Work Report
Report On The Work Of The Government 2015
Date: 2015-04-10


Delivered at the Fourth Session of the Sixth

Nanshan District People’s Congress on February 4, 2015

Yu Xinguo

District Mayor of Nanshan District

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of Shenzhen Nanshan District People’s Government, I will now report to you on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval, and I invite comments on my report from the members of Shenzhen Nanshan District Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other attendees.

A Review of the Work in 2014

In 2014, confronting not only the complex and volatile external economic environments but also the great tasks of reform and development, under the firm leadership of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the Municipal Government and the CPC Nanshan District Committee, we adhered to the principles of quality-leading, innovation-driven development, improvement of people’s lives and environmental quality, crucial reform and work-style transformation. We achieved the basic targets and tasks set in the Third Session of the Sixth People’s Congress of Nanshan District.

I. Economic development achieved qualitative growth.

Major economic indicator was increased steadily. In 2014, the local GDP increased by 9%, amounting to 346.409 billion yuan, ranking first among the six administrative districts in Shenzhen. Above-scale industrial added value reached to 202.193 billion yuan increasing by 8.8%. The total retail sales of social consumer goods went up to 64.904 billion yuan, with a growth of 9.3%. The total fixed asset investment was 41.59 billion yuan growing at the rate of 31.5%. The total exports had a 13.8% growth to 25.63 billion US dollars. The public finance budget revenue was 11.39 billion yuan, with a growth of 13.9% and district tax revenue had an 11.1% increment up to 55.6 billion yuan.

Quality and benefits got full-scale rise. We insisted on implementing quality and standard construction throughout the course of economic development. The per capita GDP reached to 308,700 yuan, an increase of 21,100 yuan over last year. The per capita GDP rose by 8.5%, 2.1 times higher than the average of Shenzhen. The per capita disposable income went up to 53,000 yuan, with a growth of 8.6%, 4,200 yuan more than last year. The GDP per square kilometer output was 1.868 billion yuan, an increase of 136 million yuan over last year, 2.3 times higher than the average of Shenzhen. The per square kilometer tax revenue collected was as high as 300 million yuan, increasing by 30 million to 2013. The added value of the tertiary industry reached to 150.515 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 9.9%, which was 1.6 percentage points higher than that of the secondary industry. The ratio of the secondary industry and the tertiary industry was 56.5:43.5 at a historic high.

Industrial structures became more rational. The development of the strategic and emerging industries was accelerated, ranking first in Shenzhen. The contribution of strategic emerging industries to GDP accounted for more than 70%. High-tech industry continued growing and became stronger. Advanced manufacturing industry accounted for 80.6% of the above-scale industry. The “No.1 Policy Document” of Nanshan District Government aiming at boosting the development of modern service industries was published. Information and software operating profit amounted to 57.5% of the total profit. Major services industry tax revenue and the per capita tax revenue collected got the first ranking in Shenzhen. Nanshan also occupied commanding heights of future industrial development, such as building an industrial park with military and civilian integration modes, robotics industrial park and Tsinghua I-space Park. A mass of trend-setting enterprises have sprung up in every area such as robotics, wearable devices and intelligence devices.

High-end industry continued expanding. Construction of Dashahe Innovation Corridor was moving forward. 13 new industrial parks and 1,900,000 square meter industrial space were built. Stage One of Nanshan Intelligence Park started to use. Demolition and construction work of Chaguang Industrial Zone was accomplished. The construction project of Chuangxin Building was progressing smoothly. We kept processing “One Street, One Zone” project to transform 250,000 square meters of old industrial area. Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarter Base and Liuxiandong ABP were accelerating their construction, and a number of projects such as CITIC Financial Center, One Block of Liuxiandong ABP and Vanke Icloudcity have been started. Municipal software industrial base, Sannuo Building and Shenzhen Centralcon Investment Holding Co. Ltd Center were completed successfully. “Reconstruction New Shekou” Sea World HOPSCA project was up and running.

Resources and energy consumption continued to decline. Energy and water consumption per 10,000 yuan of GDP dropped by 4.36% and 7.71% respectively. The reduction of major pollutants such as COD, Ammonia Nitrogen and SO2 had been fulfilled ahead of the 12th Five-year schedules. Emission levels of PM2.5 amounted to 34 micrograms per cubic meter; it was lower than the city average. The days with good air quality were close to 332, 39 days more than last year. Port enterprises implemented the “Electricity Changed from Oil” project. 79 companies entered into the Carbon Emission Rights Trading Market of Shenzhen and finished their obligations.

Competitiveness got further increasing. Qianhai and Shekou had been listed into the China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Qianhai We Bank – the first domestic private Internet bank has opened. Last year, we created a demonstration zone for famous brands in national mobile phone development and manufacturing, and it has passed completion acceptance of experts. China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC) and Mindray Medical International Limited had the honor to receive Shenzhen Mayor Quality Award. Artron Art (Group) Co., Ltd. won 7 Benny Awards and retained the title for the highest honor in the 2014 Premier Print Awards. Tencent, Inc. (Tencent), Overseas Chinese Town Group (OCT) and etc. received the honor of “The Second Top Ten Influential National Cultural Industry Demonstration Bases”. The number of listed enterprises amounted to 109, ranking the second place of the national administrative region, accounting for 37% of Shenzhen.

