find their jobs. The registered urban unemployment rate was 2.29%. We also saw the number of zero-employment families return to zero. We built 12,000 social security houses, and donated 460 million yuan in housing subsidies to skilled citizens. We established 9 Senior Citizen Day Care Centers. The Welfare Centre Phase II was put into operation. We established 58 enterprise employee canteens to relieve dining difficulties of nearly 300,000 people. We enhanced the "division of responsibility between households and individuals" poverty alleviation work. We received outstanding results in the relevant provincial inspections and assessments in the "division of responsibility between households and individuals" work in He Yuan. Achievement was made in poverty relieve in Weining, Guizhou, and district cooperation with Jian, Jiangxi. Market-oriented poverty relieve in Chayu, Xizang broke a new path.

In the past five years, we strived to transfer duties, and working style. We carried out the Party's mass route education practice activity, the education campaign of "Three stricts and three honests" and "Two learning and one action", and strictly implemented the CPC Central Committee's eight-point decision on improving Party and government conduct. "Three public" consumptions was greatly reduced, and government car reform was completed. We regularly reported our work to the Standing Committee of the Nanshan District People's Congress and the Nanshan District Committee of the CPPCC. We carried out the reporting of our work to the public by the head of every Government department. We also carried out 1,047 proposals from representatives of People's Congresses at the city and district levels, and 843 proposals from members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). We continued to reform the administrative approval system. The district level administrative approval matters were streamlined to 63 from 168. We pushed ahead the reform on substitute construction systems and tendering and bidding. Government investment and procurement was greatly improved. We implemented "One plus one plus N" enterprise service system and established the Enterprise Service Center. We actively established national "Internet plus government affairs service" demonstration area, formulated normative documents management method, and accelerated the construction of government by law. We enhanced administrative supervision and audit supervision, becoming the only district that won the honor of "Five consecutive excellence" in government performance. Nanshan was named the Provincial Military and Civilian Supporting Model District for the fifth consecutive year. In addition, we made new achievement in matters of national religion, affairs concerning nationals residing abroad, affairs concerning Taiwan residents, women and children, associations in industry and commerce, statistics, and disabled federation.

Fellow Deputies, in the past five years, Nanshan has made remarkable achievement. With passion and dreams, all people of the district worked arduously, turning Nanshan into a wonderful place with beautiful scenery and remarkable achievement. People enjoy success in both innovation and entrepreneurship, watching the hills and river sharing a scenic hue with the vast sky. Nanshan has become a center from a border, turning itself from an industrial area and technology park into the central urban area. Today's Nanshan has become a splendid miniature and sparkling star of Shenzhen. Such achievements are attributable to the proper leadership of the Municipal Committee, the municipal government and the District Committee, solid foundation laid by Nanshan people of several generations, hard work of the cadres and masses of the whole district, and great support from representatives of People's Congresses and members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) at the district level, and people from all circles of society. Here, on behalf of Nanshan District People’s Government, I would like to extend my lofty respect and heartfelt thanks to the people of the district, representatives of the People's Congress, members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), democratic parties, associations in industry and commerce, people's organizations, units, troops, armed police, people from all circles of society who care about and support the development of Nanshan District.

Although we have made some achievements, we should realize that many problems remain in the rapid development of Nanshan. First, operating cost of enterprises increased. Constrained by space resources, the cost of production factors such as land and labor force increased rapidly. Price and rental of office buildings and houses increased rapidly, which have adverse effect on the real economy. Some manufacturing industry faced mounting pressure to relocate production capacity, which poses threat to long term development. Second, public facilities related to transportation, medical care, endowment services, and culture and sports are insufficient. Three-dimensional transportation network has not taken shape. Railway infrastructure is underdeveloped. Some sections of the roads have heavy congestion. Microcirculation is not smooth. Non-motorized traffic is not connected. The number of beds in hospital per thousand permanent residents, and the number of doctors per thousand permanent residents are only 2.17 and 2.44 respectively, lower than the average level of the whole city. Caring facilities for seniors are inadequate. Per capita area of public culture and sports facilities is not up to the standard. Third, urban management tasks are formidable. Due to interest conflicts and complex procedures, some renovation projects make slow progress. The phenomenon of "dirty, noisy and disorder" still exists in old villages and towns. Basic facilities such as underground pipe network in some areas are ageing and inadequate. The time is short and tasks are onerous for eliminating existing illegal buildings. Safety supervision on construction sites and crowded places faces great pressure. Fourth, the advantage of backwardness of the northern area has not taken shape. Affected by ecological protection boundary and land problems left over from history, the development of the northern area faced bottlenecks in policy and transportation. Some areas are still developing disorderly. As the higher education base and ecological resource highland of the whole city, it has not given play to its full potential. Five, the government should enhance its construction. The construction of basic-level teams still does not meet the requirements of standardization, specialization and professionalization. A few public officials are comfortable with their achievement, and lack of momentum for reform and innovation. They have no passion in work. We should rectify the occurrence of "inaction and slow action", and stick to honest and diligent governance. In the face of these problems, as long as we find practical solutions and really deal with them, Nanshan will become better in the future.

