Work Report
Government Work Report 2016
Date: 2016-03-11

Government Work Report

Delivered at the Seventh Session of the Sixth Nanshan District People’s Congress of Shenzhen City on February 25th, 2016

District Mayor Wang Qiang

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of the Nanshan District People’s Government, I will now report the work of the Government for your deliberation and approval. I warmly invite comments on this report from members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other attendees.

Review of Work in 2015

In 2015, under the firm leadership of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the Municipal Government and the CPC Nanshan District Committee, and the robust supervision and support of the Nanshan District People's Congress and Nanshan District Committee of the CPPCC, in light of the tasks entrusted to us in the Fourth Session of the Sixth People’s Congress of Nanshan District, we have fully implemented the policy of 'ensuring steady growth while moving forward with reform and structural adjustment to benefit the people and reduce risks', and made significant achievements in all work. As such, we became the only district (county) in the province to win a commendation from the State Council for the excellent results we delivered, which were witnessed by all the people of the district.

(I) Economic development results.

In 2015, we realized the sustainable and steady growth of the economy. The local GDP increased by 9.3%, amounting to RMB 371.5 billion, ranking first among the administrative districts (counties) of Guangdong Province. Above-scale industrial added value surpassed RMB 200 billion, representing an increase of 8.5%. District tax revenue and finance revenue increased by 29.1% and 27.1%, amounting to RMB 71.8 billion and RMB 14.48 billion respectively. Fixed asset investment reached RMB 63.4 billion, showing a growth rate of 52.4%. The total retail sales of social consumer goods went up to RMB 67.09 billion, showing a growth of 1.2%. Our export total amounted to 25.41 billion US dollars, of which general exports accounted for 60%, nearly 20% higher than the average level in the city. The construction of major zones and major projects was accelerated. The amount of investment made in construction in the Qianhai Cooperation Zone in 2015 was as much as that of the last five years combined. The construction of Shekou Taizi Bay Cruise Home Base was speeded up. We over-fulfilled our investment plan for two headquarters bases in Shenzhen Bay and Liuxiandong. The urban upgrading plan for the High-tech North District was basically confirmed. 21 enterprises including the China Railway South Headquarters were established in the Houhai Zone, along with 8 buildings erected as the headquarters of the Alibaba International Operation Center and Rainbow, among others. 15 'one street, one park' projects and 14 Dashahe innovative corridor industrial parks were completed, adding an area of 2,600,000m2 to the innovation industry. The industrial structure was constantly optimized. The secondary industry and tertiary industry ratio was 53.5:46.5, and the share of the tertiary industry in the GDP increased by 2.76 percentage points. The added value of strategic emerging industries accounted for 60% of the district's GDP, and 37.5% of the city's GDP. The added value of the finance industry increased by 21%, two times higher than the increase rate of the tertiary industry. The added value of the culture industry accounted for a third of that of the whole city. The influence of leading enterprises was improved. The operating income of two local enterprises exceeded RMB 100 billion, and Huaqiang Culture and the OCT Group were listed among the top 30 in the China culture industry. ZTE, ATROP, and FIYTA Group were prized as National Level Industrial Design Centers. Shekou Internet Valley and Shenzhen International West Logistics Co., Ltd. became demonstration bases for the e-commerce industry. Lastly, the number of listed enterprises increased by 112, ranking second among the administrative districts (counties) of the whole country.

(II) Technological innovation results.

At the beginning of 2015, Premier Li Keqiang visited Chaihuo Maker Space, igniting passion for entrepreneurship and innovation around the country. The Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Conference was held in our district. Survey teams from all parts of the country came to Nanshan to learn experience of innovation practice. Ubtech's robots and DJI's drones appeared onstage at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. We became a national 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation Model' by successfully holding the 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation' Week-long Activity Shenzhen Session, Shenzhen First International Entrepreneurship Week-long Activity, and Shenzhen Bay Entrepreneurship Plaza. The Provincial Technology Innovation Conference conducted a survey of our district and Nanshan's experience, drawing wide attention. We cooperated with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to provide equity financing services to innovation enterprises, which is unprecedented in China. The 'Stars of Entrepreneurship' Contest attracted 2,130 projects from 14 countries and regions. The Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Academy was established in Nanshan Smart Park. The number of national key laboratories and other innovation carriers increased to 750, accounting for 58% of the total number in the city. The number of 'Thousand Talents Program', 'Peacock Plan' and provincial innovation and entrepreneurship teams accounted for more than 70% of the total number of the city. The number of national high technology enterprises increased to 1,641, accounting for 29.7% of the total number of the city; they also won 8 National Science and Technology Awards, accounting for 57% of the total number in the city. The number of PCT international patent applications reached 5,221, accounting for 21% of the total number of the city. The number of invention patents per 10,000 persons reached 280, ranking first among the administrative districts (counties) of Guangdong Province. Two patents won Chinese patent gold awards, accounting for 10% of the total number of the city. Nanshan District won the title of National Mobile Phone R&D and Manufacturing Industry Famous Brand Demonstration Zone, and National Technology Service Industry Pilot Zone. Finally, the R&D investment of the whole of society accounted for 5.8% of the GDP, reaching the level of international innovation countries.

(III) Urban environment results.

We pushed forward the planning and design of the Big Nanshan Mountain Municipal Park Upgrading Project, and established 7 parks including the Sea World Ecological Art Gallery. This increased our number of parks to 116. Lixiang Park and Shenzhen Bay Park were prized as Municipal Five Star Parks, and Qianhai Park won the Provincial Landscape Architecture Golden Award. We deeply carried out the City Environment Upgrading Lining Project by establishing 7 model village projects including Beitou Village. We renovated 10 sewage outlets in Shenzhen Bay, completed the Houhai Center River North Section Contamination Treatment Main Project, and conducted overhaul projects for 31 residential districts in the Shenzhen Bay basin. We launched 21 flood control and waterlogging prevention projects, and completed  the Urban Village Drainpipe Network Passage Clearance Project. The fine ratio of air quality was 93% during the whole year, 2% higher than that of last year. We built 32 roads including Likang Road and Haitian Second Road, constructed 6 footbridges and completed two unfinished roads. We demolished illegal buildings with floor area of 160,000m2. We launched 6 urban upgrading projects including Chaguang Headquarters Park, and completed land preparation with an area of 100 hectares. We transferred land with an area of 23.9 hectares for the urban upgrading of Yuyi Village. The overall planning of Niu Cheng Village was among the first batch of pilot projects in the city. We upgraded a batch of outdated elevators, and completed pipeline gas renovations in 71 old residential districts. The number of production accidents and fatalities decreased again for the third consecutive year. Cases of theft and robbery decreased by 18.9%, and a survey indicated that the sense of public order and security and degree of satisfaction among the people ranked No. 2 in the city.