II. The status of strong innovative district was more prominent.

Innovative strength maintained the leading position. Social Research and Development (R&D) Investment was more than 20 billion yuan, accounting for 5.8% of the total GDP; and the contribution rate of science and technology progress surpassed 75%, getting close to the level of the developed countries. 300 new national level high-tech enterprises were added, the total numbers up to 1,463, accounting for 31% of that in Shenzhen. The new high-tech production value rose by 13% and amounted to 429 billion yuan, which was 27.6% of Shenzhen. 24 areas of high-tech industries such as terminal devices, mobile memory chips and laser display technology reached to international advanced level. The quantity of enterprise PCT international patents applications was 3,787, accounting for 33.7% of citywide and 18.2% nationwide. There are 264 invention patents per 10,000 people in the district, reached to international innovation-oriented city level. Innovative capabilities of Nanshan District was evaluated the first place in China by Guangdong Academic of Social Science. Enterprises of Nanshan District won 11 awards of National Science and Technology Award, 2 awards of China Patent Golden Award, accounting for 65% and 50% of Shenzhen’s total. Founder of Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (DJI), Wang Tao and the vice-president of Tencent, Zhang Xiaolong were selected into Forbes “2014 Top Ten Famous Innovators of China-America”.

Innovation resources clustering were accelerated. National Technology Transfer South Center was founded, and Life and Health R&D Center of SK Telecom was established in Nanshan. There were 77 new innovation platforms having been added such as national and municipal laboratories and centers. The number of innovation platforms went up to 528, accounting for 61.5% of citywide. Promoting the construction of the standard alliances and quality alliances, the number of industrial alliances went up to 35. Full-time academicians increased to eight persons, accounting for 67% of Shenzhen. Talents of National Thousand Talents Plan and Shenzhen Peacock Plan increased to 18 and 238, the total number went up to 86 and 549 respectively, both accounting for over 80% of citywide.

Innovative environment was more optimized. We published the first domestic district-level report “Technological Innovation Development”. We took the lead in implementing the online service platform of technological finance and technological innovation. The major plan of fostering small and medium-sized high-tech companies was launched, and 1 billion special funds for development of independent innovation industry were arranged. A series of entrepreneurial incubators such as Nanshan International Innovation House, Shekou Innovation Valley and the Pre-incubator of China Academy of Science & Technology Development were set up. Cooperating with Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology and the China Academy of Sciences (SIAT), we founded the International Maker Center and SIAT-SIBE Maker College. Our district successfully held the Nanshan District “Venture Star” Contest for the seventh year. Regional innovation “Nanshan Phenomenon” was highly regarded by the central media. The regional technological innovation service system construction won the Grand Prize of Provincial Science and Technology Award; Nanshan District Government of was only prize winner among the government organizations.

III. Reform and opening-up got in-depth advancing.

Further reform and opening-up reached a new peak. Deep-layer reforms, annual action plans of reform, 11 key reform tasks and 100 essential reforms were fully implemented. The reform of administrative review and approval systems were finished. Administrative procedures were reduced by 62.5%, and the transaction time was reduced by 65%. We have not only deepened the reform of regional technological innovation service system, but also accelerated to build a comprehensive innovation ecosystem. The community administration model of “One-Core Multi-Pole” continued to reform. We were the first district to demonstrate the community responsibility list and to carry out the reform of community worker management system in Shenzhen. We carried out the reform of the land systems at the northern region and made plans for building Niucheng Village as the pilot project “Coordinate the Whole Village”. The “E-System” public service platform was set up for sharing the information resources across departments to supply a convenient way to handle complex affairs.

The construction and development of Qianhai acquired support. We signed a collaboration protocol with Qianhai Cooperation Zone to build a dream factory for the youth of Hong Kong-Shenzhen. Meanwhile, we have officially launched a new model of community management called “One platform, two centers” in Qianhai. And we undertook a comprehensive environmental remedial work in the Qianhai Area; Xiaonanshan Quarry was closed; greening landscape of Tinghai Road, Gangcheng Road and Xinghai Avenue was improved; and 2.28 kilometers of acoustic barriers were put up along Yueliangwan Avenue. We tore down 150 illegal buildings and cleaned up 40,000 square meters of government reserve land.

The cooperation area expanded. We encouraged enterprises to develop international markets. The growth rates of exports to Asia, Europe and North America were 11.8%, 9.2% and 17% respectively. Nanshan’s actual use of foreign investment was $598 million in 2014, with a 32.9% growth. Strengthening cooperation in international exchanges, we signed a collaboration protocol with Marbella City of Spain. Also, we promoted Chinese education oversea, thus we held training courses for principals in Malaysian Chinese middle schools. We organized counterpart support and regional economic cooperation such as the construction of Ji’an (Shenzhen) Industrial Zone, Nanshan (Lianping) Industrial Zone and Binhai Nanshan Industrial Zone.

IV. The environmental quality improved continuously.

We undertook a comprehensive environmental remediation. We carried out a first-rate international urban environment action plan, deepened the “Inner Beauty Project”, implemented “Cleaning Day” special actions, set up 16 “Model Villages” and “Model Roads” and accomplished National Hygienic City review tasks. We undertook a comprehensive remediation in Shekou Market, Nanshan Agricultural Wholesale Market and Guohui Farmers Market. Emphasis has been put on regulating market violations including disorderly vendors and “dirty, disorderly and bad” phenomenon in Yueliangwan Area. Shekou Fish Street and Lai Sau Costumes were also built and 9 urban renewal projects were launched. Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTC) resettlement area was able to move in and open. Residences have finished their room selection in Section A of Dachong Move-back Renovation Housing Community through a lottery. We had torn down 160,000 square meters of illegal buildings and cleaned up 335,000 square meters government reserve land, which meant the task of land consolidation and maintenance was completed.

We enhanced urban appearances and sanitation. We started the construction project of the western part of Shenzhen Bay coastal Recreation and Dashahe Ecological Corridor. At the same time, the construction projects of Nanshan Houhai Park and Shekou Park were started. And the East Point Head Sports Park, Baiwang Community parks, and Zhiyuancuigu Valley projects were finished. The total number of parks was 108 in our district. The five-year tree planting plan continued to be carried out, and the per capita green area had been 17 square meters and the urban afforestation rate had reached 46.5%, one percentage point higher than that the average of Shenzhen. We launched a new round action of drainage pipe network, propelling the restoration ecology project of Makan River, improvement of Dashahe River environment and sewage interception construction for the Shuangjie River. We continued to accelerate the transformation of the water transporting pipes network in Dakan and Baimang Community.