II. Main Work in the Next Five Years

After the holding of the 18th CPC National Congress, General-Secretary Xi Jinping arrived at Nanshan, Shenzhen, as his first destination of inspection. He visited Qianhai and Tencent, and asked us to keep in mind our missions, to be responsible, dare to explore and innovate. Several days ago, the National 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation' Week-long Activity was held in Nanshan. Prime Minister Li Keqiang visited Nanshan again, and encouraged us to make more achievements. Nanshan has become a leading player at this age. Standing at the new historical point, Nanshan will move forward to the higher target courageously.

At the First Session of the Seventh Nanshan District People’s Congress, we aimed at the frontier of the world technology, proactively implemented the national strategy, took "innovation" as our core competitiveness, pursue to be a "world-class" district, and established the goal of "Becoming a world-class innovative coastal central urban area", and drew a blueprint of the building of a "world-class innovation capital, modern livable city, the bay of international charm." The meeting was held at the right time. It not only has significant meaning, but has profound influence. Everyone here is a master of Nanshan. We should take initiative to turn the District Committee's "blueprint" into "construction drawing". With the spirit of hard working, we should faithfully complete it. Empty talk will hamper the development of a country, while solid work will revitalize the country. Time will not wait for us. We should do the mission immediately. In the course of Nanshan becoming a world-class innovative coastal central urban area, we should make our own contribution.

In the next five years, the overall requirements for the government's work are as follows: Uphold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Deeply study and implement the guiding principles of General-Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches and his instructions on the work concerning Shenzhen. Use the "Four Comprehensives" and the "Five Development Concepts" as our guide. Under the proper leadership of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the Municipal Government and the CPC Nanshan District Committee, we will aim at the target of the "13th Five Year Plan" and endeavor to promote structural reform on the supply-side. We will implement the development strategy of "technology innovation plus headquarters economy", push ahead urban management governance, and put importance on improving people's wellbeing. In accordance with the overall arrangement of five years for laying foundation, ten years for taking shape, fifteen years for improving functions of "four centers", namely economic center, technology center, cultural center and international communication center. We should work hard to turn Nanshan into a world-class innovative coastal central urban area.

By 2020, the main tasks for the economic and social development are: Local GDP will increase by 8% annually to about 550 billion yuan. Fixed asset investment will amount to about 110 billion yuan. The total retail sales of social consumer goods, and import and export will reach about 100 billion yuan and 50 billion US dollar respectively. Registered unemployment rate of urban residents will be under 3%.

(1) Expand total quantity, improve existing quantity, cultivate accumulation, and improve quality. Forge a leading district of Shenzhen of a national economic central city.

1. Enlighten the new engine for development. Six districts are strategic layout of governments at the state, province and city levels, and important support for future development. We should stick to major project-driven strategy, form the development layout of progressive development and ladder-like improvement, connect innovation districts of technology industry in Liuxiandong, the Hi-tech district, and Shekou area, as well as connect central districts of modern service industry in Qianhai, Houhai, and Shenzhen Bay. We should facilitate the land transfer of Shenzhen Bay and Liuxiandong, and gather a batch of global high-end industrial resources. We will facilitate the innovation and renovation of the Northern High Tech Zone, and forge a new generation of industrial parks for the future. We will optimize business facilities of Hou Hai Headquarters Base and take initiative to build Central Activity Zone. By 2020, six districts will increase space of 18 million square meters.

2. Push the economy to a higher level. We will support ZTE to grasp development opportunity of 5G, support Tencent to implement "WeChat serves city" plan, and facilitate added value of industrial clusters such as the new generation of information technology, cultural creativity, and internet to surpass one hundred billion yuan. We will support enterprises such as Ubtech and DJI to build global smart equipment industrial base, and support enterprises such as Royole Technology, Appotronics to develop new type display industry chain. We will integrate the development of robot, aeronautics and astronautics, health and life, and ocean industries, and cultivate a batch of future oriented industrial clusters with added value of ten billion yuan. We will put importance on the development of headquarters economy, attracting and retaining headquarters and research and development institutes of high-tech enterprises, and giving play to the functions of headquarters management, research and development, sales and settlement. We will proactively introduce the world's top 500 enterprises, large state-owned enterprises and leading private enterprises to establish international and district headquarters in Nanshan. By 2020, the number of local headquarters enterprises will increase by more than 50. Three to five local enterprises will be listed among the world's top 500 enterprises.

