Work Report
Report On The Work Of The Government 2014
Date: 2014-01-16


Delivered at the Third Session of the Sixth

Nanshan District People’s Congress on January 16, 2014

Yu Xinguo

District Mayor of Nanshan District

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of the People’s Government of Nanshan District, I now present to you the report on the government’s work for your deliberation and for comments and suggestions from the members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other attendees.

Work Review for 2013

Last year, under the robust leadership of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the Municipal Government and the Nanshan District Committee, in the light of the targets and tasks set in the Second Session of the Sixth People’s Congress of Nanshan District, we made every effort to ensure steady growth, promote innovation and improve people’s qualify of life, thus achieving steady qualitative growth and general sustainable development by sticking to quality-led and innovation-driven strategies, holding highly the banner of innovation and building Nanshan District up into international urban paradigm.

I. Economic Development

1. Major Economic Indicators: In the year of 2013, the local GDP has increased by 12% to 320.657 billion yuan, ranking first among the six administrative districts in Shenzhen. Above-scale industrial added value reached 181.967 billion yuan increasing by 12.3%. The total retail sales of social consumer goods went up to 62.91 billion yuan, with a growth of 16%. The total fixed asset investment totaled 33.201 billion yuan growing at the rate of 12.2%. The total exports had a 5.1% growth to 22.11 billion US dollars. The public finance budget revenues were 10.01 billion yuan, with a growth of 12.6% and district tax revenues had a 10.4% increment up to 50.1 billion yuan.

2. Quality and Benefits: The per capita GDP is estimated to reach 288,500 yuan and the GDP per square kilometer output was 1.733 billion yuan, more than two times higher than the average of Shenzhen. The per capita disposable income is estimated to go up to 49,000 yuan, with a growth of 11.9%. The per square kilometer tax revenue collected is as high as 270 million yuan, 68% above the city’s average. Energy and water consumption per unit of GDP dropped by 4.36% and 27.23% respectively. Yulong Industrial (Group) Company in our district was the only company awarded with the “2013 Shenzhen Mayor Quality Award”.

3. Industrial Structure: The secondary industry and the tertiary industry ratio was 58.5:41.5. Advanced manufacturing industry accounted for 80.45% of the whole industry, increasing by 1.8 percentage points. The one hundred industrial enterprises growth rate was 20.7%, 49 of which exceeded 1 billion yuan, among which, 5 enterprises surpassed 10 billion yuan. The added value of major service industry went up to 60.697 billion yuan, with a growth of 18.4%. The direct tourism revenue rose by 1.9% to 5.33 billion yuan. Seven enterprises, including Great Wall Technology Co., Ltd (GWT), Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment (ZTE), China Great Wall Computer Group (GWC), China International Marine Containers (CIMC), Tencent, Inc. (Tencent), China Merchants Property Development Co. (CMPD), Overseas Chinese Town Group (OCT), ranked among the China top 500 enterprises. Fantawild Holdings Inc. (Fantawild) was the only company consecutively awarded with the “China Top 30 Culture Enterprises”. 153 companies with low-end capacity were phased out or transformed.

4. Strategic Emerging Industry: The estimated added value went up to 160 billion yuan accounting for 50% of the GDP with an 18% increase, which was higher than half the growth rate of the GDP. 20 enterprises, including Tencent, Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Hepalink), Nationz Technologies (Nationz), Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited (Kingdee), each became the leading enterprise among their industries. The number of listed enterprises increased to 105, comprising nearly 37% of those in Shenzhen, 85% of which are innovative enterprises.

5. One Belt, Five Circles, and Two Bases: The construction of Dashahe Innovation Corridor was speeding up, and the strategic emerging industrial parks such as Nanshan Intelligence Industrial Park and A8 Music Building were newly-built and Nanshan International Knowledge Innovation Village officially launched. Meanwhile, 16 emerging industrial nursery gardens, incubators and parks were put into use. The construction of Advanced Business Parks (ABP) involving Majialong Innovation Building, Chaguang Research & Development, and Creativity Mansion progressed smoothly. 7 urban renewal projects including Coolpad Information Port, Fangda City, and Yuanzheng Innovation Building launched successively, adding 1.15 million square meters of productive land area after completion. Qianhai Cooperation Zone started 26 major projects hosting 3,100 enterprises. Hisense South Headquarter settled at Houhai Headquarters Economic Zone and CREC South Headquarter Mansion main block was completed. Sea World urban complex was up and running and 260 companies started up in Shekou Net Valley. OCT Loft was brought into the second batch of strategic emerging industrial base construction. Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarter Base finished its detailed planning publicity, while Liuxiandong ABP accelerated its construction. “One Street, One Zone” was fully launched to transform 50,000 square meters of old industrial area. The industrial spatial map database of the whole district was edited and 200 hectares of land consolidation and maintenance was completed.

II. Independent Innovation

6. Policies and Measures: The “1+6” policy for setting up the core technology independent innovation pilot zone was fully implemented. “20 Items for Technology Innovation” were carried out and 810 million yuan of special funds were invested in the independent innovation industries. 19.03 billion yuan of the enterprises’ software tax and export tax were reimbursed. Payers of the pilot sector of replacing Business Tax (BT) with value added tax (VAT) generated a total tax reduction of 860 million yuan. The number of science and technology financial services cooperative banks increased to 10 and 3 new branches were set up, featuring financing for science and technology. The banks mentioned above launched services such as incubation loans, growth loans, development loans and so on, which provided a total of 790 million yuan worth of loans for 144 small and medium sized science and technology innovation enterprises (SME) and leveraged over 400 million yuan of social venture capital.