We have spared no effort to improve the road conditions. We upgraded 25 city minor arterials including renewing 46 roads. Additionally, we have built 7 new public parking lots, with 1,000 parking spaces. Moreover, Likang Road was put into use, so as to ease the traffic difficulties of 200,000 residents of “the three villages in the water source.” In addition, we took special action to tackle the suffocating traffic and hunt down the illegal driving of dump trucks. Furthermore, the district enforced special actions on “forbidding motorcycles and restricting electric bicycles”, and dump trucks were limited or banned at the main road areas. As a result, we cleared a number of traffic nodes to ease road congestion.

We strengthened the ability of public security. We continued to promote the construction of “Safe Nanshan” and initiated the “Safety Index”. The effective Dial 110 criminal cases, two types of robberies and severe violent crimes fell by 10.1%, 38.7% and 41.5% respectively, which made Nanshan Public Security System ranking first in the performance examination and evaluation in Shenzhen. Furthermore, we earnestly have implemented the responsibility system for production safety. Meanwhile, we sustained stronger supervision and management on epidemic situation, food and drug safety. The situation of Safety production was smooth and steady. We eliminated risks and waterlogged ground collapse points. The preparatory work in places like Changlingpo Area, Shahe West Road and Shekou New Street was completed. Seeking to enhance our capability of emergency rescue by training and drills, we have added 16 new outdoor emergency shelters, 8 earthquake prevention and disaster reduction demonstration communities and 53 fire police cars for communities. Nantou sub-district won the second award of State Administration of Work Safety Science and Technology Award, and Xili Yangguang Community was honored the title of “National Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Reduction Demonstration Community”.

V. Livelihood issues received full-scale development.

Livelihood investment kept growing. Annual investment was rose by 13.6% and amounted to 11.06 billion yuan accounting for 85.4% of the fiscal expenditure. Ten livelihood projects were fully implemented and 50 practical livelihood goals were basically achieved. The information service platform “Nanshan Easy Employment” was finished, which realized the goal of the employment of 10,709 registered permanent residences and 2,752 migrant workers. Stage Two of District Social Welfare Centers was completed and put into use, as well as the elderly day care centers were completed street coverage. 730 units of affordable housing will be built, 7,484 units of affordable housing were built, and 5,485 units were finished. We have launched power net upgrading program for “the three villages in the water source” area. Also, the quality water project in over 20 residential areas was completed, as well as the polluted water diversification program in 117 residential districts. The gas pipeline constructions of 190 old residential areas’ were completed over the past three years: 80% residents in old these residential area started to use pipeline gas.

Education standards kept improving. Nanhai Middle School and South University of Science and Technology Experimental Elementary School were official opened. The construction projects of the International School of Nanshan and Lixiang Middle School were also promoted. The first “Cool Classroom” Project was completed, which provided a better study environment for 100,000 students. And 105 million yuan were paid for teaching allowances, growth subsidies, and seats subsidies which benefited of 42,000 teachers and students from private schools and kindergartens. The rate of admission to colleges continued to keep ahead in Shenzhen. With the further development of education internationalization, Nanshan was the first “Test Area of Promoting the Internationalization of Education” in Shenzhen and passed “National Compulsory Education Balanced Development Area” assessment successfully.

Medical service kept upgrading. We accelerated the process of the expansion project of Nanshan Hospital and completed the main building of Xili Hospital. Meanwhile, the transformation of Shekou Hospital’s old building had been fully accomplished and put into use, as well as Nanshan MCH relocation renovation project. We were implemented the Three Famous Project include doctors, hospital and clinics, and we were planning the construction of Shandong University Reproductive Hospital (Shenzhen) and Nanshan Reproductive Medicine Center. Also, we improved the basic equipment of community rehabilitation centers (CRC). Moreover, the pilot project of services by regional family doctor was started. And we carried out “Projects that Benefit Eugenics and Health” and the family planning services for migrants. We adopted effective prevention and control of the infection, such as Dengue Fever, the H7N9 flu and Ebola. Nanshan’s average score of medical quality ranked first in Shenzhen, and Nanshan Hospital, Shekou Hospital and Nanshan Maternity & Child Healthcare Hospital of Shenzhen ranked A-level.

Cultures and sports achievements were prosperous. The construction of new community sports facilities were finished, and street sports centers renew projects were launched. Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center was built and put into use. The Fourth Fitness Competition, the Second Nanshan Pop Festival, Chinese Chess Masters and other activities were organized successfully. We had further promoted 5,044 people-oriented cultural events, and 219 national fitness activities. The song of Fang Fei Meng Xiang gained National “The Best Works Award”. Taoyuan sub-district acquired Guangdong Province Outstanding Achievement Awards in Dance Sports. Athletes crowned in the badminton women’s team event and the men’s 4*100 relay race, some of whom were the residents of Nanshan.

VI. Government self-construction got actual effect.

Sticking to administration by law. We were implementing the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and published the construction and implementation plan for rule of law urban. We accepted supervision from NPC (National People’s Congress) and CPPCC (Chinese People''s Political Consultative Conference). We earnestly practiced the resolutions and decisions from our district People’s Congress and standing Committee. We have established the multiple-level and normalized institution of regularly reporting to People’s Congress and notifying CPPCC. Furthermore, we have organized the leaders of our functional departments to report on their work in public to representatives of NPC and CPPCC and all sectors of society. We have carefully processed 235 proposals from NPC representatives and 173 proposals from CPPCC representatives. Reexamination system about government rules and dynamic was consummately. Five normative documents were abolished. The special inspections of administrative enforcement for the key fields of law have been conducted, promoting the “Lawyer is In” work model at Shahe Street. “Sunshine complaint letters and visits” was created. Complaint and Visit Separation System was carried out, and preceded in Shenzhen. “Letters, Visits, Network, Phone and Post” five in one synthetic services platform was built.