3. Create new advantages of modern service industry. We will formulate an action plan to facilitate the development of modern service industry, and turn government properties such as Huitong Building, China Resources City T2 Building into important carriers of modern service industry. We will push ahead the development of the producer service industry such as research and development, design, entrepreneurship service, and forge a batch of national level inspection and test platforms. We will encourage the cooperation between small and medium enterprises and supply chain enterprises, cultivate and introduce a batch of leading foreign trade comprehensive enterprises. We will optimize policies and measures, and encourage the development of high-end professional service industries such as law firms and accounting firms. Relying on the window of Qianhai's financial reform and innovation, Houhai's finance and commerce headquarters base, we will develop cross-broader finance, innovation finance, and regulate the development of internet finance. We will support the development of Tenpay and Pingan Credit Card Center, support China Merchants to re-establish Renhe Insurance, and support Beijing Bank Shenzhen Branch, Da Cheng Fund to settle down in Nanshan. By 2020, the added value of the financial industry will reach 60 billion yuan.

4. Move forward to middle and high end of the industrial chain. We will continue to focus on quality, promote the transform and upgrade of industries, and achieve optimized asset structure. We will encourage high-tech industries to expand into high value-added sections such as research and development, design and sales, and create more renowned Nanshan brands. We will push ahead the deep integration of the internet and the real economy, and facilitate the digitalization and intelligence of traditional industries. We will give play to the role of trade associations, guiding traditional competitive industries such as clothing and clocks to transform to fashion and creative industries. We will push ahead the innovative development of state-owned enterprise in the district, enhance traditional industrial parks, develop advanced manufacture, with emphasis on high-end manufacture, precision manufacture, and smart manufacture. We will guide joint-stock companies to establish modern enterprise system, and carry out diversified operation based on their own strength, and develop with the central urban area.

5. Become consumption center of 100 billion yuan. We will facilitate the cultivation of trade area of Shenzhen Bay, support retail giants such as China Resources Vanguard, Rainbow to locate their headquarters in Shenzhen Bay. We will complete the construction of urban complexes such as Wangxianghui, Wangxiangtiandi, Raffles City, and Zhongguan Times Square, and support experiential business streets such as Coastal City, Sea World, and Happy Coast to grow stronger. We will optimize chain business outlets, and provide convenience to residents. Leveraging on the advantages of the free trade zone, we will put important on the development of cross-border e-commerce and parallel cars. We will develop consumption businesses such as information, fashion and culture, and cultivate new growth points for consumption.

6. Fully optimize supply environment. We will optimize talent house and basic house guarantee system, and build 50,000 guarantee apartments through different channels. The proportion of talent house should be not lower than 70%. We will increase the coverage of monetary subsidies, allocate more than 1 billion yuan in housing subsidies for skilled citizens, and allocate more than 5 billion yuan to support the development of industries. We will hold the bottom line of land for industrial use, and ensure the industrial area is not less than 16 square meters. We will push ahead the development of Liuxiandong No. 6 Street and No.7 Street, and major projects such as Chaguang Research and Development and Headquarters Park, Smart Park Phase II, and Chongwen Garden Phase II. We will build a batch of big scale and high standard guarantee houses. We will optimize "one plus one plus N" enterprise service system, turning enterprise service center into enterprises' "general service desk”. We will support the development of small and medium enterprises, and build strong big enterprises and large number of small enterprises.

(2) Aim at frontier, increase momentum, accumulate resources, promote transform, and forge the core area of the international technology industry innovation center of Shenzhen.

7. Expand university city and the high-tech district. We will support the construction of Southern University of Science and Technology and Shenzhen University Xili Campus at high level, strive to complete construction of Shenzhen Campus of Peking University and Harbin Institute of Technology, and Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Campus, compete for the settlement of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Nanshan and expand the area of university city to 3 square kilometers. We will attract national laboratories in the information technology field and other major technology basic facilities, enhance the ability in original innovation and knowledge innovation, and build a high-end science and education district encircling Xili Lake. We will urge the high-tech district to seek space above and under the ground, upgrade municipal facilities, improve city appearance and environment, assemble headquarters, research and development centers and new R&D institutions of emerging industries, and enhance the innovation ability of industries in the district. We will push ahead the construction of an open and sharing platform for large scale experimental apparatus and facilitate the merge of universities, enterprises and scientific institutions. We will establish Nanshan Technology Innovation City, connecting University City, Liuxiandong, and the High-tech district, and make great effort to establish the "China's Silicon Valley".