7. Innovative Strength: 84 national level new high-tech enterprises joined the district totaling up to 1,080, accounting for 38% of that in Shenzhen. The new high-tech production value rose by 13.3% to 379.6 billion yuan, covering 27% of Shenzhen, among which, 80% owned independent intellectual property rights, emerging three new industrial alliances involving 3D display, big data and innovation strategy of acoustic technology. The social research and development investments made up 5.6% of the total GDP, among which the contribution rate of science and technology progress surpassed 75%, getting close to the level of the developed countries such as the U.S. and Japan. Four science and technology organizations and enterprises, including Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, ZTE, National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen, and Chipscreen chaired or participated in projects which earned the National Science and Technology Award, accounting for 44% awards citywide and 73 other Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Awards, comprising 63% of Shenzhen’s total. Nanshan district received the “Scientific and Technological Progress Advanced District Award” from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

8. Innovation Platforms:The number of innovation platforms such as national and municipal laboratories and centers went up to 450, accounting for 60% of those citywide. All 8 new national innovation platforms settled in Nanshan district in 2013 reaching 66% of Shenzhen’s total. Our district successfully held the Guangdong Information Technology Services Supermarket Construction Site Meetings, National Culture, Science and Technology Innovation Forum, and the sixth Nanshan District “Venture Star” Contest.

9. Innovative Talent: The numbers of experts and skilled laborers in the national “Thousand Talents Plan”, Guangdong Innovation Scientific Research Team, Shenzhen “Peacock Plan” Team and its talents rose to 68th, 22, 21, and 340th respectively, accounting for 75% of Shenzhen’s total. The field training bases of high level innovative talents increased to 85, and 11 famous experts and scholars including Chia-wei Woo, president of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Innovation School, were recruited as the district’s Science and Technology consultants.

10. Core Technology Breakthroughs: The core technologies from 19 key areas of six strategic emerging industries made major breakthroughs. ICube successfully developed the first international advanced level processor chip combining the integration of graphics processing and logical computing with independent intellectual property rights. Shenzhen Yili X-power Corporation Limited successfully developed a new type of ultra-high brightness (UHB) laser display light source, which set the precedent in the large laser display field, creating the pattern of developed nations adopting Chinese technology to mass produce products.

11. Patents and Standards: Domestic patents applications rose by 9.1% to 23, 000, accounting for 29.3% citywide. Among which, 12,500 were invention patents, with a growth of 3.7%, accounting for 40% of Shenzhen’s total. There are 195 invention patents per 10,000 people in the district. Tencent, Mindray, and Netac won the 15th China Patent Golden Award, making up to 15% nationwide and 75% citywide. The first smart television industrial standard alliance was established, increasing the standard alliances to four in the district.

III. Livelihood Issues

12. Livelihood Investments: Yearly investments rose by 22% to 9.74 billion yuan accounting for 85.2% of the fiscal expenditure. Eight livelihood projects were fully implemented and 90 practical livelihood goals were basically achieved.

13. Employment: The information service platform “Nanshan Easy Employment” was implemented, and created more than 8,000 jobs. “Zero-employment Families” kept a record of dynamic zero and the registered unemployment rate of the residents was within 3%.

14. Poverty Relief: 23 million assistance payments, special care funds, and old age allowances were provided to benefit 17,000 payees including vulnerable groups, disabled persons, entitled groups and the elderly. A new round of poverty relief and development “Double Responsibility” was launched to help 15 impoverished villages in Lianping County Heyuan City and to support the villages in Weining Yi, Hui and Miao Autonomous County in Guizhou province in order to improve their living conditions. We vigorously reduced poverty through industrial development, thus Nanshan Demonstration Park Phase I in Jiangxi Ji’an (Shenzhen) Industrial Park will soon be completed.

15. Common Prosperity Project: The Nanshan Cloud Valley Creative Industrial Park Phase II, Lishan Culture Science and Technology Park, and the renovation of Qianhai Innovative Industrial Park were launched, while the urban renewal projects of Yuyi Village, Chiwan Village, and Guimiao New Village were promoted. Niucheng Village was built as the pilot project “Co-ordinate the Whole Village” and the eco-compensation to “the three villages in the water source” was implemented. The district finance afforded the environmental sanitation expenses of the urban village to relieve the burden of collective stock companies. The government supported the Bao’an Tangtou Industry Park in Nangang, Houhai (Lou Village) Industry Park, Tongda Industry Park in Nan’an, Huidong Waterworks, Lianping High-tech Agro-ecological Park in Wufengtai and other off-district development projects.

16. Residential Properties: 1,210 affordable housing projects have been launched, 5,477 have been completed and 6,342 are in construction. The main block of Dachong Move-back After Renovation Housings Community section A has already been completed and Shuiwan Village renovation “1979” project entered the final stage. 50 old residential areas with nearly 10,000 residents got access to a natural gas pipeline.

17. Education: The “Nanshan Education Quality Assurance Five-year Action Plan” has been carried out. The ancillary schools of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTC) resettlement area was built to improve the strength of basic education in the northern region. The projects of Nanhai Middle School construction, Shenzhen Bolun Vocational and Technical Schools relocation, and Yucai Middle School expansion were promoted. 3,660 seats were created for middle and primary school students, which increased the total number to 87,662. The number of inclusive kindergartens went up to 70. And 140 million yuan were paid as teaching allowance, growth subsidies, and seats subsidies which benefited 50,000 teachers and students from private schools and kindergartens. The entrance rate of key universities, universities and colleges and junior colleges continued to maintain a leading position in Shenzhen.

18. Medical Treatment and Public Health: We carried out “Ten Projects benefit the Eugenics and Health”. Residents’ health cards were initiated at public hospitals in the district. 35 community rehabilitation centers (CRC) met the community medicine service construction standards, offering 7.761 million patients medical treatments. “One-stop Premarital Examination Center” was set up to provide free services for registered newlyweds. The Department of Pain Treatment of Nanshan Hospital was named the National Key Clinical Department. And Shekou Hospital became the first public hospital nationwide to pass the JCI medical quality standard certification.