(IV) Deepening reform results.

We adhered to the 'problem-oriented' principle and pushed forward the reform of systems and mechanisms. We were the first in the country to start trans-department online case-handling in public security organs. The People's Voice Wechat Petition Platform was promoted by the State Bureau for Letters and Calls. The model for the classified management of small-scale religious activities under the law was acknowledged by the central leadership and relevant ministries. We took the initiative of using our social capital to establish non-profit community health centers. We established public service network platforms, including the online launch of the Nanshan 'Culture and Sports All-in-one' platform. The social organization innovation park was put into use, and a total of 1,440 social organizations were cultivated and registered. We promoted reform through opening up, and actively integrated in national strategies. We gave support to the construction of the Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone. The Qianhai Hong Kong Goods Center Phase I officially opened, and the Apple South China Sourcing Centre was established in Shekou. Our exports to countries along the 'One Belt and One Road' route saw rapid growth. The container-handling capacity of Western Shenzhen Port became more than 50% greater than that of Shenzhen Port. Foreign capital actually used reached RMB 1.03 billion, representing an increase of 71.5%. As you can see, Nanshan continues to be a hotspot of foreign investment.

(V) People's Livelihood and Welfare Results.

Financial expenditure on the well-being of the district's people aggregated to RMB 17.17 billion, up 84.3% over last year. We completed 40 projects for improving the well-being of the people during the year. We saw the reemployment of more than 10,000 formerly unemployed registered permanent residents of Shenzhen, and we also saw the number of zero-employment families return to zero. We donated RMB 240 million in housing subsidies to skilled citizens, and established 3,200 social security houses. The Chaguang Project became the first shantytown renovation project in the city. Complete coverage of community service centers was achieved. We established 2 new Senior Citizen Day Care Centers and 3 new Senior Citizen Canteens. The Welfare Centre Phase II was put into operation, with 845 newly-added nursing home beds. We took the initiative to establish supporting work stations for former soldiers, and Nanshan was named the Provincial Military and Civilian Supporting Model District for the fifth consecutive year. The number and quality of our conscripted troops ranked highest in the province. We established 5 new schools including Qianhai Port Bay Primary School, and completed the Yucai Middle School Expansion Project. We launched the second round of experimental comprehensive education reform in cooperation with the National Institution of Education Sciences. We established the Nanshan Vocational Education Group, and took the initiative to establish the Youth Innovation Institute in the city. 58 medical institutions were newly established, with 485 newly-added hospital beds. The non-governmental institution VISTA-SK International Medical Center became the first famous medical diagnosis and treatment center in the city. We successfully held the International Mountain Film Festival and Nanshan Half-marathon. We implemented the Common Prosperity Project, helping community shareholding companies to develop outside of the district and increase their economic strength. We completed the second round of the 'division of responsibility between households and individuals' poverty alleviation work, helping 15 impoverished villages in Linping to escape poverty. We also received outstanding results in the relevant provincial inspections and assessments.

(VI) Government construction results.

We carried out the special education activity 'Be strict in cultivating one's moral character, preventing the abuse of power and disciplining oneself, and be steady in planning matters, starting undertakings and conducting oneself' to promote the transformation of the Government's functions and work style. We conscientiously carried out the 'Eight Rules' of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, and comprehensively carried forward a special campaign against 'formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance'. We conducted surveys both openly and secretly, remained firmly committed to supervision and accountability, enhanced accounting and auditing supervision, and strictly controlled the three public consumptions. We pushed forward party conduct and clean Government construction and anti-corruption campaigns, and severely punished illegal activities and discipline violations. We regularly reported our work to the Standing Committee of the Nanshan District People's Congress and the Nanshan District Committee of the CPPCC. We carried out the reporting of our work to the public by the head of every Government department, and let them accept supervision from all sectors of society. We conscientiously implemented resolutions made by the People's Congress, and carried out 202 proposals from representatives of People's Congresses at the city and district levels, and 155 proposals from members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). We accepted 29 administrative reconsideration cases and completed 100% of them. We formulated, modified and abolished 4 normative documents. We completed the legal popularization task of the 'Sixth Five Year Plan', achieved the complete coverage of 'one community, one legal consultant', and thereby won the title of National Governance under the Law Community Construction Demonstration Unit. District leaders offered point-to-point services to 300 enterprises, solving many of their problems.  We established 10 new employee canteens to further relieve dining difficulties in the Hi-tech Zone. In addition, we obtained new results in our work in such areas as property, family planning, disabled federations, emergency response, relations with Taiwan, overseas Chinese affairs, and Government office affairs.