Boosting work style construction. We have fully carried out the education and practice activities of Party’s “mass line”, and we continued to fight undesirable work styles, such as formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance. Not only the excessive office spaces have been cleaned up strictly, but also the official cars. 16.2% district meetings, 15.9% documents and 15% rewards were reduced, “Three Public Consumptions” fell by 27.1%, and “Hospitality Spending” fell by 67.1%. Under the strict audit supervision, 138 million Yuan were slashed from all kinds of government-invested projects. We were regulated administrative enforcement through administrative supervision, audit supervision, and supervision by the media and public opinion to improve performance examinations and evaluations and to adopt responsibility towards investigations. “Two Orders, One Paper” and accountability system were carried out rigidly. 10 Tasks and 7 Commendations were issued. We kept the target towards corruption on intensifying its prevention and punishment.

Enhancing service capability. We have carried out the “1+1+N” enterprise service model. District leaders came to 200 enterprises for long-term services. Each department and street came to 850 enterprises for “One-to-One” services. Personnel talents received apartments by directed allot. Silicon Valley Apartments supported apartment for 164 key enterprises. We have also implemented the tax reduction policy which reduced 19.14 billion Yuan tax for these enterprises. We promoted the national defense mobilization and the double-support. The ratio of undergraduates who were enlisted into the armed forces maintained the first-rank. The construction of the Public Services Hall, 8 social organization service centers, 33 social service centers and 102 community home networks were completed. Over 100 communities realized “One-Stop Solution”. “96881” livelihoods service hotline was upgraded to collective intelligence services platform. Nanshan Sub-district and Huaguoshan Community got the National Harmonious Society for its Construction Demonstration Street and Communities.

Fellow deputies, these achievements are hard-won and the glory belongs to our people. Therefore, on behalf of Nanshan District People’s Government, I wish to express our sincere gratitude to the people living in Nanshan, to all cadres and common people who work hard in all walks of life. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the members of Standing Committee of Shenzhen Nanshan District People’s Congress and Committee of the CPPCC, and to relevant municipal departments, garrison troops and the enterprises in Nanshan. We also wish to express true gratitude to people from all sectors of society who show understanding for and support Nanshan in its endeavor to development.

We are still facing lots of the difficulties and challenges on the road ahead. First, enterprises relocated and production capacity transformations still have pressures. Industrial structure and independent innovation capability need to be further optimized and improved. Second, there is a gap in urban appearance, ecology and cultural environment between Nanshan and the environmental target of other international advanced cities. The development situation between south and north is not balanced. The social environment between new and old communities is not coordinated. The phenomenon of “dirty, disorderly and bad” needs to be resolved. Third, education, medical, employment, pension transport and public service capability still have gaps with resident and actual demand. Administrative quality still needs to be improved. Fourth, a small number of government employees have low consciousness of law and provide poor services. We still need to pay more attention to building an honest, efficient and legally-based government. For these problems and difficulties, we will pay close attention and adopt practicable measures to solve them.

The Plan for Work in 2015

2015 will be the final year for completing the 12th Five-Year Plan, the crucial year for comprehensively deepening reform, and the first year for fully advancing the law-based governance of the country. It is significant for us to do a good job this year. The Second Session of Six National Party Congress was held in a while back. We shall comprehensively implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and important keynotes of Premier Li Keqiang when he visited Shenzhen. We shall work hard on “Four Comprehensives”. We shall follow the normalcy to create new advantages and to build a livable and workable international coastal city in an all-round way. According to the arrangement and requirement of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the Municipal Government and the Nanshan District Committee, we shall understand the situation, clarify the thinking, inspire the spirit and carry the implementation out effectively.

Focusing on the implementation of economic development. Synthesize each kind of situation, the grow rate of economy will be 9.5%, 1 percent point higher than the whole city. Under the period of the "new normal" of economic development, to achieve this goal will be stressful. As a great economic district, we shall make more contribution to the economic development of our city. We shall focus on transforming and aiming at high level development to establish the high quality and standards of Shenzhen and to keep on being the pioneer of innovation-driven development.

Focusing on the implementation of people''s livelihood improvement. We shall put more financial fund into the domain of people''s livelihood. This year, there are 45 practical items of livelihood were scheduled. What we should do is not only about this; we shall doing well on “government scheduled work” and keep “mass need” in our mind. This year, we will push ahead the “micro practical work” to benefit people. Community-oriented and resident-oriented let the livelihood practical work close to people.

Focusing on the opportunities of Free Trade Zone. Qianhai and Shekou were bringing into Guangdong Free Trade Zone; it is an advantage for Shenzhen, Nanshan comes first. We shall exert the superposition advantages from three levels which are “Special Zone + Bay Zone + Free Trade Zone”. We shall fully excavate and utilize the policy about the Free Trade Zone, and take actions to manage spillovers for better serve in the national strategy “One Belt and One Road”. We shall promote the harmonious development within Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to build the important portal for “21st Century Maritime Silk Road.”

Focusing on the advantages of Internet thinking. Internet thinking represents not only the interconnection and interworking of information dissemination, the change and innovation of industrial development; and it also opens an inclusiveness of attitude, and the pursuit of leading the crowd. We shall promote a deepening blend with the Internet and industrial upgrading, social governance, environment optimization and increasing livelihoods. We shall always stand in front and keep abreast of the trends of the time, update knowledge in time, broaden our vision and keep enhancing the leadership capacity of social economic development.