19. Culture and Sports: The main construction project of Nanshan Culture and Sports Center was completed. More than 4,000 nonprofit culture activities, 199 mass fitness activities were carried out and several large-scale culture and sports activities were successfully held such as the 2013 Shenzhen-Hong Kong Architecture Bi-annual, the 23rd National Dance Sport Championships, First Nanshan Pop Music Festival, Billboard Music Awarding Ceremony, Shenzhen Bay Fringe Festival, and Happy Valley International Magic Festival etc. The first district level mobile client “Pocket Nanshan” was launched in Shenzhen and served free WiFi “WiNS (I love Nanshan)”covering 483 public areas. Nanshan Neighborhood and the District Youth Amateur Sports School won the title of “National Advanced Unit of Mass Sports”. Shenzhen Artron Color Printing Co., Ltd (Artron), the 64th American Print Awards winner, continued to keep the record of the most gold medal winner around the world for four consecutive years. Rainbow Treasure of Global Digital won the 15th Huabiao Film Awards Best Animation, and the percussion group City Rhythm, won the 10th China Art Festival “Star Award”.

20. Ecological Environment: Nanshan District has made every effort to improve its ecological environment. For instance, “Park Construction Year” project, which lasted two years, has come to a successful end. Its achievements include four parks, newly built (Keyuan Park and three other parks). Meanwhile, 21,000 trees as well as 305,000 saplings of bushes were newly planted. Also, five landscape nodes, such as Shekou Ferry Terminal, Moon Bay Avenue, and Carp Gate, have been completed. Furthermore, the greening landscape of 33 roads has been upgraded and 27 kilometers of city green roads have been built and renovated. The district has launched the project of a wetland at the mouth of Makan River, in order to propel sewage interception construction for the center river. Moreover, denitration transformation of the Mawan power station machinery has been fully accomplished. Especially, the air quality in 2013 was fine in general: close to 300 days of good air quality, the excellent and rate of air quality has exceeded 80%. The drinking water source quality, including Xili reservoir and Changling Pi reservoir, is 100% up to standard. The water quality of Dashahe River has continuously improved. Currently, our creativity industry center called Nanhai Yiku (E-Cool) has attained the highest-level “Operating identification of Green Building” granted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in China.

21. City Management: Nanshan District has obtained the initial accomplishment of the “Lizi Project” and Model Roads (Streets). Meanwhile, in urban villages, bidding for environmental sanitation and sterilization has been entirely market-oriented. Also, we have finished the construction tasks of 62 model units for rubbish reduction and classification. Emphasis has been put on regulating market violations including disorderly vendors. Furthermore, the district sustained special actions on “forbidding motorcycles and restricting electric bicycles”. Until now, we have investigated and treated 46,000 cases of unlawful acts related to motorcycles and electric bicycles. We have seriously cracked down on illegal fishing at Shenzhen Bay. Moreover, we have torn down seven illegal docks in Dongjiao Tou and Mawan areas. Therefore, our work has smoothly passed the “Satellite Pictures Enforcement” inspection organized by the Ministry of Land and Resources. Our district has taken the lead in this inspection evaluation concerning checks and regulation. Holland Flower Town in Nanshan has won a gold medal for plan and design of China’s classic architecture for residences.

22. Road Traffic: As for traffic construction, we have spared no effort to improve the road conditions. For example, we have repaired and got through the following roads that used to be broken and troublesome: Xin’gao Road, Mai Dixiang Road, and Gangcheng Road. Also, we have launched the comprehensive reconstruction of old roads like Shuiwan Road. Additionally, there have been 24 roads coated with asphalt, including Yucai Road, Nanshang Road, and Gongye 6th Road and so on. Furthermore, we have built 10 new parking lots for public service, with 1,560 parking positions. And now there are been 1,073 traffic signs for all completed roads. Moreover, we have started the intelligent systematic service of bicycle parking along the Metro station at Science Park. In the Shekou area, the operating systems of public bicycles have been upgraded and expanded with an increase of 1,800 bicycles. Besides, we have improved the traffic reconciliation on Nanhai Avenue and the project design of the Overpass for Yuquan South Hill has been finished

23. Public Security: We have initiated the “Safe Nanshan Index” and conduct the police to people connection mode of “One Call, 100% Response”. Also, we have improved the Alarm Lamp Project, building in total, 9,431 electronic monitor spots and 82 community monitor platforms along eight avenues. Furthermore, the alarm calls among Dial 110 criminal cases, eight kinds of cases, two types of robbery, and two sorts of intrusion have fallen by 4.6%、23.3%、41.7%、and 24.9% respectively. Safety production has generally been smooth and steady. During the whole year there were no large production accidents. The total of such accidents and the death toll have respectively fallen by 8.33% and 31.7%. Besides these, there have been 22 indoor shelters newly built and four outdoor shelters. Additionally, we made 40 potential traffic accident areas around schools safer. Checks have been made over potential ground collapse areas, and inspection and probes on key areas, covered channels and foundation pits have been carried out. Meanwhile, we sustained stronger supervision and management over the epidemic situation and food and drug safety. For this reason, the Nanshan Meat Mill was closed down. We should note that we shall improve our emergency response to sanitation situation in order to entirely implement the prevention and control of H7N9 Bird Flu.

IV.Government service

24. Administration by Law: Nanshan District strictly followed and enforced various laws and regulations. Also, we have been performing government functions and governance by law. The sixth round of clear-up for the items of administrative verification and approval has been launched. The applications of administrative reconsideration have been 100% settled. The special inspections for key fields of administrative enforcement of law have been conducted we have strengthened training of administrative enforcement and standardized the conduct of enforcement. As for complaint letters and visits, we have carried out the program of solving long-pending cases, successfully settling 34 such cases. Furthermore, we have expanded the legal service platform and managed to mediate 14,600 disputes

25. Work Style Construction: As for work style construction, we shall adhere to the down-to-earth principle of putting people first and keeping clean. Now we must strictly follow the eight-point code to cut bureaucracy and maintain close ties with the people as well as the requirement of against the four undesirable work styles such as formalism, excessive bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance. Meanwhile, we comprehensively carried out the educational activity with the theme of heightening work efficiency and quality. Besides, we have implemented the measure of “Two Orders, One Paper”: to make everyone a sense of responsibility. Additionally, we have carried out the institution of red and yellow cards for inaction accountability. As a result, two units were warned by yellow cards. The official documents sent out were reduced by 8%, and the brief reports were reduced by 33%. Also, the district meetings were reduced by 15%. After strict audit supervision, 139 million yuan were slashed from all kinds of government-invested projects. Through the strict enforcement of diligence and thrift, the spending for “Three Public Consumptions” fell by 23%.