8. Establish national model of entrepreneurship & innovation and incubator. We will participate in building China's first batch of "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" demonstration base of high quality and high level. We will work relentlessly to grow into an economic source featuring new technology, new pattern, new product and new model. We will support Tencent to build flagship base for maker space and build Shenzhen Bay Entrepreneurship Plaza into a national model. We would work to bring key events like maker marathon and Maker Faire to Nanshan District frequently. We will reform the pattern of "Stars of Entrepreneurship" Contest and shape world-class innovation and entrepreneurship competition. We will take advantage of innovation incubation and build a full chain covering nursery, incubation, accelerating and industrialization. High-growth SMEs will rise one after one, thus maintaining our leadership in innovation incubation in China. By 2020, we will see another 20 professional incubators and 500 enterprises, and the number national high-tech enterprises will reach 3,000.

9. Drive core technology breakthrough and protect intellectual property. We will work together to build SUSTech Nanshan Collaborative Innovation Center and organize technology alliances like artificial intelligence. We will support enterprises like ZTE, Tencent, EVOC, and Mindray to build national technology innovation center. Also, we will prepare for disruptive "black technologies" like graphene, manless driving, and VR. By 2020, R&D investment will account for over 6% of GDP. We will enhance protection over intellectual property of core technologies and organize intellectual property protection alliance. Also, we will build database and introduce authoritative authentication institution. We will support courts to build Internet trial center of intellectual property cases and improve judicial service mode, thus improving protection over intellectual property.

10. Drive the gathering of innovative talents and innovative platforms. We will take full advantage of the "Thousand Talents Plan" and "Peacock Plan" of Shenzhen, and carry forward "Navigation Plan" of Nanshan, to build talent parks of high standards and create the best ecology for talent growth. We will make full use of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology at Chinese Academy of Sciences and Kuang-Chi Research Institutes, and promote colleges, enterprises and research organizations to set up postdoctoral research centers, substations and innovation practice base. We will enhance the construction of a team of skilled talents and build a brand of occupational skill contest. We will push the construction of innovative platforms like National Industrial Building Diagnosis and Engineering Center, and support the development of new research institutes like iCarbonX, ChinaRS, medical robot research lab, and Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institute. By 2020, Nanshan will be home to over 65 national innovative platforms, and 2,500 top talents at home and abroad will be fostered and introduced. We will make Nanshan a paradise for elites and talents of all kinds.

11. Build highland of sci-tech finance and achievement transformation. We will take advantage of Nanshan sci-tech finance online platform to build linkage mechanism for government-enterprise, bank-insurance and investment-credit, to build a sci-tech financial service chain that covers full life cycle of enterprise. We will give play to the industrial guidance fund and enhance cooperation with venture capital institutions. Also we will explore the establishment of overseas investment fund and focus on establishing Shenzhen Nanshan "innovation and entrepreneurship" fund. We will set up government-backed financing guarantee institution and improve investment and financing service system for angel investment, VC and PE, to build a cluster of venture capital. We will cooperate in depth with Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen to build international technology transfer center together. We will make use of civil-military integrated innovation institute for breakthroughs in civil & military technologies and double-way transformation. We will support the development of Southern Center of National Technology Transfer and introduce technologies and transformation results in even larger scope and on higher level.

(III) Drive cultural industry, shape cultural highland, and build brand for Shenzhen pioneering zone of cultural innovative development

12. Solidify leading position in cultural industry. We will seize the opportunity of the next-round digital technology innovation and foster "Culture+" form to drive the cross fusion of cultural industries. We will take further the advantage of industries like creative design, cartoon & game, digital media, film & TV, show & performance, high-end printing, cultural software and cultural tourism. We will support OCT and China Merchants Shekou Holdings to optimize industrial distribution and upgrade cultural industry in scale, profession and intensification. We will help Artron, Thunder, A8 to rise to Top 30 Cultural Players of China and build 1-2 national cultural industry parks and bases. By 2020, added value of cultural industry will double.

13. Foster urban culture. We will support China Merchants Group to build China's first museum of reform and open-up and carry forward the spirit of aggressive, fearless and taking initiative. We will give play to Nanshan Teenage Innovation Institute and set maker innovation programs to foster the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in youth. We will support enterprises to build exhibition space for innovation and entrepreneurship and build showroom for sci-tech products and innovation & entrepreneurship culture. Also, we will promote the innovative culture of valuing success and tolerating failure. We will integrate resources like Chiwan Temple of the Queen of Heaven, Wen Tianxiang Park, Left & Right Forts to build Chiwan culture circle of maritime silk road. We will protect and utile Nantou Ancient Town and keep the root of history and culture for Shenzhen bay. The history dormant for years would become vivid memories of the city.