Last August, the main new leaders of the Party and Government came to work in Nanshan, and received the relay baton of the district's development. Under the firm leadership of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the Shenzhen Municipal Government, and the CPC Nanshan District Committee, the leaders of the District Government did their best to implement the blueprints, with an emphasis placed on the following seven aspects. First, win several tough battles. Under the great support of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and the Shenzhen Municipal Government, the CPC Nanshan District Committee made comprehensive plans and gave instructions for the front line, and members of the District Government went to the front line and intensively pushed those plans forward. We successfully shut down the oil and gas reservoir at Dong Jiao Tou, eliminating a major safety hazard that has long posed a threat to Nantou Peninsula. We actively sought support from the military and enterprises along the western section of the Coastal Recreation Zone, successfully settled the dispute over the historical abandoned land, overcame other obstacles and started the construction of the project. Second, make the '13th Five-Year Plan' a high starting point. In 2015, we continued to make big plans, lay foundations, address shortcomings and seek long term interests. We consulted with the people and brainstormed ideas. As a result, we formulated the Nanshan '13th Five-Year Plan' Summary and submitted it to this session of the People's Congress for consideration. Third, solve Nanshan's transportation problems. In 2015, the construction of the south extension of Line No. 5 and the west extension of Line No. 9 was commenced, the Nanhai Road sub-line of Line No. 9 was approved, and Lines No. 12, 13 and 15 were included in the municipal subway phase IV plans. In addition, a batch of major traffic projects were accelerated. Fourth, fight for the economic development target throughout the year. In 2015, we withstood the pressure of the economic downturn and took a lot of measures, including providing enterprise services and boosting the growth of foreign trade. We pushed the economy to grow quarter by quarter. We utilized idle financial funds and established an industry development and investment guiding fund with an amount of RMB 2 billion. We also purchased a number of industrial premises to reserve development space for strategic emerging industries and enterprise headquarters. Fifth, identify and eliminate hidden safety hazards. We identified 116 hidden hazards concerning geological disasters and dangerously dilapidated buildings. We also addressed the safety concerns of the Bu Jiuwo and Tanglang Mountain waste landfill sites, shut down the liquid ammonia reservoir at Fisherman's Wharf, and demolished the dangerous ZTE Building No. 3 to safeguard the lives and property of the people. Sixth, push ahead the small things for the well-being of the people. We encouraged the residents in the communities and organizations of society to participate widely in local activities. We simplified the handling process and expanded the coverage, carrying out 323 projects with a total expenditure of RMB 20 million. Seventh, urge the Government to improve quality and efficiency. We pushed ahead with Government investment projects and purchase work reform, and issued the Agency System Management Measures to further shorten the approval time, optimize the work procedure and effectively prevent corruption risks.

In 2015, we strived to achieve the targets of the whole year, and draw the '12th Five-Year Plan' to a successful conclusion. In the last five years, we have used innovation to drive the transformation of industries, urban areas and society, achieved improvements in both economic scale and quality, continuously improved the lives of the people, and attained an ever-changing urban environment and a harmonious and stable society, which lays a solid foundation for the development of the '13th Five-Year Plan'.

Every representative of the People's Congress and member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) has always earnestly performed their duties, given advice and made significant contributions to the development of the various undertakings of Nanshan. Many excellent entrepreneurs have forged ahead with enthusiasm, creating a great deal of wealth for society. A vast number of people are coming to Shenzhen to innovate, establishing start-up businesses with passion. They bring vitality to our district and our city. Many teaching and administration staff, doctors and nurses, athletes, artists, workers and cadres in different fields work diligently at their positions, making great contributions to the development of Nanshan with quiet dedication. In recent years, the construction of railways and major zones has brought inconvenience to the lives and transportation of the people, but everyone has given us full understanding and support. Here, on behalf of Nanshan District People’s Government, I would like to extend my lofty respect and heartfelt thanks to the cadres and people of the district, representatives of the People's Congress, members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), democratic parties, associations in industry and commerce, persons without party affiliation, people's organizations, units, troops, armed police, public security officers, people from all circles of society, and international friends who care about and support the development of Nanshan District.

At the same time, we should realize that many problems remain in the development of Nanshan. First, our production capacity relocation was too fast. A scarcity of land and limited room for industry development led to lingering high operating costs for enterprises. The factor costs increased too quickly, and the manufacturing industry faced mounting pressure to relocate production capacity. Second, the attraction of the district to skilled workers has declined, while such living costs as housing have remained high. We currently have a shortage of leading innovation talents and technical talents. Our talent structure need to be optimized. Third, our urban functions are lagging far behind. The development of the north district was relatively backward. The disparities between the development of the south and north districts remain prominent. Traffic congestion has become increasingly worse, and the river and sea areas are in desperate need of treatment. Fourth, the well-being of the people is underdeveloped. High quality study opportunities are insufficient. Culture and sports facilities are inadequate. Endowment services have just started. The problem of it 'being difficult to see a doctor' is still prominent. Fifth, urban management needs to be improved. The level of delicacy management is too low. The city's appearance and environment maintenance is not in place. The safety supervision and hidden danger renovation workload is too great. Sixth, Government construction needs to be enhanced. A minority of cadres have not adapted to the New Normal. Their work efficiency and enthusiasm should be improved. Clean government and work-style construction should be strengthened. We must take effective measures to solve such problems.

Main Approaches to Urban Center Construction During the '13th

Five-Year Plan' Period

The '13th Five-Year Plan' period is a crucial phase for our country to build a well-off society, and an important strategic opportunity period for Nanshan to make great achievements. At the beginning of the '13th Five-Year Plan', the CPC Nanshan District Committee sized up the opportunities and formulated a plan to build Nanshan into the 'Double Center' of Shenzhen. Nanshan will accelerate the formation of its comprehensive functions in the fields of economy, technology, culture and international communication that an urban center should have, and build itself into an international innovative coastal urban center that is great for living and working. This is the new mission and target of Nanshan, the new vision and hope of all the people of the district, and the new position and mission for the development of Nanshan conferred upon us by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government!

The urban center is the core area of a city's structure and an important part of its urban functions, and it has a strong influence and driving force. Surveying the urban centers of such world-famous cities as New York, London, Singapore and Hong Kong, we find that they are all located in coastal areas, boast evident geographical advantages and possess important transportation hub functions and resource allocation abilities. In the aspect of economy, they all have modern industrial systems at their cores. There is a high concentration of international and regional headquarters in such cities. They have an evident post-industrial economic structure and important economic functions. In respect of innovation, scientific and technological achievements have a great influence in such cities. They are strong in self-owned innovation, and play an important and dominant role in the global value network in terms of generating added value. In the aspect of international influence, they have distinctive cultural characteristics, hold many international communication activities, and have an open, diversified international atmosphere and world first-class urban landscape.

To build an international innovative coastal urban center that is great for living and working, Nanshan should comply with the rules of the construction of an urban center, the development trend of the era, and the fervent hopes of all the people in the district.