26. Administrative service: As for administrative service, we have carried out the institutional reform of business registration bringing about over 20,000 newly registered enterprises with an increase of 37%.We have attempted to simplify the procedures for examination and approval of environmental impact assessments. Furthermore, we have initiated filing systems of environmental impact assessments, which reduced 70% of projects for examination and approval. Now we have built an online hall for affairs settlement at the Nanshan branch of Guangdong Province, which has ensured 112 items of affairs able to be handled online. We pioneered the provision of online booking services for the affairs of household administration and exit and entry. Meanwhile, we have opened the online service hall at Nanshan Education Net. Through “Nanshan Online Government” and “Innovative Nanshan” a Microblog, we have boosted administrative information publicity and vigorously responded to people’s concerns.

27. Community service: We have successfully completed the construction of “Landscape project” in Shenzhen. We are moving forward eight projects of “Livable Nanshan”. Meanwhile, we have officially launched a new mode of community management called “One platform, two centers” in the Shenzhen Bay area. The people’s wellbeing service hotline “96881” is in operation and newly built 32 community service centers, four daycare centers for the elderly, 24 harmonious enterprise studios and seven service centers for construction companions in Shenzhen. Additionally, “Livable rented rooms” construction provides for 700,000 people in urban villages. We are doing our best to build a volunteers’ district , where the volume of registered volunteers reaches 81,800 with an increase of 62.97%.

28. Enterprise Service: We have carried out the “1+1+N”enterprise service mode, helping enterprises solve seven categories of 136 difficulties in total. We also initiated the district test site of comfortable housing project for experts and skilled laborers in the city. Until now, we have provided over 1,500 enterprises with renting subsidies of 80 million yuan. It is estimated that the building of Silicon Valley Apartments can offer 1,028 apartments. Shekou Talent Apartments have been successfully completed. The newly-built high-tech Zone has eight cafeterias and five parking lots. Besides, we have organized “Famous Enterprises Tour”, the job fair for college graduates, helping the enterprises recruit more than 3,000 graduates.

Last year, we accepted legal and work supervision from our NPC (National People’s Congress) as well as supervision from our CPPCC(Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference). We earnestly practice the resolutions and decisions of our district People’s Congress and standing Committee. We have established the multiple-level and normalized institution of regularly reporting to People’s Congress and notifying CPPCC. Furthermore, we have organized the leaders of our functional departments to report on their work in public to representatives of NPC and CPPCC and all sectors of society. We have carefully processed 236 proposals from NPC representatives and 179 proposals from CPPCC representatives

Fellow deputies, the above achievements attribute to the strong leadership of our municipal government and our municipal Party Committee as well as our district Party Committee. With the tremendous supports of NPC and CPPCC representatives, the people in our district unite together and make tremendous efforts to be innovative pioneers, so as to harvest such great achievements. Therefore, on behalf of Nanshan People’s Government, I give my great appreciation and heart-felt thanks to our Nanshan people, to all cadres and masses in different working positions, to relevant departments, our dear army, enterprises and public institutions, and to all sectors of society who cares for and support Nanshan’s development.

Looking back to our work in 2013, we clearly realize that there are quite a few difficulties and challenges in the process of our development. First of all, as the economy of our district constantly expands, our industrial development encounters more restrictions. Secondly, there is development imbalance between the South and North of our district as well as the new and old areas. Meanwhile, there is a large gap between our city management level and international city management standards. Thirdly, more striking conflicts occur in population expansion, economic development, and in environmental protection. Thus, to achieve the goal of building a beautiful Nanshan, there is still a long way to go. Fourthly, our public service facilities and quality does not well satisfy our residents’ actual needs. Fifthly, we have to make more efforts to transform the functions of our government, improve our work style, and meet our people’s new expectations and demands. As for these problems and difficulties, we will do our best to take effective measures to address them.

Work Guidelines for 2014

2014 is the beginning year of implementing the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. Also, it is the critical year of successfully fulfilling the 12th Five-year Plan goals. This year, the world economy will hopefully achieve a slow recovery. The domestic economy started to grow steadily and progressing in prudence, which may create a favorable environment for economic and social development of our district. Therefore, we must seize the golden opportunity with firm confidence and speed up development. Based on these wonderful conditions, we regard this year 2014 as a year of reform and innovation, a year of work style, a year of people’s service improvements. Accordingly, we shall adopt overall deepening reforms to boost Nanshan in a leap forward in development. Furthermore, we are determined to win our district people’s support and trust, in order to sustain the vanguard of scientific and innovative development in our city.

This year, the overall outlook for our district government work: We shall fully implement a series of keynote speakers from the National Congress of the 18th CPC and the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee as well as the Party General Secretary Xi Jinping. Meanwhile, according to the arrangement and requirement of our municipal government and our municipal Party Committee along with our district Party Committee, we shall insist on seeking progress in prudence and excellence in progress. Furthermore, we shall give top priority to quality in a innovation-driven mode, and then apply reforms to boost development so as to bring benefits to the people’s wellbeing. Eventually, through accelerating livable and workable construction in this international coastal city, we will work together to create beautiful and happy lives for Nanshan people.

The major objectives for economic and social development for the whole district this year:

Our GDP in 2014 shall reach 355 billion yuan with an increase rate of 11%;

The added value of large-scale industry shall be 200 billion yuan, with a growth of 10.8%;

The added value of the tertiary sector shall be 150 billion yuan, with an increase rate of 12%

The total sales of consumer goods shall amount to 69.2 billion yuan, with an increase rate of 10%;

Fixed-asset investment shall total 36.85 billion yuan with an increase rate of 8%;

The total export volume shall be 22.6 billion yuan with an increase rate of 3%;

The budget revenue of public finance shall be 11 billion yuan with an increase rate of 10%; the tax revenue of our district shall be 55 billion yuan with an increase of 10%;

The energy and water consumption per unit of GDP shall fall by 4.36% and 7.14% respectively;

Our residents’ per capital disposable income shall grow in pace with our economy increase;

The registered unemployment of residents in our district shall be controlled within the limit of 3%;

This year, we shall emphasize six aspects of work.