14. Build high-standard cultural and sports facilities. We will enhance planning for cultural development space and design a series of cultural and sport facilities of high quality. Scattered cultural landmarks would be connected to be a beautiful urban necklace. We will complete Nanshan Cultural Center and Maritime Culture and Art Center, and work to bring Shenzhen Opera House and Shenzhen Design Museum to Nanshan, thus building a series of cultural maker and media maker space. We will plan a large book town in the north and drive the construction of "cultural and sports center for each street and community". Three cultural and sports centers of Shekou, Xili and Yuehai will be completed, and Xili Cultural and Sports Center will be shaped into a landmark of the north region, thus driving the leap-frog development of culture.

15. Hold high-quality cultural events. We will support venues like Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, Poly Theater, Nanshan Culture and Sports Center, He Xiangning Art Museum, and OCT Contemporary Art Center to hold high-end cultural events and improve the social benefits of these venues. We will guarantee the smooth holding of branded events like Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture, Nanshan Pop Music Festival, Science Film Week, Community Art Festival, and Community Neighbour Festival. We will implement projects for attracting celebrities and encourage creation of high-quality cultural and art works. We will support the development of cultural and sports clubs and improve the social operation of public cultural events, as well as improving the quality of public cultural service. We will construct new street and community libraries and enable sharing of books, thus building a book-reading culture in Nanshan.

16. Prospering sports industry. We will formulate development plan for sports industry and leisure industry and drive the fusion between sports industry and fields like cultural, creative, education and training, and leisure tourism. We will plan Xili Lakeside greenway and slow bicycle system, and improve the quality of marathon competitions, as well as promoting the development of mass sports and industries like running and cycling. We will support sports companies to grow and establish sports industry park, attracting the settling down of training base or home court of Shenzhen football teams. We will develop coastal sports like rowing and boat race, and plan ice sports projects. We will explore and set up fund for developing sport industry and promote the interactive development between sports industry and health industry.

17. Offer quality education in Nanshan. We will construct, transform and expand 30 primary and middle schools, and offer another 34,000 quality vacancies. Also, we will intensify our efforts in introducing famous teachers and famous principals, and make every school a success. We will enhance cooperation in running schools with famous colleges, research institutes, and celebrated enterprises, and bring in education resource of good quality. We will move faster to build inclusive kindergarten and encourage social forces to run high-standard schools. In addition, we will innovate mutual help mechanism between public schools and private schools. We will develop modern vocational education and encourage school-enterprise cooperation and learning-working combination. We will run smoothly schools for special education and guarantee that youths of special education needs can enjoy high-quality education. We will boost education to be balanced, good-quality, global, and characteristic.

(IV) Seize opportunity, enhance advantage, facilitate communication, improve service to make Shenzhen a Chinese pioneer in global competition and cooperation

18. Support construction of free trade zone. We will offer full support to the construction of Qianhai and strengthen supervision of safe production in Qianhai. We will drive the expansion of Qianhai Bay Bonded Port and improve its functions. We will support the construction of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub and Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Youth Maker Camp, and enhance cooperation with Hong Kong in fields like finance, commerce and trade, science and technology, culture, and professional service. We will innovate social management and service modes and build new governance model that follows global practice and fits into free trade zone. Also, we will accelerate in creating a business-running environment featuring international standard, rule of law and convenience, to build China's model for free trade zone.

19. Deepen international exchange and cooperation. We will make innovation a bridge to enhance exchange of science, technology, and culture, and organize a series of international conferences and forums. We will support BGI Blue Rainbow to hold MIT EmTech and the International School of Business & Finance at Sun Yat-sen University to hold International Financial Summit Forum. We will support large game companies and introduce famous e-sports competitions. We will hold branded events like "Belt & Road" International Music Season, International Mountain Film Festival, and International Design Week, to enhance Nanshan's reputation across the globe.

20. Build an international tourist destination. We will enhance international marketing of Nanshan and become sister city of more overseas cities, to expand Nanshan's global circle of friends. We will support Taizi Bay to construct National Pilot Site for Cruise Tourism Development, and develop economy of cruise home port, to build an international coastal tourist destination integrating "cruise, port, city, tourism, shopping, and entertainment" in one. We will push the transformation and upgrade of theme parks like Splendid China and China Folk Culture Villages, to grow from spot tourism to region-based tourism. We will integrate quality resources like culture, leisure and tech companies and build a new name card for Nanshan tourism.