By emancipating the mind and carrying out solid work, we will strive to build this infrastructure in five years, let it take shape in ten years, and complete it in 15 years. To this end, we will highlight the four center functions, grasp the three main qualities, and realize a great environment for living and working.

Highlighting the four center functions: we will highlight the four functions of an economy center, technology center, cultural center and international communications center. The urban area will be powerful due to its economy, advanced due to its technology, splendid due to its culture, and exuberant due to its international communication.

Highlighting the economy center function and consolidating the economic capacity. We will implement the double-drive strategy of 'technological innovation plus headquarters economy'. We will turn Nanshan into a place of the origin of innovation in emerging industries, and an international financial innovation center, modern service industry center and international hub in order to form double drivers for the economic development of the bay area. We will help 2-3 local enterprises to enter the World Top 500, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and become the benchmarks of the upgraded version of China's economy.

Highlighting the technology center function and stimulating great innovation power. We will aim at the world's new technology development frontiers and national major strategies, attract innovation enterprises, innovation elements and innovation talents at home and abroad, make efforts to develop internationally advanced core technologies, build an international entrepreneur center, an innovative talent highland, a comprehensive innovation ecosystem demonstration zone and a technology innovation core zone, and form the internationally renowned 'silicon valley' of Shenzhen.

Highlighting the culture center function and creating a strong cultural atmosphere. We will keep the spirit of 'Empty words jeopardize national interests, hard work rejuvenates the nation' alive across the generations, promoting Nanshan's innovation and entrepreneurship culture of 'daring to be the pioneer'. We will integrate Chinese and western culture, cultivate civilized practices and make our culture industry stronger. We will push forward the balanced development of high-quality education, build a variety of high-end sports and culture facilities, and hold a roster of cultural and sports activities with international influence, building a pioneering cultural urban district with global vision and Chinese style.

Highlighting the international communication center function and displaying the unique charm of the bay area. We will participate in such national strategies such as 'One Belt and One Road', the construction of the free trade zone, and Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation. We will explore systems and mechanisms in line with the condition of the country and international practices, further optimize a law-based and internationalized business environment, deepen cultural communication and cooperation, speed up the complementary development of industries, facilitate the elements to flow in an orderly manner, effectively allocate resources, deeply integrate the market, and build an internationally first-class bay area city.

Grasping the three main qualities: as an international and innovative coastal district, Nanshan's three main qualities will differentiate it from other urban centers.

Being self-aware internally and externally and pushing forward internationalization. Adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau, with its back against the Pearl River Delta and an international airport, and located in the main Asia-Pacific channel, Nanshan is poised to internationalize itself. We will cater for the needs of the agglomeration of international elements, comply with international practices, build more international communities, schools and hospitals, build an internationalized commercial and living environment, and attract more international talents, international companies, and international organizations. We will actively hold the Fortune Global Forum, 'One Belt and One Road' International Music Festival, International Cruise Home Port Tourism Festival and other high-end international activities, and become an urban district of Shenzhen with unmatched international style. We will push ahead the planning, design and construction of various kinds of facilities in the urban area that will not become outdated even in 100 years, making every newly-erected building become solid poetry, three-dimensional painting, and frozen music.

Focusing on both quality and efficiency and promoting innovation development. Innovation is the root and soul of Nanshan and the major driver of the district's future development. We will closely combine technological innovation with systems innovation, let enterprises become the main body of innovation, and let the market hold the power to allocate innovation resources. We will closely combine innovation and industry development, attract high-end intelligent manufacturing and innovative enterprise headquarters to congregate, develop innovative new finance and cross-border E-commerce, and create new industries through cross-field integration. We will closely combine innovation and city development, use innovation to push ahead various kinds of reform in urban management, push forward smart city construction, use big data to innovate new urban management methods, and practically achieve the philosophy of 'technology makes life better'.

Integrating form and spirit and building a marina bay area. Located on Shenzhen Bay and Qianhai Bay, Nanshan boasts 41 km of winding coastline and possesses the unique natural endowments of the mountain, the river, the lake and the sea. We will turn the Houhai-Shekou-Qianhai coastline into a sightseeing leisure zone and a golden industry strip. We will treat the coastline as Nanshan's emotional memory and an important carrier for unfolding its charm, and put the beautiful mountain, sea and scenery into the construction of the urban center. We will optimize the spatial layout of the bay area economy, build the industrial clusters of the bay area economy, and enhance the innovative power of the bay area economy. We will better use the core function of Nanshan in the big bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, and turn it into Shenzhen's important portal of the maritime silk route in the 21st century.

Realizing a great living and working environment: a great living and working environment represents our desire for a better life in the future. After thirty years of development, our urban area has grown bigger, taller and more beautiful. However, our urban infrastructure, public service standards and governance ability have not completely met the fast development demands of the urban area. Such urban diseases as environmental pollution, traffic congestion and potential safety hazards have become increasingly prominent. If such problems cannot be solved for a long time, they can turn into social and livelihood problems that are detrimental to the living and working environment. Therefore, we should adhere to the philosophy of 'people-oriented development', and the 'problem-oriented' way of thinking, do our best to solve our various kinds of urban disease, quicken the pace of improving the lives of the people, and strive to achieve a harmonious environment for living and working.

The heart of a city is its people, and building the urban center is closely related to the lives of the people. We hope that after five years, ten years and more than a dozen years of unremitting efforts, the lives of Nanshan people will be like this: wandering around Shenzhen Bay, watching the autumn river sharing a scenic hue with the vast sky; cycling along the banks of the Dashahe River, enjoying success in both innovation and entrepreneurship; using international technology to create new villages, merging three districts to compose a legend; and witnessing the great success of the Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone, shaping a time-honored example. We hope that the Nanshan of the future is a district with convenient transportation, open and inclusive culture, high-quality and balanced education, advanced medical care, flourishing businesses, and a comfortable and beautiful environment. Let development become more human, and let the people feel substantially happier. We will achieve our aim that the Government should govern the city for the people, but not govern the people for the city!