Considering all situations from domestic and overseas, stabilizing growth and reform strategies to increase livelihood and reduce risks, we have set the main targets for Nanshan’s economic and social development for this year as follows:

Our GDP in 2014 reached 380 billion yuan with an increase rate of 9.5%;

The added value of large-scale industry shall be 2150 billion yuan, with a growth of 8.5%;

The added value of the tertiary sector shall be 165 billion yuan, with an increase rate of 10%;

The total sales of consumer goods shall amount to 61.6 billion yuan, with an decrease rate of 5%;

Fixed-asset investment shall total 45.7 billion yuan with an increase rate of 10%;

The total export volume shall be 22.6 billion yuan with an increase rate of 3%;

The budget revenue of public finance shall be 12.5 billion yuan with an increase rate of 9.7%; the tax revenue of our district shall be 61 billion yuan with an increase of 9.7%;

The energy and water consumption per unit of GDP shall fall by 4.36% and 5.6% respectively;

Our residents’ per capital disposable income shall grow in pace with our economy increase;

The registered unemployment of residents in our district shall be controlled within the limit of 3%;

This year, we shall emphasize six aspects of work.

I. Insisting on the principles of innovation-driven and innovation-standardized to accelerate the process of moving into the “Quality Age.”

Creating a core region of National Independent Innovative Demonstration Zones. We shall improve our basic innovation capabilities and pursue the social research and development investments making up 5.6% of the total GDP. We shall also import major technological infrastructures and speed up the construction of the College of Tsinghua- Berkeley (Shenzhen). We shall support the development of new scientific research institutes, adding more than 80 new innovation carriers. The “Core Technology Breakthrough” plan should be carried out, and special programs for developing the new strategic industrials and upcoming industries are to be nurtured. In the coming year, we shall focus on upgrading the companies’ ability to create, utilize and manage intellectual property rights. PCT international patent applications will rise 10%.

Building an International Maker Center. We shall actively cluster high-level innovation resources to accelerate the construction of International Knowledge Innovation Village and to run SIAT-SIBE Maker College well. We shall take advantage of Nanshan International Innovation House and Thousand Talents Plan (Shenzhen) Club, aiming to attract more overseas and other excellent talents. We are implementing “Large Incubators” strategy, and we are also encouraging people to start their own businesses and to make innovations, continuing to hold the annual “Venture Star” Contest, boosting the new carriers of entrepreneurship, such as Start-up Café and Maker Factory.

Improving the comprehensive innovation ecosystem. We shall enhance the levels of innovation entrepreneurship service as well as create a series of technological service brands in the fields of R&D services, technology transfer, business incubators, intellectual property and technology finance, aiming to form a technological services system covering the whole innovation entrepreneurship chain. We shall also encourage scientific research institutions, sci-tech intermediary organizations and industry associations to co-found an innovative carrier network. We shall take advantage of top talents, leading the ways to create a new think tank. Also, we are seeking a proper solution for talents’ needs of housing, children’s schooling and medical care.

Creating new advantages of quality standard. We are aiming to implement standard strategy to speed up the construction of comprehensive quality standard system with higher standards for assessing quality, creating brands, building reputation and expanding markets. We are also planning to solidify the resources of professional standard institutes and building a series of standard alliances to promote the construction of public testing service platform. We shall improve the standard and management of Nanshan District Quality Award, taking the leading advantages of the award to set a new quality criterion.

II. Developing high quality Bay Area Economy to build the important portal for “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”.

Supporting the construction of Guangdong Free Trade Zone in Qianhai-Shekou Region. Policy of service trade liberalization at Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao shall be fully implemented, as well as the joint congress system at Qianhai Cooperation Zone and China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone. We will also support these two zones with basic equipment and industrial construction projects. We shall get “Dream Factory” well-organized, so as to set up an innovative entrepreneur service platform of Qianhai Cooperation Zone. We shall promote the urban renewal of Shekou and expand the development space of high-level industrial. We shall help the construction of Taizi Bay cruise port for developing the leisure travel cruise and yacht industries. We shall also boost the customs clearance capability about port enterprises. What’s more, we shall support West Port Zone to expand the route of “Maritime Silk Road” and actively participate the international port cooperation.

Creating a new section of Bay Area economic development. We shall accelerate the construction of Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base and Liuxiandong Strategic Emerging Industrial Headquarters Base. We shall make sure the implementation of CITIC Financial Center, Hongshuwan Metro Station, Vanke Icloudcity and One Block project of Liuxiandong ABP go smoothly, and we shall launch the construction of Seven Block. We shall promote the site selection of major programs and enterprises like Evergrande Group and Telling Holding. We will accelerate the construction of Houhai Headquarters Economic Zone. We shall boost the industrial development which has already been put into use and brought benefits, developing a new regional growth pole.

Building an industrial cluster of Bay Area Economy. We shall consolidate predominance of high-new technological industry, promote the development of the strategic emerging industry, and focus on high-end, sophisticated and intelligent manufacturing. We shall elevate the standard of modern service industry to attract more world top 500 enterprises, Chinese large-scale enterprise regional headquarters will settle down at Nanshan. We shall promote the development of cultural innovation industry, build Sea World Culture and Art Center, expand the Third Stage of Nanhai E-Cool rebuild Valuable and Creative Industrial Park and create A8 National Music Industrial Base. We shall expand new industrial area such as 3D vision, robotic and wearable devices to form the industrial advantage. We shall have a blueprint for future industrial development by accelerating the construction of the Aviation Industrial Park and Military and Civilian Integration Industrial Park, and prepare to build a Robotic Research and Development Industrial Base. We shall reform traditional industries such as garment and horologe so as to reach a higher-level industrial chain and transform the fashion innovation industry. We shall boost the construction speed of Dashahe Innovation Corridor. We shall guarantee the project such as Chaguang Research & Development, Creativity Mansion, Qiaocheng North Culture Creativity Headquarters Park and Nanshan Intelligence Park (Stage Two) on schedule. We shall keep the processing of “One Street, One Zone” project and promote transformation and upgrading for high-tech and old industrial zones.