21. Boost transformation and upgrade of western port district. We will improve line network for global container liner and have close economic and trade connection with countries and regions along the "Belt & Road". We will innovate in the development of port logistics and shipping related service, and strive to develop ship management, ship agency, ship registration, and shipping finance, to enhance added value of port economy. We will support port enterprises to build platforms of international purchase and delivery, and China Merchants Group to construct global port operation and management center, to build a port hub for "Belt & Road" initiative.

22. Improve international service level. We will improve Shenzhen bay port and surrounding facilities and increase convenience in entry and exit. We will accelerate the construction of Qianhai General Hospital and Shekou Raffles International Hospital, to enhance medical service for foreigners. We will build a series of well-known education brands and build Harrow School, Nanshan International School and BASIS International School. We will build Nanshan International Exchange Service Center and three international service stations in Jingshan, Taizi Bay and Marine World, and improve facilities like international business and bilingual signs. We will foster a batch of agencies verified by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs to provide convenience for foreigners and foreign-related activities.

(V) Improve standard, prioritize quality, enhance management, and benefit livelihood to build a modern liveable city

23. Build three-dimensional transportation system. We will accelerate the construction of rail transit and complete south extension of Line 5, west extension of Line 9, Nanhai Avenue branch of Line 9, and start the planning of Lines 12, 13, 15. We will try to include Sungang Line, Line 20 and Nanlong Line in the Phase IV Rail Transit Planning, to achieve south-north interflow, network improvement and systematic network. We will improve the traffic circulation efficiency of roads and complete the rapid-road transformation of Guimiao Road, Shahe West Road, and Yueliangwan Avenue, and drive the construction of Mawan Submarine Channel. We will enhance traffic regulation and construct pilot vertical parking lot. We will complete Gaoxin South-Houhai two-story walking corridor and improve slow travel system of greenway and parks. Also, we will invest more in public bicycles and improve "last mine" experience for residents.

24. Guarantee success in space expansion and growth assurance. We will strictly execute the "1+2" documents, and guarantee zero increase and inventory decrease for illegal buildings. We will strengthen land preparation and promote the Baishiling mode, and promote the land preparation for Shuguang storage area, animal park, and Xili Lake Holiday Village. We will stick to government leadership, market operation and district planning, and carry forward urban renewal in order, and promote the transformation of areas like Shahe No.5 Village and Shekou Old Town. By 2020, 9,600,000 m2 of illegal buildings will be transformed, and 3 km2 of land will be reserved, and 15+ renewal projects will be implemented.

25. Accelerate development in the north area. We will vigorously implement three-year action plan for the north area and make sure 60 billion yuan investment in fixed assets, to improve public infrastructure of education, health care, transportation and municipal administration. We will seize the opportunity of college town expansion and accelerate land preparation for key areas like Shibilong, and promote solving of historical land issues to break through development bottleneck. We will guarantee the implementation of Xili High-speed Rail Hub plan and carry out renewal and transformation of Xili Downtown, to build a key town in the north area. We will support joint-stock cooperation companies for labor transfer and focus on industries like culture, creative, life, health, ecology, and environment protection, to catalyze the fast development of the north area.

26. Enhance urban carrying capacity. We will build modern infrastructure system that is ahead of the time and meets future demands, to support the future development of the city. We will explore total operator model for key areas and build world-class high-quality supporting service system. We will promote the planning and construction of Shenzhen Bay Comprehensive Pipe Gallery and explore the construction of concentrated cooling system in the Liuxiandong. We will complete Mawan Urban Energy Eco-Park and expand Nanshan Water Plant, and construct Nanshan-Qianhai Deep Drainage Channel to improve water supply and drainage ability. We will plan next-generation information infrastructure and build an all optical network city,

27. Build green coast. We will complete the west section of Shenzhen Bay coastal leisure belt and build a world-class coastal landscape. We will prepare and implement Dananshan Park reform plan and build Shenzhen version of "Victoria Peak". We will start the construction of Dashahe Ecology Corridor, Jigong Mountain Park, and Shekou Mountain Park, and build and transform a series of municipal parks and community parks, with another 1,800,000 m2 of park completed. We will focus on building low-carbon life cycle in Shekou, Shenzhen Bay and OCT, and connect natural elements like mountains, sea, rivers and parks. We will enhance delicacy management and continue to improve urban appearance. We will implement water system cleaning program and accelerate the water environment treatment for Shenzhen Bay and Qianhai Bay. We will support the construction of Qianhai water corridor and complete treatment of rivers like Longjing River, Shuangjie River, and Guimiao canal, and make sure that water quality standards will be met for Baimang River, Makan River and Dakan River. We will carry forward the planning and construction of sponge city, and 20% + of built up area would meet requirements of sponge city by 2020.