Major Tasks for 2016

2016 marks the opening year of China's "13th Five-Year Plan". It is also the first year for Nanshan to begin to build a coastal central urban district. The overall requirements for the government's work this year are as follows: Deeply study and implement the guiding principles of General-Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches and his instructions on the work concerning Shenzhen; comply with the requirements from the Party Central Committee, the province, and the city; comply with the arrangements of the 14th plenary session of the 6th CPC Nanshan District Committee; use the Four Comprehensives and the Five Development Concept as our guide; focus on implementation of the Year of Urban Management and Governance; endeavor to promote structural reform on the supply-side; coordinate economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization construction; and have a good start in carrying forward the "13th Five-Year Plan" and achieve the grand goal of building an international innovation-based coastal central urban district which is livable and suitable for work.

The following are the main targets we have set for Nanshan's economic and social development this year: Increase local GDP by about 8.5%, increase value-added of industry above designated size by 6.5%, increase the added value of tertiary industries by 11%, increase taxes within the jurisdiction area by 12%, increase budgetary revenue of public finance by 5%, complete the task of energy consumption per unit (10,000 yuan) of GDP as required by the municipal government, and reduce water consumption by 4.5%.

At the 14th plenary session of the 6th CPC Nanshan District Committee, overall arrangements of tasks for this year were made, and the importance of the implementation of “Eight Types of Projects” was stressed. We will develop construction drawings based on design drawings, work vigorously, guarantee the implementation, do solid work, and make efforts to carry out the two-wheeled strategy of “Scientific and Technological Innovation plus Headquarters Economy” to guarantee sustainable and steady growth of the economy, and completion of the targets in a complete way.

(I) Work hard to promote the construction of key projects, accelerate the formation of headquarters economy cluster areas, and increase development momentum of urban central areas

Comprehensively carry forward development and construction of six major zones. Through the effort of the whole district, we will facilitate the construction of six major zones—Qianhai, Shekou, Shenzhen Bay, Houhai, Liuxiandong, and the northern part of the Hi-tech Zone, and the annual investment in fixed assets will reach 50 billion yuan. We will set up specialized agencies to strengthen coordination and track the development of the projects. We will speed up the construction of Tongfa North Road and northern extension line of Keyuan Road, complete preparatory work of 27 roads in Shenzhen Bay and Liuxiandong, the two major headquarters. We will give assistance in attracting investments and land leasing to promote the connection between the six major zones with nearby areas, and achieve integration of industries and                                       cities.

Make great efforts to boost the construction of the Qianhai and Shekou Free Trade Zones. We will implement "One Belt and One Road Initiative" and the strategy concerning free trade zones of the country, facilitate the link between the planning and construction of Qianhai Free Trade Zone and Shekou Free Trade Zone, and provide supporting services to receive the spillover effects of free trade zones. We will prepare specialized funds of 30 million yuan to facilitate the industry development of Qianhai. We will support the construction of “Three Cities and One Port” of the Qianhai & Shekou Free Trade Zone. We will give assistance to preparatory work of quick reconstruction projects of Grand Nanshan Tunnel, Ma Bay Cross-sea Channel, and Moon Bay Avenue. We will launch an overall plan of social governance in free trade zones, faithfully perform our duties in the comprehensive enforcement of administrative law, urban environmental management and regulation of production safety, and jointly set up a new model of China’s free trade zones.

Make headquarters economy grow bigger and stronger. We will modify and improve headquarters economy policies, and optimize the development environment. We will actively introduce regional and functional headquarters of the world’s top 500 and China’s top 500 enterprises, as well as headquarters of multinational corporations, state-owned enterprises, and large private enterprises which are among the forefront of the industry. We will encourage leading enterprises like Tencent, ZTE Corporation, and China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC) to carry out integration business resource integration, and cultivate local top 500 enterprises. We will accelerate the construction of major projects such as Chaguang Headquarters, and promote implementation of land use for headquarters of listed companies. We will establish the service mechanism of “One Policy for One Enterprise”, give assistance to meet land use demands for headquarters of technological enterprises such as Hybio Pharmaceutical and Kingsignal, and develop technological enterprise clusters with international competitiveness.

Strive to develop modern service industry. We will accelerate the introduction of financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, security companies, and ETF companies, and vigorously develop new finance-based forms such as venture capital, wealth management, commercial factoring, finance leasing, and Internet finance. We will allow cultural industries to grow bigger and stronger, promote the transformation and upgrading of OCT-LOFT and OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, and support the OCT Group to build the updated version of “theme park clusters”. We will encourage development of science and technology services as well as specialized and professional services including accounting, auditing, and law, push forward development of cross-border e-commerce, and support supply chain management and other new forms of comprehensive foreign trade service. We will develop experiential consumption, improve supporting facilities within the trade area of Shenzhen Bay, accelerate the construction of urban complexes like Wanxiang World of China Resources and Raffles City, and promote the construction of key projects such as Rainbow Dreams-on and second phase of the Qianhai Hong Kong Products Center. We will support China Merchants Group to construct international cruise destinations, cruise tourism cultural industry parks, a tourism distributing center of the Maritime Silk Road, and build industry chain of cruise terminals.

Uplift the quality of service for enterprises. We will set up an enterprise service center of the district, build neighborhood enterprise service centers on a trial basis, and establish a dynamic service platform and database of the enterprises' demands. We will improve the "1 plus 1 plus N" enterprise service mechanisms, make best use of the platform jointly built by the district and enterprises, and expand the coverage of the green channel service. We will refine service of investment attraction specialists, establish a joint conference system of investment attraction, and attract big and high-quality investment. We will carry out structural reform on the supply-side, emphasize the role of taxes and cancellation of unnecessary charges, cancel intermediary charges for administrative approval, and reduce enterprises' operation cost.

(II) Work to promote construction of demonstration projects driven by innovation, focus on quality, implement the strategy of success through quality, and consolidate core advantages of central urban areas

Enhance our independent innovative capabilities. We will build high-end innovative carriers, support the construction of engineering labs such as intelligent terminals, and technological centers of enterprises such as Clou Electronics and Mindray, and introduce new R&D institutions like theShenzhen City Civil-military Integration and Innovation Institute. We will carry out technology research and development support programs, encourage enterprises to increase input in research and development, and support research on original key technology. We will facilitate the integration of production, study and research of colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and all types of enterprises, accelerate the construction of the International Knowledge Innovation Village, and promote the application of scientific and technological achievements in production.