Enhancing core functions of Bay Area Economy. We shall intensify innovation-driven development; use “Capital + Innovation” principle to double promote integrative development between venture, high-new technological industry and strategic emerging industry, and to create a regional innovation investment center. We shall intensify the ability of elements aggregation. We shall build Nanshan Equity Investment Fund Agglomeration Park, Financial Internet Agglomeration Park and Modern Financial Business Agglomeration Park for creating a “Science-Technology-Finance Street” in Hi-Tech Park at Keyuan Road. We shall enhance radiation function, encourage Nanshan enterprises going out, expand the markets to countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, and create more capital, technology, management, services and brands outputs. We shall strengthen the capability of trade hubs to facilitate new development for instance, cross-border electrical businesses, comprehensive foreign trade services and supply chain management.

III. Deepening reforms, strengthening by rule of law,unleashing the double dividends of reform and rule by law.

Deepening reforms in important areas. We shall adopt overall deepening reforms of technological innovation service system to build up a comprehensive innovation ecosystem. We have to transfer the ways of government technological investment to reduce financial fund of direct investment for enterprises R&D projects to build market-oriented government technological investment system. We shall advance the reform of the cultural system to create a new mode for running cultural and sports venues, holding large-scale recreational and sports activities. As for administrative service, we shall continue to implement the institutional reform of business registration and try our best to improve the concomitant reforms. Meanwhile, we shall improve reform of environmental protection and management systems, eliminate items to be review, and stronger oversight will be exercised over delegated matters when they are being handled and after they have been handled. We will also work together to build a mixed-use ownership of high-end medical service organizations, implementing medical and health services’ to improve in both scale and quality.

Deepening reforms in marketing service. We shall consolidate the achievements in the reform of the administrative review and approval system so as to optimize approval process, increase approval efficiency and reduce approval expenses. Also, we will introduce a system to list all items over which the government reviews and release the list to the public. Moreover, we shall create a system of social investment management to promote the building of investment projects, joint examination and approval systems.

Deepening reforms in social service. We shall improve the government''s public service to implement “Net Project” development and application, to improve the quality of the online schedule for affairs settlement, improve “E System” public service platform and promote a data base sharing system across government departments. In the people’s livelihood service hot fields such as civil affairs, hygiene and public security, we shall promote networking and paperless mode so as to upgrade the public service information level.

Promoting reforms in community governance. We shall establish the management system for community neighborhood committee, as well as community workstation and community service center, in order to implement the process of standardization and legality of community administration and to promote the modernization of community administration system and governing capacity. We shall create a new model for Qianhai Cooperation Zone community management service, planning the construction of Qianhai Cooperation Zone. What’s more, we shall advance the experience of reforms of the Community Stock Corporation and establish a modernized corporate system to enhance Sino-foreign joint ventures supervision, while strictly regulating management and promote transformation of development.

Propelling urban construction governed by law. We are determined to implement the planning of building a first-rate urban area by law and strengthen legal publicity and education for creating legal atmosphere at the society. We shall insist on propelling urban governance by law, which will become the norm social management and life style in the near future. We shall also implement the “Regional IPR Judicial Protection” reform project and support enterprise to carry out foreign Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection so as to make Nanshan to be one of the best regions of protecting IPR.

Enhancing law-based government administration. We shall improve the first-rate law-based government administration index system, fulfill government function according to law, improve the ability of administration by law and improve the system of law-based decision. Meanwhile, we shall intensify law enforcement in the following fields: market supervision, environmental protection, food safety, traffic and public hygiene, etc. We shall also continue to promote greater openness in government affairs, like government management, public service and financial fund, and we shall cleanse the files which are not fit in social development in time. Furthermore, we shall establish a government legal advisory system in order to form a professional team for government legal system.

IV. Aiming at International Bay Area standards and elevating urban internationalization levels.

Enhancing elaborate management. We shall continue to upgrade the “Inner Beauty Project”, focus on “Six Defacements” phenomenon. Every street must selected at least 1 urban village to repair “disabled, broken and old” and fix “dirty, disorderly and bad”. We shall try our best to prepare the review task of National Hygienic City. We shall consolidate the achievements of “Model Villages” and “Model Roads”, and strengthen the follow-up management of characteristic culture blocks. All the municipal refuse transfer station shall equip deodorant, high pressure washing and sound insulation system, and the airtight gathering rate will reach to more than 95%. We shall establish joint law enforcement of Urban Management Bureau and long-term supervision mechanism, and strictly control the standard of sanitation. The funds of “Flies, mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches” clearance shall bring into district financial expenditures for 127 old residential areas.

Promoting eco-civilization construction. We shall build an ecological civilization demonstration zone and Wu Shek Kong Ecological Civilization Demonstration Base, enhance the ecological control line supervision and Xili reservoir water resource protection. By launching integrated management of Shenzhen Bay, Dashahe River and Shuangjie River and implementing Houhaihe river ecological water supplement, we shall improve the Shenzhen Bay Area pollution control facilities. We shall promote denigration transformation of Nitrogen and intensify thermal power station, Garbage power station and Mawan power station of Nanshan. We shall strictly control the emissions and noise pollution from restaurant and industry. We shall boosting the construct speed of Shekou park, start to build Zhongshan park stage two, and promote the preliminary work for Dashahe Ecological Corridor and western part of Shenzhen Bay coastal recreation. We shall finish the construction of Liuxian Park, Xinhe Community Park and Stage Two of Houhai Coastal Recreation Linear Park. We shall upgrade the greenery landscape of Xili, Taoyuan and Tongleguan. From this year, we shall build at least 4 vertical greening demonstration sites.