28. Accelerate health improvement. We will carry forward health program and build a healthy Nanshan. We will transform and expand Nanshan People's Hospital with high standards, with 2,500 beds in design; we will cooperate with First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University Of Chinese Medicine to build Nanshan TCM Hospital; we will complete the transformation and expansion of three existing hospitals and build branch of Maternal And Child Health Hospital and Public Health Building. We will drive the early operation of Municipal University Hospital and Sun Yat-sen Cardiovascular Hospital, and support Peking University and SUSTech to build affiliated hospital. We will improve stage diagnosis and treatment system and promote contracted medical service of family doctor. We will implement service of general doctor and improve the medical competence of community health center. We will strengthen introduction and training of health talents and vigorously carry forward "Triple Famous" program. We will bring 10+ superior foreign medical teams to Nanshan and build a number of famous doctor diagnosis and treatment center. By 2020, Nanshan District will have over 8,000 hospital beds.

29. Establish social security network. We will continue to invest more in livelihood and achieve 20 major beneficial projects and 1,000 minor good deeds every year. We will improve public employment service like training on occupational skills and make sure that family without employment would still be dynamic. We will focus on developing endowment service and aging industry, and complete Phase III welfare center, with 800 beds open to the public. In addition, we will explore the "Household - Community - Institution" endowment model. We will complete tasks of targeted poverty alleviation and overcoming, and strive to develop causes related to women, children, charity and aiding the disabled. We will care for migrant workers who help to construct Shenzhen and enable citizens and the public to share the harmony and happiness.

30. Construct a safe Nanshan. We will strictly implement the safe production accountability system of "The party and government assuming the same responsibility, one post with two kinds of responsibilities, and negligence accountability", and investigate thorough all potential safety hazards and make sure that enterprises are held accountable for any accident. We will effectively prevent and resolutely contain major safety accidents from happening. We will regulate urban villages, old residential quarters and Erxianguan, and eliminate potential safety hazards like water logging, side slope, land subsidence, and fire fighting. Also, we will upgrade and transform a number of old and outdated elevators. We will enhance social governance and improve anti-terrorist and stabilization linkage mechanism. We will further construction of public security science and technology and fight vigorously unauthorized network access and network & telecommunication fraud. In addition, we will accelerate the building of a 3D, information-based social safety maintaining and control system. We will offer clean channels for the expression of public opinions and utilize juridical conciliation, people's mediation and administrative conciliation to solve contradictions at the root. We will enhance supervision over food and drug safety and enhance spot check. A whole-chain supervision mechanism "from fields to dinning table" will be established to guarantee the "tongue" safety of residents.

III. Promote the Construction of Modern Government in "Power Decentralization" Reform

According to the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC National Congress, China will improve and develop the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and improve the modern transformation of national governance system and governance competence. It guides the direction for furthering government self-reform and provides basic guidelines. Early this year, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government unveil the "Power Decentralization" reform via urban renewal and reform, which well reflects the strategy and vision of build and manage a well working megacity. It provides an important opportunity for furthering government self-reform. Nanshan is a key district and leads Shenzhen in social and economic development, and must actively comply with this new trend, and strive to build a modern government of socialism under the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

(I) Build a responsible government and drive perfect match between government functions and market mechanism

Correctly dealing with the government-market relationship has been the key to the past success of Nanshan and marks the direction for furthering government self-reform. We will take more powerful measures to promote the administration streamlining and power decentralizing, combination of power delegating and regulating, and optimization of service. Market will play a decisive role in resource allocation. We will carry out compact approval, online approval and sunshine approval, giving play to the market, the enterprise and the mass public. We will strictly control the number of gross institutions and reform the management model for personnel out of organization, to achieve better results with less people. We will carefully select our tasks, including enhancing industry policy making, public service, and social governance function, and improving ability to guide development, guarantee livelihood and social fallback. We will delegate sufficient power to the market and the society, and deliver good results in government responsibilities, to create a better working government and more effective market.

(II) Build a law-based government and create a fair and just environment

We will stick to law-based administration and include all government work under the rule by law. We will timely investigate and punish illegal acts of all kinds and guarantee the lawful rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, to maintain proper social and economic orders. We will guarantee enterprises' legal rights for fair competition and treat all enterprises of any nature, size and strength fairly with respect to development opportunity, qualification and entry, policy support, law enforcement and supervision. We will stick to evaluate enterprises by their contribution to development and future potential. We will make sure that every participant in the market will enjoy the policy. We will create a favourable environment for the rapid growth of public entrepreneurship and innovation. We will promote the establishment and improvement of social credibility system. Trustworthy citizens will do everything smoothly, while citizens with poor credit records will face difficulties in everything. In this way, we will maintain a fair market. We will accelerate in improving the equalization of basic public service and gradually narrow down the gap between people with registered residence and people without registered residence with respect to education, medical care, culture and sports, and endowment. We will make sure that all people can share the results of reform and open-up.