Push forward opening up and innovation. We will develop innovative cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, explore the mechanism of establishing direct connection with the world’s first-class innovation bases such as the Silicon Valley in the US, Israel, and so on, attract the world’s top 500 enterprises and multinational corporations to set up their R&D institutions in Nanshan. We will increase subsidies for exhibitions, and encourage enterprises to take part in international science and technology exhibitions. We will encourage enterprises to participate in making international standards, and cooperate with transnational patents. We will support leading enterprises to “build nests” overseas, and set up overseas R&D centers. We will spend a special fund of 100 million yuan on introducing overseas high-level talent and innovation team.

Build innovative industry clusters. We will promote the implementation of “Made in China 2025” and “Internet Plus”, and speed up the development of strategic emerging industries and future-oriented industries. We will carry out the plan of increasing hi-tech enterprises, and strive to make the number of national hi-tech enterprises exceed 1,800. We will continue to build Dashahe Innovative Corridor, support Tencent and Kingdee to build intelligent city industry clusters, support ZTE and GrenTech to race to control a commanding point of 5G mobile communication industry, and support China International Marine Containers (CIMC) and EVOC Intelligent to develop high-end marine equipment manufacturing, marine economy such as ship economy and shipping insurance. We will speed up the construction of Nanshan Intelligent Park (phase two), and promote the formation of industry aggregation effect in the military industrial park. In addition, we will facilitate the UAV industry cluster development represented by DJI and AEE Technology, and build a center of UAV research, development and design as well as an assembly and integration center with world influence.

Optimize comprehensive ecological system. We will increase input in scientific and technological innovation, and prepare a special fund of 1.36 billion yuan for the development of independent innovation industries. We will make use of the leverage of policy investment in guiding funds, encourage financial institutions and social capitals to support the real economy, carry out the plan of “innovative service vouchers”, support technology service institutions to carry out activities such as inspection and testing, research and development, and so on, and provide full-chain innovation & entrepreneurship service for micro, small and middle-sized enterprises. We will continue to hold the "Stars of Entrepreneurship" Contest, and build a group of large maker space and innovation carriers such as Shekou National Demonstration Base of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Tencent Maker Space and so on. We will also perfect the joint action mechanisms of public security, and strengthen legal protection of regional intellectual property.

(III) Work to promote the construction of transportation facilities, make efforts to alleviate the problems of going out and parking, and improve traffic environment in central urban areas

Construction of rail transportation. We will push forward the planning and design of Lines 12, 13, and 15, and strive to be the first to start the fourth phase construction of the city's rail transportation. We will conduct research to promote the planning and construction of the Xili High-speed Rail Hub, and coordinate and accelerate the construction of the northern extension line of Line 5, the western extension line of Line 9, and the Nanhai Avenue Branch Line of Line 9 to make Nanshan's rail transportation a denser net.

Improvement of road transportation. We will push forward the implementation of traffic improvement in major areas like the Hi-tech Zone and Shenzhen Bay, promote the quick reconstruction of Shahe West Road and Guimiao Road, and speed up the connection project between Shahe West Road and side connection of the Western Corridor. We will give assistance to preparatory work of quick reconstruction projects of Grand Nanshan Tunnel and Wanghai Road.

Comprehensive transportation improvement. We will carry out special actions of road repair, build a two-floor corridor in the northern part of Houhai, and build temporary footbridges in crowded areas like OCT. We will improve the non-motorized traffic system in Shenzhen Bay and OCT, and prepare 20,000 public bicycles, and build 500 stations for them. We will increase the supply of parking spaces in various ways, and alleviate the parking difficulty in old residential areas and major zones. We will promote the optimization and adjustment of public traffic routes and network, and improve all kinds of connection and transfer facilities. And we will make efforts to carry out the action of forbidding the use of motorcycles and limiting the use of electric bicycles, strengthen regulations of vehicles for construction use, and strictly enforce the traffic law to achieve the continued improvement of traffic order.

Traffic safeguard measures. We will set up an Office of District Headquarters for Transportation Construction, integrate all forces, and strengthen joint action of the city and the district. We will arrange a special fund of 300 million yuan, launch 150 traffic relief projects which are short, adaptable, and fast, and organize to conduct research on mid length and long-term programs for transportation. We will carry out micro reforms and innovations on traffic regulation, advocate civilized behavior, and create a safe and unblocked traffic environment.

(IV) Push forward the promotion of improvement projects for ecological civilization, understand the needs of landscape and nature, and show the unique charm of central urban areas

Implement the “Blue Sky Project”. We will strengthen comprehensive treatment of air pollution, coordinate emission reduction of exhaust gas from power plants in Moon Bay, support the construction of the Ma Bay Urban Energy Ecological Park, reduce emission of major pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, strictly control the emission of cooking fumes in the food and drink industry, and keep the annual average density of PM2.5 at a lower level. We will speed up the elimination of backward capacity, and encourage and provide guidance of clean production for enterprises.

Carry out “water regulation and quality improvement” at the critical stage. We will accelerate the improvement of water quality of the Houhai Central River and Longjing River, coordinate environmental treatment of water in Shenzhen Bay, finish reconstruction of drainage pipe network of 30 residential areas, and build 50 residential areas which can meet the drainage criteria. We will promote the treatment of the upstream environment of Dashahe, and launch the landscape construction of the Dashahe ecological corridor.

Beautify the urban environment. We will plan, build and promote Grand Nanshan Park at a high level, and finish the project of Section D of the western part of the Coastal Recreation Belt. We will build three parks including Houhai Park, and reconstruct two old parks including the second phase of Zhongshan Park. We will build classic scenic spots, and promote the connection of the district’s greenways. We will start building a batch of characteristic culture blocks. We will continue to push forward practical projects, and demonstrate 17 model villages. We will speed up the construction of comprehensive underground pipelines, finish treatment of some potential water logging places, and make efforts to solve problems like “zipper roads” and “watching sea in the city”. Promote urban renewal. We will push forward the clearance of land for constructions, build innovative systems and mechanisms for land preparation, strengthen economical and intensive land use, tap the potential of land resources, and free up urban space through various channels. We will accelerate urban renewal projects in Shahe Fifth Village, Xili central district, Yijia Village, and Yuyi Village, and promote urban renewal in the northern part of the Hi-tech Zone in a coordinated way. We will strictly investigate and regulate illegal construction to guarantee a rate of zero increases and reduction of illegal construction.