I. Comprehensively deepen reform and create new advantages through development

We shall continue to make our economy more market-oriented, make the rule of law and internationalization the priorities of reform, which shall start from the areas the people are most concerned, as well as the problems which limit our development of the economy the most. All in all, we shall hold reform as Nanshan’s consistent source of development.

Deepening the reform in the economic sector. We are aiming at reforming the science and technology innovation mechanism, leading the city in formulating a mechanism which primarily relies upon the market to allocate financial resources and evaluate results in terms of science and technology innovation programs. We are also planning to solidify the science and technology distribution as well as the resources also in order to optimize the mechanism for the government to support the public sector technology service platform and relevant researches. We shall optimize the way in which financial support is allocated in supporting industrial development, making the development of a whole sector the factor by which we shall evaluate major programs. Establishing the mechanism of program-initiation so as to guide funding in the better service of the innovation industrial chain, we shall improve the social benefits and economic benefits of public funding. We shall deepen the reform in the commercial registration system, improving professionalism in service and investment management, so that we can foster a market environment that is attractive for the entry of all kinds of investors on a fair basis. Big-Data technology shall also be utilized to improve the management and service level of the government in the economic sector.

Deepening reforms of social service programs. We shall encourage the participation of societal forces in the development of such sectors as medical, educational, cultural and elder care and complete the mechanism of multiple provision of public service. We shall improve the evaluation mechanism for middle and primary schools, construct a balanced development of quality public education, upgrade the private-funded education and improve the overall level of informationalization in the educational sector. We also see the need to comprehensively reform the area of medical assurance, medical service, public hygiene, food and drug provision and evaluation. It is important to improve the mechanism of managing public sport and cultural facilities such as the Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center, improve the project-bidding mechanism for public cultural events and work towards standardization and equalization of basic public cultural services.

Deepening reforms of administrative systems. We shall divide the responsibilities of governmental branches and agencies, formulate and publicize the list of government powers and how they are implemented. We shall initiate a new round of examination and approval system reform, as well as streamlining the administrational approval items, so as to simplify the procedures of related matters. The approval and registration system shall be implemented to eliminate items to be reviewed and strengthen the supervision during and after the process. We shall integrate electronic and informational resources with regard to governmental affairs, widen the areas of online office work areas and realize the goal of processing all the procedures of bidding, reviewing and feedback online. It is also important to strengthen the responsibilities of market supervision, public service, social administration, etc., in order to standardize administrational actions.

Deepening reforms of social management. Clarifying the management duties at the three levels of District, Residential District, and Community, we shall improve the management mechanism of community workers, and push forward a clear definition of the role of community workers in terms of number, responsibility and rights. The community administration model of “One-Core Multi-Pole” shall be improved so as to realize such goals as multi-level participation, healthy interaction and shared responsibilities. There is a need to speed up network engineering under “Net Project” and construct the Public Service Hall, and realize “One-Stop Solution” for over 100 communities. We also plan to implement the innovative community management model of “One Platform, two centers” in Qianhai Cooperative Community. We shall seize the golden opportunity of Shenzhen’s second reform, and try to resolve the long-existed district’s northern area land problems.

II. Quicken to enhance the quality and performance, boost economic growth of the Shenzhen Bay area

We shall take advantage of our large economy and strong innovative strength to propel the construction of “One belt, Five circles, Two bases”. We shall make our secondary industry bigger and stronger and the tertiary industry excellent and robust. We have to take advantage of the leading enterprises, letting them help the small and medium-sized enterprises develop the Shenzhen Bay area economy with better quality and reputation.

Construct Innovative Economy. We shall nurture the strategic new industries, quicken the steps of building Dashahe Innovative Corridor for Strategic Industry and carry on the development of the three municipal level creative cultural industrial parks, including Shekou Net Valley, Nanshan Intelligence Park, OCT Cultural Creative Industry Park, promoting the clustering of advantaged industries including Electronic Circuits, Biomedical and other industries. We also aim to actively nurture upcoming industries, attract Shenzhen Municipal Military-industrial Park and Aviation Industrial Park, to be located in Nanshan, in pursuit of fostering a number of innovative industrial clusters in the areas of marine economy, aerospace, healthcare and other frontier areas.

Accelerating development of modern service industry We shall support Qianhai Cooperative Zone in accelerating efforts in infrastructure, major projects, and investment attraction, etc. so as to drive an opening-up style development. Promote the construction of Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base so as to further develop the clustering of headquarters economy and upgrade the scale of the Shenzhen Bay area’s development. We shall introduce a number of policies to accelerate the development of modern service industries, promote the comprehensive development of financial services, technology services, software information, business services, cultural and creative, modern logistics, tourism, and other consumer services. We shall sustain our advantage in our current development of the internet industry and further develop the internet finance.

Propelling transformation and upgrades of industries. We shall accelerate the construction of urban renewal projects which have already started. Meanwhile, we shall start, within the year, projects such as the Huada Area, Technology Park No. 28 Buildings, Ao Ke No.10 Industrial Zone, and Fuhua Factory Plants. The Creative Building shall be completed and put into use, the Innovation Building shall be advanced, and the Nanshan Intelligence Part Stage Two shall be initiated. Optimize the special location of high-tech zones, Liuxiandong and other key industrial zones, promote the overall upgrading of Shuguang Logistics Zone and try to include them in the planning areas of the high-tech zones. We are seeking to initiate old industrial areas transformation projects like the South Oil Building, and Hualian Industrial Zone. We also shall support Shekou Taizi Bay Cruise homeport construction and speed up the economic and yacht cruise industry.

Fostering new growth points of consumption and exports. We shall support large-scale commercial companies in expanding new marketing fields, such as E-business and online shopping. Meanwhile, we shall develop new consumer activities including information consumption and fashion consumption. As a whole, we shall strengthen the overall promotion of Shenzhen Bay Business Circle, creating the regional consumption center. Furthermore, we should restructure our exports to enhance export quality and added value. Moreover, we will foster services for international trade. These services include fund-raising, clearance of Customs and refund of duty for exports of middle and small-sized enterprises. We shall encourage capable enterprises to set up R&D Centers overseas, build marketing networks and pursue overseas Mergers and Acquisitions.