(III) Build collaborative government and form pluralist good-governance

We will strive to promote the effective collaboration among government, major departments, social organizations, and residents, and achieve benign interaction among government administrative management, society self-regulation, and resident self-government. We will change the social governance model from one-way management to two-way interaction, from offline to online-offline fusion, from simple supervision to collaborative governance. We will improve joint conference system and closely communicate and collaborate with major players in free trade zone, college town, and high-tech district for aligned planning; and enhance mutual development with major companies like OCT, China Merchants Shekou Holdings, and Chinese Resources. We will improve expert consultancy and demonstration system for key decisions and get residents involved in the decision making, and stay open to opinions of all walks of life like think tank. We will intensify construction of grassroot team and put more emphasis on street and community staff for them to play their roles well. We will improve mechanism of serving people in a down-to-earth manner, and increase "Two Representatives and One Member" and community resident participation. We will actively develop social organizations and guide all kinds of social subjects to participate in public affairs in an orderly manner, to improve shared governance and benefit sharing.

(IV) Build a smart government and achieve targeted, efficient government service

We will enhance Internet mindset and take advantage of the delaying, interactive and quick Internet to better perceive social dynamics, facilitate communication channel, and assist decision making and administration in information-based methods. We will build an "Internet + Government Service" model and "One Door and One Network" Shenzhen Bay government service hall of high standards. We will build a uniform e-government service hall, data sharing & exchange system, and generic technology support platform that is applicable to the entire Nanshan District. All administrative approvals will be processed and supervised online, and we will achieve triple 100% in online processing of legal person service, all stage record, and online processing and settlement. We will build uniform identity authentication system, and citizens and enterprises can enjoy all service in Nanshan with "One Card and One Code". We will promote the application of big data mining and analytical technologies and provide data support for government decision making, management, and service, We will enable reasonable decision making of government, accurate governance of society, and efficient service for the public. We will focus on promoting the construction of smart systems like public security management, emergency management, safety supervision, education, medical care, and social security, and accelerate to build a new smart district.

(V) Build a friendly government free from corruption, and form new government-business and government-resident relationships

We will treat residents like our family members and take enterprises like our friends, and solve the contradiction between being upright and being close. We will listen to the public, know their thoughts, solve their difficulties, and relieve their concerns, and serve the people with all our hearts. We will contact and associate with entrepreneurs in an honest manner. We will care and support them more, and help them to solve difficulties, and create an environment that businesses are valued; businessmen can rest assured and make a fortune. We will not seek personal gains, and overcome the contradiction between being upright and being close. We will establish and improve fault-tolerant mechanism and let cadres with all hearts for the country play their parts well; assessment mechanism to offer a promising future for cadres who can work hard and care for the people; protection mechanism to allow cadres go all lengths in reforming, and stimulate cadres' passion for entrepreneurship and courage for shouldering up responsibilities.

For all time, all representatives of the People's Congress and members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference have been committed to people's livelihood, and contributed all they can to the progress and development in society and economy of Nanshan; countless entrepreneurs and millions of employees have their feet standing firmly in Nanshan and contributed to the economic leadership of Nanshan; talents in science, technology and education have been exploring new things and ideas at all time, which help Nanshan to be acknowledged as a district of innovation; countless entrepreneurs have spent countless days and nights to fulfil the Chinese Dream in Nanshan and contribute to the success story of Nanshan; all residents have been loving this land, passing on the culture, and sharing the success, and making Nanshan a place of harmony and happiness! We hope that our efforts will make Nanshan a paradise for innovation and entrepreneurship, that any innovative idea and startup can grow big here. In the future, Nanshan will witness shining and leading enterprises, picturesque landscape in urban area, peace and happiness all over the district, and a world-class innovation center, a liveable city, and a charming bay of global attraction!

Dear representatives and member! We can only succeed by actually doing things, and we can only reach the destination by getting on the road. Nanshan has embarked on the road to become a world-class innovative coastal district. Under the correct leadership of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, Shenzhen Municipal Government, and Nanshan District Party Committee, we and all citizens of Nanshan District will bear in mind the mission and make progress to create brilliant achievements that the age deserves and create a more promising and splendid future!