(V) Push forward and promote projects to deepen reforms, implement seven major reforms and 68 micro reforms and innovations, and break through the bottleneck of development of central urban areas.

Launch a three-year plan of coordinated development in the northern area. With the efforts of the whole district, we will optimize allocation of resources, and carry out the plan step by step. We will solve land problems left over from history, carry out preliminary investigations on a unified levy of “interpenetrated plots”, and promote a coordinated land preparation pilot in Niucheng Village. We will push forward the second phase construction of Likang Road, and improve transportation infrastructure in the northern area. We will strengthen the protection of the Xili Reservoir, and launch treatment of the Dakan River, Baimang River, Makan River, and other tributary rivers of the reservoir. And we will continue to carry out ecological compensation in three villages which are near the source of water, pay attention to the reasonable layout of environmental friendly industries, and facilitate the integration and development of technology and ecology.

Carry out double insurance reforms on industrial building use and housing for the talent. We will take various measures including upgrading old industrial areas, reconstruction shanty towns, and offsite development, and make great efforts to ensure demands for building use for key industries. We will implement both physical supply of houses and subsidies, and speed up the construction of the housing-for-all program which covers all kinds of talented people.

Promote the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship ecological system, and innovation of service mode. We will adhere to market-oriented resource allocations, establish innovative service mechanisms, construct service platforms for innovators, set up special funds for innovator space development, unify all kinds of service resources for innovators, and build innovator brands.

Carry out system and mechanism reforms on talent development, and policy innovation. We will implement the “Navigation Plan”, set up funds for talent development, build industrial parks of human resource services, and launch 33 major talent development projects. We will finish the construction of the International Innovation Station for University Students within the year, and carry out first 13 major projects including “Sharing Elites in Campuses”.

Improve quality and efficiency in government-invested projects and government procurement projects. We will further optimize the approval service for construction projects, sum up and perfect the reform on substitute construction systems, and build innovative general operator management model in major zones. We will explore the model of calling for bids at the early and later stage of projects, simplify approval procedures to the greatest extent, and shorten processing time.

Increase the level of internationalization. We will promote the improvement of supporting facilities at Shenzhen Bay Port and Shekou Port Passenger Station to improve convenience in customer clearance. We will strengthen the regulation of transportation near Shenzhen Bay Port, improve the environment near the port and the terminal, and perfect the bilingual signal system. We will support the development of the Xinhua Dalton International School, accelerate investment attraction in Taizi Bay International Hospital and site selection of Fu Wai International Hospital for Cardiovascular Diseases, and strive to cooperate with world-famous hospitals and universities such as John Hopkins University School of Medicine. We will carry out international pilots of investment attraction streets for public service, and construct a group of international communities.

(VI) Strongly promote the project of preferential offset of livelihood shortcomings, run 20 practical livelihood affairs and 1,000 practical micro livelihood affairs properly, as so to improve the happiness index of the urban center.

Strengthen efforts on social security. Public employment services should be improved and public welfare oriented free on-site job fairs should be held. Residents' registered unemployment rate must be kept below 3%; while advancing the construction of government subsidized housing projects and the renovation of squatter areas, and issuing subsidized housing rent of 300 million yuan. Another objective is to accelerate the construction of four nursing homes and five community canteens for the elderly, open more than 150 beds in Phase II of welfare centers, and encourage social organizations to carry out home-based care services. This is in addition to increasing the support efforts of community corporations and increasing the special funds for common-prosperity industrial support projects, promoting collective economic restructuring and development; creating a vocational assistance mechanism and achieving a good start for the new round of poverty alleviation and development.

Promote balanced and quality development of education. We will build and expand six primary and secondary schools including Yuncun School and Keyuan Primary School, and accelerate the renovation and expansion project involving Xili Primary School; increase 3,900 new student seats in primary and secondary schools and ensure that whenever a new school is established, it’s an excellent school. We must also vigorously implement the "University - Primary and Secondary School Partnership Program" by relying on the quality resources of colleges and universities such as Shenzhen University and Shenzhen Polytechnic, and increase two or three new schools in the university city alliance, and build a batch of prestigious schools; run the Nanshan Teenage Innovation Institute, and encourage social forces to participate in science training for youths; promote the construction of special education schools in Nanshan, and make efforts to guarantee teenage children with special educational needs to have access to quality education. We will also explore a variety of school systems, improve the popularization of the public benefits of preschool education, accelerate the transformation of gas safety in private kindergartens, while supporting enterprises like Dajiang Innovation to get involved in the running schools cooperatively, carrying out couplet assistance of public and private schools, to promote the optimization and upgrading of private education.

Improve medical and health services. We should complete the construction of and open the Xili Hospital, speed up the reconstruction and expansion of Nanshan Hospital and the District Chronic Disease Hospital, start the pre-stage work of the Comprehensive Building of Internal Medicine in the Shekou Hospital and Chinese medicine hospital. We will also coordinate the advancement of the planning and construction of Qianhai General Hospital, Xuefu Hospital, Sun Yat-sen Vascular Hospital; and encourage and support the development of private medical institutions. We shall put efforts into introducing, stabilizing, and cultivating professional talents; increase the investment in community health centers, and complete the basic construction of the community health service platform; provide free hearing screening and deafness gene detection for newborns in the entire district, and offer free medical services including physical examination for senior residents over 65 years old, widowed elderly, and singled disabled people of the entire district once every year.