Expanding community collective economy. With regards to community collective economy, we are initiating reforms to transform them into Joint-Stock Companies, as well as tightening management and supervision of capital assets, and improve internal control and external supervision. We are implementing diversified development strategy, transforming “leasing” enterprises into “investment-oriented” and “management” companies. We seek to continue the “one street, one park” construction, accelerating urban renewal programs like Shahe No.5 Villages, Yijia Village, etc. At the same time, companies on the lower end of the value chain shall be transferred, high-end industries shall be attracted so as to realize on-the-spot upgrading.

III. Insisting on innovation-driven growth and strengthening internal motive force of economy

Optimizing innovation systems of science and technology. We are implementing a measure of policies to promote the construction of area innovation system construction, including the “20 Policies for Science and Technology Innovation”. We will also publish a white paper on the development of technological innovation. Social R&D investment shall be increased to 5.8% of the GDP. In the meantime, we are sharing services with regards to scientific and technological resources, establish “Nanshan Innovative Online” service system. We are also improving the “Nanshan Technology Service System Construction and Operation Mode”, building an influential provincial model science and technology services base. We are also encouraging financial institutions to set up branches and credit centers which are focused on technology, so as to promote more quality enterprises to be listed in the OTC Market (over-the-counter market).

Promoting clustering of innovation resources. We shall actively introduce National Laboratories, engineering laboratories, national engineering (technology) research centers and other major carriers of technological innovation to accelerate the construction of Shenzhen Beidou Satellite Technology Applications Institute and Shenzhen Innovative Design and Research Institute , as well as Nanshan Industrial Technology Research Institute of Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Micro-Nano Research Institute and other new scientific research institutions, adding 30 or more new innovative carriers. We shall maintain high standards in building an International Knowledge Innovation Village and encourage the integration among the three entities, namely, the science and technology parks, university campuses, and residential communities.

Heighten original innovation ability. The “Core Technology Breakthrough” plan should be carried out, and advantages in areas such as 4G networking, mobile internet, integrated circuit design, high-end medical devices, and smart grids, shall be maintained. We seek to establish an open and transparent mechanism for project management and evaluation, enhance corporate innovation capacity and promote the forging of industrial alliances, Standardization Alliance and Intellectual Property Alliance-building. We aim to create a number of multi-level professional industrial parks consisting of an entrepreneurial nursery, professional incubators, business accelerators, professional technology parks, also research and development headquarters. We are actively creating a demonstration zone for famous brands in national mobile phone development and manufacturing.

Improving personnel service systems. We try our best to present the personnel policy of comparative advantages to attract talents. We shall accelerate building “Peacock Base” and “International Innovation House”, aiming to attract more high-level innovative talents and teams. Then, we also ensure the follow-up services for the imported talents. These services include funding their scientific research and development, supporting construction of their innovation platforms, as well as their needs for housing, children’s schooling and medical care. Accordingly, we shall enlarge the coverage of the Talent Housing Project and arrange the total allowance of 250 million yuan. Additionally, 959 talent apartments shall be increased with five new cafeterias completed in our new high-tech zones to satisfy their needs.

IV. Ensuring the people’s wellbeing and enhancing public service levels

We plan to carry out ten projects for people’s wellbeing and do 50 practical things for their wellbeing. Our district finance will invest 10.75 billion yuan into people’s wellbeing, taking up to 85.3% of the total financial spending

Improving social security systems. We plan to organize 60 charity recruitment fairs, focusing on recruiting new college graduates, long-time unemployed, ex-servicemen. We are seeking to realize the goal of the employment of 6,000 unemployed who have registered permanent residence. There is also a plan to run a “youth school” to improve employability of young workers. The work to serve the military men and their families shall be maintained, with the goal to score a 5th year championship in the years to follow. Stage Two of District Social Welfare Centers should be completed, as well as the District Cultural Arts Training Center for the Disabled, and also four elderly day care centers. 30 community service centers and 500 units of affordable housing will be built. We shall provide subsistence allowances to houseless families and those in difficulty. The gas pipeline constructions of 70 old residential areas’ will be completed.

Enhancing medical service capability. We shall facilitate the expansion project of Nanshan Hospital, accelerate the process of building the Affiliated Hospital of Shenzhen University (Xuefu Hospitals), and complete the transformation of Xili hospital outpatient building, as well as Nanshan MCH relocation renovation project. 400 new hospital beds shall be added and 50,000 outpatient appointments with experts. Patients in a critical condition and limited financial ability should be granted with governmental aid, elderly people over 65 who live alone will be provided with services by the regional family doctors. We are planning to cater to the residents’ health, and organize over 100 lectures on health knowledge. We shall invite famous doctors from home and abroad, and other quality resources like hospital and clinics. On the other hand, we are strengthening supervision and management on medical institutions, so that medical practitioners’ standardized practice and honesty are maintained.

Facilitate balanced development of high-quality education. We shall be engaged in creating the “Shenzhen Municipal Test Area for Promoting the Internationalization of Education.” Also, we shall implement the “Cool Classroom Projects” and install 4,500 air conditioners for the city’s public primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. Nanhai Middle School Project should be close to completion, Xili elementary school, Shahe elementary school, Nanyou Elementary schools are to launch “school safety project.” We shall add 2,800 more public schools seats, and the schools will recruit more foreign teachers. A “Youth Alliance for Extra-school Public Benefit” will be formed to provide over 120 public services.

Prospering cultural and sports programs. Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center shall be built and put into use, a number of new and renewed street sports centers, community sports facilities will be in construction. We are promoting the protection and utilization of Xili Sports Center, the Nantou theaters and other old cultural and sports facilities, building and renewing a total of 110 fitness paths. We seek the overall protection and utilization of Nam Tau. The Fourth Fitness Competition, the Second Nanshan Pop Festival, Chinese Chess Masters and other activities should be well-organized and the Dashahe Cup College Rowing Match is in the process of preparation. We aim to complete the national physique monitoring for almost 10,000 inhabitants. The “1000 Movies, 100 Performances” activity will be carried out in communities, providing over 325 free art courses.