Improving traffic system. We shall promote synchronous construction of west line of No. 9 metro line “Y Line Plan”, and construction of Guimiao Road rapidness transformation, as well as Shahe West Road and side-connection subway of Western Corridor. We shall carry on the project of Nanshan Tunnel and start to construct 16 roads like Shenyun West 2nd Road and Qiaobei Road and to repair 5 roads like Gongye 7th Road. We shall also repair and get through the following roads that used to be broken and troublesome like Yuquan Road, and build six overpasses at Houhai Longcheng Road and so on. We are looking forward to improve the public traffic system in Shenzhen Bay Area and transform a series of harbor-shaped bus stops. We shall finish the sixth parcel of public parking lots and start to build 4 underground public parking lots at Lixiang Middle School (removal project) etc. We shall put 10,000 bicycles at public area for public use, and plan to construct a District Slow-traffic System. We shall continue to carry out the actions of “building an unobstructed city by law”, focusing on the traffic problems of Nanyou, Moon Bay area and Nanshai Avenue. Truck disorderly parking phenomenon will be controlled; the illegal operation of Electric vehicle will be investigated by law. 260 traffic surveillance cameras, 10 HD electronic police systems and 33 license plate recognition systems will be installed to realize full coverage of traffic electronic monitoring.

Strengthening public security. We will organize special action like “Safe Nanshan” to keep public security well. In order to carefully implement “One Post, Two Responsibility” in safe production, we continue to cling to ongoing precautionary and resolutely curb major workplace accidents. We shall not only consummate emergency response plan system, enhance emergency training and intensify security assurance for public place and big-scale entertainment activities, but also improve our ability of use technology to guard and solve public incidents. We shall coordinate and accelerate the relocation of Shekou oil and gas station, carry out fire safety management at old community without estate management. We will keep investigate and fix the ground collapse point. At the same time, we will upgrade the underground pipeline network. We shall complete the waterlogged program at Nanxin Road, Xinwei Village and Baiwang Area. The embankment restoration program and drainage channel remold program at Tiger Rock and Shennan Avenue shall be implemented. The responsibilities of market supervision should be strengthened for safety food and medical. Preventing the diseases and controlling the mechanism sane to contain the major outbreaks of epidemics.

Propelling urban upgrade. We shall accelerate urban renewal programs like Shahe No.5 Villages, Yijia Village, Xili central area and Konka factory etc. We shall fix the left over problems of land at north side as soon as possible. We will strictly investigate and treat all illegal buildings and illegal lands to vindicate for the seriousness about Urban and Regional Planning. We shall complete the land work mechanism to make the 12th Five-Year Plan completed successfully.

Fostering international atmosphere. We shall heighten the internationalization of language environment, and enlarge the coverage area of Chinese-English traffic identifying system. We shall increase the construction speed of international community environment and create Shekou Internationalization Model Block that can improve livable surroundings for foreigners. With the improvement of the Shenzhen bay business facilities, we will build a high quality international business circle. We will hold the high standard activates at culture, sport and conference, and we will try our best to develop international friendly cities so as to enhance international exchanges and cooperation.

V. Constantly improving people''s livelihoods, boosting people’s happiness.

Increasing livelihood investments. Annual investments will rise by 10.4% and amount to 11.87 billion yuan accounting for 85.4% of the fiscal expenditure. We shall ensure the implementation of twelve livelihood projects and 45 practical livelihood goals. 20 million yuan of special funds will be invested in community service. We plan to organize 60 charity recruitment fairs to realize the goal of the employment of 6,000 unemployed who have registered permanent residence. More elderly day care centers should be completed, as well as community canteen for the elderly, and also ten community service centers. 3,200 units of affordable housing will be built, of which 1,140 units will be in construction and 959 units will be completed. We will continue to accelerate the replacements and innovations of old elevators in residential area, as well as to complete the quality water project in 40 residential areas. Also, polluted water diversification program in over 30 residential districts will be completed, as well as the gas pipeline construction of eligible residential areas.

Improving medical and health services. We will introduce over five high-quality academic teams, more than ten experts and over two quality resources like hospitals and clinics. We will speed up the construction of Shandong University Reproductive Hospital (Shenzhen) and Nanshan Reproductive Medicine Center. And we shall promote the expansion project of Nanshan Hospital, complete the transformation of Xili hospital, and launch the construction of Nanshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well as Nanshan Chronic Diseases Control Hospital expansion project. Meanwhile, we will optimize the network of community health service and improve the size of community rehabilitation centers (CRC), and we will build nine CRCs. Moreover, we will advance “Nanshan Health Project” to launch gene testing screening program to prevent birth defects, as well as high-risk groups of chronic diseases. What’s more, we will build an information cloud platform for residential healthy information, aiming to achieve the sharing of regional medical information.

Promoting balanced development of high-quality education. We shall improve the quality of Nanshan education, launching projects of high-quality public schools improvement and upgrading the educational quality of private schools. Also, we shall implement the “University- Elementary and Secondary School Affiliate Program” and speed up the construction of brand schools in the northern region. We will also make efforts to improve the levels of the internationalization of education and increase the number of foreign teachers in public schools. The construction project of Shenzhen Bolun Vocational and Technical School, Dachong Elementary School, Qianhai and Tanglang primary schools (located near the metro station) will be completed. Wanghai School and schools in Shenyun Village will be constructed. The expansion project of Yucai Middle School, as well as Keyuan Elementary School and Xili Elementary School are to be promoted. Furthermore, OCT Middle School, Yucai No.2 Primary School, Yucai No.2 Middle School and Nanyou Elementary School are to launch “School Safety Project”.