Prosperously develop cultural and sports undertakings. We should accelerate the advancement of the main project of Nanshan Cultural Center, construct cultural and sports centers in Shekou and Yuehai Street, and start the reconstruction and upgrading projects of the Xili Cultural and Sports Center and Sports Center of the Shekou Industrial Zone. We will also add 10 new community sports stadiums to open to the public for free or for low charges; protect and utilize the intangible cultural heritage; continue to hold the International Mountain Film Festival and Nanshan Half Marathon; and strive to attract the settlement of International Music Festivals, International Science and Technology Film Festivals, and the International Design Week themed with "One Belt and One Road" in Nanshan.

Run the practical micro livelihood affairs properly. We will arrange funds of 100 million yuan to run over 1,000 livelihood practical micro affairs, achieving full coverage of the community. We should encourage community residents to participate in the project solicitation, review and handling, and improve a livelihood practical micro affair mechanism composed of "party representatives, NPC deputies, and CPPCC members”, to truly achieve the goal of “I take care of my own affairs.”

(VII) Strongly push forward the foundation project of social governance, try to reinforce the grassroots infrastructure of urban management and governance, and enhance government capacity in the urban center.

Enhance the capacity of grassroots governance. We should carry out pilot construction of the grassroots public service integrated platform; improve the professional service levels of the communities. We will also improve the access system of community affairs, specify the evaluation mechanism for grassroots work, and clean up all kinds of inspections and assessments. In addition, we will improve the systems including community council, and encourage residents to participate in social management and self-service.

Promote the healthy and orderly development of social organizations. We should display the role of the "1+8" incubator base, and promote the self-governing by laws of grassroots social organizations including community residential committees, building manager federation and industrial associations; create a number of public innovator spaces, carry out standardized charity and relief activities, and promote community service resources designed for residents, especially disadvantaged groups.

Accelerate the construction of government by law. We should adhere to administration according to law and exert our right by law, while firmly carrying out the resolutions made by the District People’s Congress and its standing committee, closely communicating and negotiating with the District Government, earnestly and properly attending to suggestions and proposals, carefully listening to the opinions of democratic parties, associations of industry and commerce, non-Party members and people's organizations, and actively accept the public, media, and audit supervision. In addition, we will also start the "Seventh Five-year Plan" of law popularization, and comprehensively promote the work model of "lawyers stationed in law enforcement team”, achieving law enforcement in a strict, standard, impartial, and civilized manner.

(VIII) Strongly promote the fallback projects of urban security, speed up the development of the regulatory system of urban management and governance to enhance the safety and security of the urban center

Strictly stick to the bottom-line of safety supervision. We should seriously implement the spirits of the urban public security and safety production work meeting in the entire city, strictly follow the principle of "one post with two kinds of responsibilities, the party and government assuming the same responsibility, and negligence accountability”. We should also fully implement the government's regulatory responsibility and strengthen the main responsibility of enterprises while carrying out specialized diagnosis and supervision in the key industries and fields. All major government-invested projects involving public security should be constructed and operated by powerful enterprises with professional qualifications. We should increase the investment in production safety, strengthen the construction of full-time fire brigades in urban villages, equip with sufficient, strong, full-time inspectors for safety production, and increase law enforcement forces; take advantage of the forces of professional bodies including the Shenzhen Public Security Technology Research Institute to enrich the district security management expert team; as well as accelerate the construction of the district safety education experience museum to enhance safety awareness.

Get a hold of the main line of safety concerns control. We should fully carry out safety concern control among all dangerous slopes and dangerous houses and buildings, to ensure the completion of the remediation tasks as scheduled; carry out preventive inspections  on the key areas including the Bu Jiuwo Clay Waste Landfill Site and Tanglang Mountain Construction Landfill Site; conduct special rectification of dangerous chemicals, reduce hazardous chemical production enterprises, storage tanks, reserves and pipelines, and accomplish follow-up work including relocation and compensation of the oil and gas depot in Dongjiaotou and the demolition of buildings; strengthening the control of fires, road safety, building construction, and ground collapsing, strictly preventing the occurrences of all kinds of accidents.

Build a strong defense of public security. We will strengthen counter-terrorism and riot control forces to build athree-dimensional prevention and control system for urban public security, push forward the construction of an emergency command information system, and strengthen the functions of special emergency headquarters to enhance emergency response capabilities; strictly manage key sites, prevent the high incidence of police situations, crack down on prominent crimes, further enhance police visibility and handling rate to enhance residents' sense of security; improve network and information security safeguard mechanism, and protect the information security of citizens. We will also properly prevent and control key infectious diseases like dengue fever, avian flu, and the Zika virus, actively build food and drug safety demonstration areas, and enhance the enforcement of sampling efforts to effectively protect the food and drug safety.

To strongly promote the "eight projects", we will fully implement the government's project of "three changes and three improvements", speed up the transformation of government functions, improve the level of government services, and build a government that meets the satisfaction of the masses.

Change the style of work and boost spirits. We will follow the guideline of "three strictnesses and three practicalities", carry forward the spirit of "doing things immediately and working hard", rectify the occurrence of "inaction, slow action and wrong action", and eliminate the bad practice of "being careless, lazy, and languid"; seriously correct and deal with issues of grassroots corruption and unfair enforcement, safeguard people’s vital interests, let every government official learn people's feeling in person and treat them with kindness.

Change the concept and enhance the capacity. We will set up a new concept of adapting to and leading the new normal, break the shackles of outdated mindsets and ideas, inherit Nanshan's innovation genes, and pool together the positive energy for reform; set up a new concept matching with the urban center and advance various work based on the perspective and requirements of the urban center, and push forward all work with high standards.

Change functions and improve efficiency. We insist on attaching equal importance to management and service, innovate the "one-window" administrative approval model, implement approval cross-sectorial collaboration and online-offline parallel approval, and achieve the goal of having less approval items and a higher service efficiency, while driving pluralistic and collaborative governance while giving the society the things they can handle well so as to drive the government to reduce its functional burdens and lightly continue forward.

Fellow Deputies, we stand at Shenzhen Bay and face the sea with spring blossoms; we ascend the peak of the great Nanshan, leaning on a railing and overlooking with full pride and enthusiasm. Let us closely rely on the people of the whole district under the strong leadership of the Municipal Committee, the municipal government and the District Committee, emancipate our minds, do solid work, unite our minds like a fortress, and strive for the building of a livable and innovative international coastal urban center!