V. Intensifying quality management and building an international city disrict

We shall stick to the scientific attitude and advanced concepts, with professional knowledge applied to the city construction and management, aiming at international city standards, so as to build Beautiful Nanshan together by intensifying livable and workable quality

Enhancing urban appearance and sanitation. We continue to improve the city environment and upgrade the “Inner Beauty Project”, complete seven Model Villages and nine Model Streets. We are accelerating seven community parks including the transformation of Shekou Square, and building of Baimang Community parks, Zhiyuancuigu Valley, East Point Head Sports Park, we are also upgrading old parks like the Sihai Park and at the same time promoting the Nanshan Houhai Park, Zhongshan Park Stage Two, and planning the construction of western part of Shenzhen Bay coastal Recreation. We are doing the preliminary work for starting Dashahe Ecological Corridor. Sticking to the ongoing five-year trees planting plan and start the “community greening” activities, completing planting over 20,000 trees and 300,000 shrubs. We shall continue to concentrate on controlling “Six Defacements” phenomenon, focusing on solving the business out of the zone, outdoor advertising, sediment, night barbecue stalls and other urban management problems. We are undertaking a comprehensive environmental remediation in Mawan Bay Area, Moon Bay Area, High-tech Area. We plan to build Shekou Fish Street, Lai Sau Costumes and Cultural District, Shekou Net Valley neighborhood, and promote preparatory work for the Higher Education Mega Center’s “Left Bank” cultural blocks.

Improving urban traffic systems. We shall carry on promoting renovation of Guimiao Road rapid transformation and Nanshan tunnel preparatory work. Also, we are improving the planning of urban rail transit network to ensure the smooth construction of rail transit. We will continue to facilitate the transformation of Keyuan Road Northbound Extension and Shahe West Road rapid transformation. Besides, we shall accelerate restructuring and relocation of West Rail Station. We shall build Lai Hoi Second Road, Tong Long Road and other 12 municipal roads. We are planning to finish the widening project in Li Kang Road, to repair and asphalt 13 roads including Yuehai Road and Yanhu Road . We are looking forward to comprehensively improving Kefa Road, Jiuzhang Road and five other roads, as well as Chi Wan, Long Wu Village and 50 other village roads which are located in urban villages. Moreover, we will keep clearing a number of traffic nodes to ease road congestion, and constructing stalled projects like east assistant road to Nanhai Avenue, and Tang Ling Road. We shall launch the project of newly building the fifth public convenience parking, adding 1000 new parking spaces. Also, we shall keep building underground public parking under parks and school grounds, and expanding the coverage of public bicycle rental system with 1500 added bikes. In the coming year, we shall focus on resolving traffic problems in areas like Xili and Technology Parks, upgrading our computerized traffic monitoring system.

Strengthening assurance of public security. We will organize special action like “Safe Nanshan” to crack down various crimes, accelerate the construction of electronic social security, enhance the mechanism of patrol duty, improve police cars patrol frequencies and build a safer community. In order to carefully implement “One Post, Two Responsibilities” in safe production, we continue to cling to ongoing precautionary measures against safety threats. Strengthening the management of hazardous chemicals, we shall coordinate and accelerate the relocation of Shekou East Point oil and gas station, eliminate the firetraps in urban villages and other key areas. We will be better prepared for flood and storm, eliminating risks and waterlogged ground collapse points. The preparatory work in places like Shahe West Road, Pak Mong community segments, Changlingpi Area and Shekou new street will be completed. Seeking to enhance our ability of emergency rescue by training and drills, we shall also add 13 new outdoor emergency shelters.

Promoting eco-civilization construction. We shall complete the preparation of the region’s ecological civilization construction plan. Improving energy conservation capacity, we seek to promote solving the Moon Bay Power Plant air pollution, and strengthen the Xili reservoir pollution control. We shall construct Wu Shek Kong ecological civilization demonstration bases. By implementing Dashahe river, Houhaihe river ecological water supplement, we shall improve the Shenzhen Bay Area pollution control facilities. We will launch a new round of water source cleaning as well as the pipes, complete polluted water diversification program in 117 residential districts, as well as the Lung Tsuen, Ping Shan drainage network transformation. We will continue to accelerate the transformation of the water transporting pipes and networking in Nantoucheng Village and two other villages, as well as to complete the quality water project in over 20 residential areas. We have been piloting the photocatalytic technology to control PM2.5. By building a batch of classified waste reduction demonstration unit (communities), we seek to promote greener building, greener transportation and greener consumption so as to accelerate the construction of low-carbon office buildings.

Boosting international urban construction. As for international urban construction, we shall deepen our cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, especially posing the focus on carrying out in-depth cooperation in these concerned fields including innovation of science and technology, industry docking, financial investment, education and culture, community service, environmental protection and so on. In the area where clustering of foreigners work and live, such as Shekou and Overseas Chinese Town, we shall plan to create first-rate quality of these urban areas, as well as first-class legal and humanistic environment. Thus, this plan shall enhance construction level of international community of our district. Moreover, we will launch the program of International Cultural Ambassadors, inviting foreign students in Shenzhen University to join in cultural exchange with students in Nanshan district.

VI. Strengthening self-construction to become a service-oriented government

According to the arrangement of the central government and all provinces, we will fully adopt the education and practice of Party’s “mass line”, holding “Strict Discipline, Positive Work Style, Anti-Corruption” as guidelines in our daily practices. The “mass line” will stimulate the civil servants’ awareness, ability, and level of serving the people.

Stick to administration by law. We are determined to quicken the process of building the first-rate urban area governed by law. First of all, we shall raise the civil servants’ awareness and ability abiding by the law. It is very important for leaders to heighten their governance by law and further standardize their enforcement. Secondly, we shall enhance transparency of the government information, and put focus on the information publicity of such fields as financial budget and our government’s major investments or projects. Also, we shall regulate administrative enforcement style through administrative supervision, audit supervision, and supervision by the media and public opinions. Thirdly, we shall improve performance examination and evaluation and adopt responsibility investigation. Fourthly, we shall purchase legal service for grassroots, forming a professional people’s mediator team consisting of 80 lawyers.