Prospering cultural and sports programs. Nanshan Cultural Center, Shekou and Yuehai Cultural and Sports Center will be in construction, as well as Stage Two of Nanshan Museum. And renovation projects of Xiangnan, Makan and Guangqian community theaters will be launched. We are building 100 fitness paths and renewing 30 fitness paths. We will advance the project that non-boarding public middle and primary school sports venues opening towards the society. Brand cultural activities such as the Nanshan Pop Festival, Litchi Cultural Tourism Festival and Nanshan Poly Art Forum should be well-organized, as well as Nanshan Half-Marathon and International Mountain Film Festival. 2,680 public cultural activities will be carried out in communities, providing over 325 free art courses. We will enhance the overall protection of Xin’an Old Town and repair history cultural facilities like Chenyu’s Former Residence.

VI. Changing work styles, improving efficiencies, and constructing a service-type government.

Intensifying work style construction. We will hold “Strict Discipline, Positive Work Style, and Anti-Corruption” as guidelines in our daily practices, and keep improving mechanism such as formalism, excessive bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance. We will adhere and improve the system into grass-roots work and the community for doing the right thing and doing the practical work. We shall continue to ameliorate the style in work, reducing above 15% at district meeting and documents. We shall complete the mechanism of district leader hanging with enterprises, functional department coordinate and service for enterprise. We shall help enterprises to exclude the difficulty and anxiety.

Elevating service efficiency. We shall strengthen the responsibilities of market supervision, public service and social administration for fully upgrading the government administrative service efficiency. We shall deepen the process of the “Double-support to Build” and national defense mobilization for provincial five consecutive championships of “Double-support model district”. We need to formulate the 13th Five-Year Plan, bringing the spirit of reform and innovation and adopting a scientific approach. We shall strive for the important matters of long-term development setting into provincial and national 13th Five-year Schedules.

Enhancing supervision of power. We will earnestly practice the resolutions and decisions from our district People’s Congress and Standing Committee. We shall further improve our working system of reporting the government work to our NPC and its standing committee and our CPPCC in regular periods. Also, we shall proactively accept the legal and work supervision of our NPC and its standing committee, together with democratic CPPCC supervision. Thus, we shall try hard to manage suggestions and proposals with high quality.

Intensifying the construction of a clean government. We shall certainly carry out the responsibility system of clean and honest government, enhance institutional improvement of anti-corruption and keep pressure posture at against corruption. According to the feedback of Provincial Party Committee Perambulatory Group, and the rectification work shall be done seriously. The administrative supervision, auditing supervision, risk prevention and control of integrity should be reinforcing. We shall make the long-term saving mechanism and to improve the financial capital regulation, control the administrative operating costs and cut down the “Three Public Consumptions” in order to avoid overspending.

Fellow deputies, missions lead the future, efforts achieve the dream. Under the strong leadership of our municipal government and our municipal Party Committee as well as our district Party Committee, we stand determined to further emancipate our minds, become pioneers of innovation, and work together as one with confidence and fortitude to write brilliant chapters of our fantastic times.



1.Thousand Talents Plan: The short term for Recruitment Program of Global Experts.

2.Peacock Plan: The short term of Top Notch Recruitment Program of Technical Personnel launched by Shenzhen Municipality.

3.Maker: people with common interests gathering together to make their dreams come true.

4.The community administration model of “One-Core Multi-Pole”:The community administration frame of “1+3+N”: “1” represents for Community Party Committee, which plays a central role in leadership. “3” represents for Community Station, Neighborhood Committee, and Community Service Center. Among them, “Community Station” as a platform of government, plays a role in administration; “Neighborhood Committee” as a platform of non-administration, plays a role in democratic autonomy; Community Service Center as a market-oriented institution, plays a role in community service. “N” represents numerous social organizations, which plays a role in self-management.

5.One Platform, Two Centers: One platform means the e-government platform and two centers refer to the administrative service center and community service center.

6.Inner Beauty Project: Since 2013, Nanshan district has conducted a series of comprehensive actions which place the villages in the city, the alleys in the back of street, the boundaries in communities and remote locations as the key to promote the overall city environment in order to cultivate an environment with a nice and poised face and a clean and orderly interior which is living-friendly and work-friendly.

7.Two Orders, One Paper: Those refer to the awards and punishment system implemented by the Nanshan District Government. Two orders are the order of commendation and the order of task. One paper is the paper of criticism.

8.Four Undesirable Work Styles: including formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance.

9.Three Public Consumptions: It refers to the fiscal appropriation spent on overseas travel, vehicle purchasing and maintenance, and official receptions.

10.“1+1+N”Service Mode: A working mechanism of the Nanshan district government to serve enterprises. Namely, a district government leader heading a relevant department to form an enterprise service team to serve many other relevant objects. The object could be a top hundred enterprise in taxation, a listed company, an industrial zone, a key investment program, a large city complex or a large tourist attraction.

11.Four Comprehensives: The concept includes comprehensively building a moderately prosperous society, deepening reform, advancing the rule of law and strictly governing the Party.

12.Bay Economy: As an important economic pattern of Coastal Economy, Bay Economy is the highlight in the current international economic map and is a significant sign of world-class coastal city. The most important features are open, creative, livable and international.

13.Six Defacements: Chaos in vending, random graffiti art, posting, hanging, stacking and construction.

14.One Post Two Responsibilities in Safe Production: One post refers to a leader’s position. Two responsibilities mean that this leader should not only fulfill the work responsibility of his post, but also the responsibility of safe production.