Improving work style. We shall build and improve the long-term mechanism against undesirable work styles such as formalism, excessive bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance. We must insist on seeking truth, doing practical work and pursuing real effects on the basis of being down-to-earth, honest and pragmatic. Meanwhile, we shall discard all harmful styles of work, such as fraud, doing things superficially, and showing shallow formalism. We shall continue to maintain close ties with the masses. We should actively ask and understand people’s thoughts, demands, and proposals. Then, we shall take effective measures to address the reasonable appeals of the masses, so as to do practical work to satisfy people’s will, resolve people’s concerns, and benefit people’ wellbeing. Furthermore, we shall improve the manners and methods of leaders’ consultation and research in community and enterprises, in order to intensify the effectiveness of the consultation and research.

Intensifying the construction of a clean government. As for the overall goal of building an incorrupted district, we shall try our best to ensure our leaders be against corruption, as well as our government and policies. Furthermore, we shall strictly control the spending of government vehicles, receptions, and overseas trips. Meanwhile, we must comprehensively sort out the administrative offices and the government vehicles to avoid overspending. Now it is time for us to take concrete steps to strengthen restriction and supervision over power, standardize power utilization, and firmly punish any illegal acts. We shall further focus on key fields including major projects, such as projects that concern people’s wellbeing, as well as financial funds. We shall target corruption to intensify the prevention, treatment and punishment.

Fellow deputies, carrying out our government work with excellence cannot be separated from the supervision and support of our NPC and CPPCC. We shall further improve our working system of reporting the government work to our NPC and its standing committee and our CPPCC in regular periods. Also, we shall proactively accept the legal and work supervision of our NPC and its standing committee, together with democratic CPPCC supervision. Thus, we shall try hard to manage suggestions and proposals regarding high quality.

Fellow deputies, as the trend of reform is prevalent, we energetically start off again. Under the guide of the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, under the strong leadership of our municipal government and our municipal Party Committee as well as our district Party Committee, we shall be determined to further emancipate our minds, become pioneers of innovation, and work together as one with confidence and fortitude, in order to make every effort to fulfill all the goals adopted in this conference. Our aim is to create brand-new achievements to live up to the expectations of our Nanshan citizens, to write brilliant chapters of our fantastic times.



1.“1+6”Policy: It is the short term for a series of policies implemented by Nanshan district to promote the construction of core technology indigenous innovation. “1”refers to the Implementation Proposal on Building a Core Technology Indigenous Innovation Pilot Zone in Nanshan District. “6 “refers to six supporting policies which include: special fund for core technology indigenous innovation, core technology indigenous innovation awards, top notch talents and teams introduction, housing security for talents, healthcare services for talents, and supportive services for leading enterprises.

2.Thousand Talents Plan: The short term for Recruitment Program of Global Experts.

3.Peacock Plan: The short term of Top Notch Recruitment Program of Technical Personnel launched by Shenzhen Municipality.

4.Peacock Base: The base of innovation, entrepreneurship by making advantage of available space resources in hi-tech zone or college zone to serve 1,000 Talents Plan, innovation team, Peacock Plan, talents and teams of key research institutions of innovation.

5.Lizi Project: Since 2013, Nanshan district has conducted a series of comprehensive actions which place the villages in the city, the alleys in the back of street, the boundaries in communities and remote locations as the key to promote the overall city environment in order to cultivate an environment with a nice and poised face and a clean and orderly interior which is living-friendly and work-friendly.

6.Six Defacements: Chaos in vending, random in graffiti, posting, hanging, stacking and construction.

7.Enforcement of Using Satellite Pictures: Conducting enforcement and investigation in an administrative region based on the satellite remote sensing pictures to locate investigate and punish the illegal use of land.

8.Landscape Project: One of the basic projects on social construction in Shenzhen city. By implementing the rolling programs and projects, all kinds of separated experience of social construction can be integrated with the manners of service and management to promote the social construction development by leaps and bounds. Since last year, five programs have been carried forward: regionalization of party building in grass-root levels, the community service center, community council, community non-profit public service and the program of a head person responsible for the whole building.

9.Livable Nanshan: It is an important deployment by Nanshan district to increase the integrity, systemic and effectiveness of social construction. There are eight programs in total: regional party building with one nucleus and multi-elements, network management with one grid, three members; community service center; integrated information platform with four level connection; living-friendly rental apartments; 96881-public service hotline; office of the harmonization of enterprises and social organization incubation base.

10.One Platform, Two Centers: One platform means the e-government platform and two centers refer to the administrative service center and community service center.

11.Two Orders, One Paper: Those refer to the awards and punishment system implemented by the Nanshan District Government. Two orders are the order of commendation and the order of task. One paper is the paper of criticism.

12.Double Should-do of Poverty Alleviation: It refers to the work responsibility (which means that the household should be the unit of planning and there should be a person taking relevant responsibilities) implemented in the whole province to alleviate poverty and promote development.

13.Net Project: It refers to the new mechanism which aims to promote the innovation in social management and provide the public service by means of information. The core is to build “one database, two nets and one team”. One database refers to the basic public information database including the actual demography. Two nets refer to the social management net and community net; one team refers to the grid managers in communities.

14.“1+1+N”Service Mode: A working mechanism of the Nanshan district government to serve enterprises. Namely, a district government leader heading a relevant department to form an enterprise service team to serve many other relevant objects. The object could be a top hundred enterprise in taxation, a listed company, an industrial zone, a key investment program, a large city complex or a large tourist attraction, etc..

15.One Post Two Responsibilities in Safe Production: One post refers to a leader’s position. Two responsibilities mean that this leader should not only fulfill the work responsibility of his post, but also the responsibility of safe production.

16.Three Public Consumptions: It refers to the fiscal appropriation spent on overseas travel, vehicle purchasing and maintenance, and official receptions.